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CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Wednesday 23 January, 9.30pm

The testimony of a woman who’s been lying all her life. At the age of 30 Emily Horne has been married five times – but she never bothered to get divorced. In her wake she’s left a string of confused husbands and lovers. She’s worked in the porn industry and as an escort. She’s served one jail sentence for bigamy. She was recently on trial again for the same offence. This giddy mix of sex, deceit and betrayal is a tabloid editor’s dream. But behind the lurid headlines is a darker tale of mental illness, addiction and neglect. Emily says she wants to be in a film in order to present the truth about herself. But does she? Her version of the truth is wildly at odds with that of the husbands, lovers and family members who appear in the film.

CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Mondays and Tuesdays from 21 January, 7.30pm

Every city has its secret. Every city has a dark side. Sins & Secrets profiles a notorious crime – one whose unique details exposed the dark underbelly of the community where it took place. As the investigation beats of each episode unfold, the mystery, scandal, and tabloid allure generated both reveal and forever alters the city. Blood has been shed, and the town will never be the same.

CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Sunday 20 January, 8.30pm

Journey inside the mind of Bobby Joe Long, a serial killer who murdered ten women in seven months. In addition to three highly trained criminal profilers (our tour guides through Long’s dark psyche), this program speaks to the detectives who worked the case, the victim who got away, and in a rare archival interview, the killer himself.

CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Wednesday 16 January, 9.30pm

Incest: The Last Taboo explores the sensitive issue of Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA) and the people who believe their adult incestuous yet consensual relationships should not be illegal. The documentary meets incestuous couples from the UK and Australia facing up to the moral and legal consequences of their forbidden love. Separated at birth from their genetic families, we see what happens when these adopted children grow up and decide to track down their biological families.

CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Wednesdays from 16 January, 7.30pm

On the Case explores in-depth stories of crime mysteries and interviews with involved individuals, closest to the cases and includes expert analysis. On the Case travels throughout the country interviewing people directly affected by the tragic cases. See and hear riveting interviews revealing the raw emotions left behind from personal tragedies and explore intriguing aspects of our justice system.

CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Thursdays from 10 January, 8.00pm

Caught Red-Handed is the provocative new series that features fed-up store owners and the brazen shoplifters who attempt to rob them blind. Overcoming such things as antiquated surveillance systems, no floor security, and even their own cashiers, store owners enlist the help of professional “loss prevention agents” to start a crackdown on store theft. The only thing more outrageous than the crimes themselves are the criminals and their ridiculous claims of innocence – even in the face of videotape evidence which shows them caught red-handed.

CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Wednesday 9 January, 9.30pm

This program tells the story of Danilo Restivo, a double murderer, who stayed one step ahead of the law for almost 20 years. His crimes sparked a huge international manhunt in a killing spree which stretched from a seaside resort in England to a small town in southern Italy.

CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Sunday 30 December, 7.30pm

On a December day at a lonely stretch of road in Long Island, a Suffolk County detective and his dog stumbled upon a set of human remains. Since then, in that same stretch of dunes, a total of 10 bodies have been found. A serial killer is suspected. Four of the victims were prostitutes who advertised on Craigslist. The families of the murdered women have launched their own investigations, and they believe that the serial killer is hiding in nearby Oak Beach, a wealthy gated community located only miles away. The residents of Oak Beach have thrown up a wall of silence to the families. Filmmaker Louise Osmond has spent months looking for clues, and winning the trust of the victims families, who are determined to put the killer behind bars. This special follows the unfolding events from the perspective of both the besieged Oak Beach community and the desperate families trying to hunt down their daughters’ killers.

CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Thursdays from 27 December, 10.30pm

Surveillance cameras capture actual true stories, filmed live, documenting the pain of a spouse or lover caused by infidelity. This program is both dedicated to the faithful and presented to the false-hearted to encourage their renewal of temperance and virtue.

CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Saturdays from 15 December, 8.30pm

Nightmare in Suburbia is back with a fourth season of gripping, difficult to solve, contemporary real crime cases. Each episode is a factual account of a terrible crime and how detectives set about solving it. The series combines interviews with the investigating officers and family members of the victim, with archive from the investigation and dramatic reconstruction.