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via TVNZ

via TVNZ

Former TVNZ broadcaster and local body mayor Doug Armstrong has died.

Mr Armstrong was a familiar face in the 1980s when he worked as a sports news presenter.

He was elected mayor of Rodney district in 1992.

The 83 year-old died in Wanganui on Wednesday.

A TV legend at the time, a presenter from the golden era of TVNZ broadcasting.


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Ahh, nostalgia!

via Vulture

via Vulture

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What they do to make movies acceptable for broadcast TV…   please be careful, there are some non-prime time friendly words in this video

And she got herself a flash mob

Ian McShane, pictured here with co-star Caroline Langrishe, starred as Lovejoy in the BBC1 series be

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This man’s all class.  (Well, almost all)