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I am an avid fan of retro television (both New Zealand and international), as well as a collector of television network identification and channel openers

I was watching TV this morning when a TVNZ promo came on for one of their DVD releases which made a very interesting and, I believe, false claim.

The promo was for the DVD release of the 1976 South Pacific Television Production “Hunter’s Gold” and my complaint is that the promo credits the programme as a “TVNZ Classic”.

But wait a minute. How can this be?  TVNZ, as us TV history buffs know, wasn’t even a thought in the minds of “the powers that be” in broadcasting until 1978, and didn’t eventuate until 1980.

And secondly, Hunter’s Gold has, as far as I’m aware, never been re-screened on New Zealand television since the administration was established in 1980.

So how can TVNZ justify calling a South Pacific Television production, made before TVNZ even existed, a “TVNZ Classic”?

Even NZ On Screen credit “Hunter’s Gold” as being a South Pacific Television Production, and not a TVNZ one.

So would TVNZ, by right of reply, acknowledge that they made a mistake and would they be prepared to alter the packing and on-screen promotion for the DVD by adding both the TVNZ logo and the South Pacific Television logo?

I would like to apologize to Choice TV, Brian Holland from Choice TV and to Regan Cunliffe over the posting below made the other day, which clearly should have been looked into further before the post was made.

It is habit for me to dive in before finding out the full story and this experience has made realize that I need to rethink the way I do things on message boards like Throng and elsewhere.

I believed at the time it was the right thing to do but to call out Choice TV as I did, on reflection, was the incorrect way of doing things and I also apologize for that as well.

I sincerely hope this has not ruined the relationship Throng has with Choice TV and I also hope it has not ruined the relationship I have with Regan as a member of Throng.

Thank you.

When Choice TV announced it was bringing back Days Of Our Lives many would have been pleased with this as it had been 3 years since TVNZ removed it and The Young & The Restless from our screens.

We were also promised, and this was mentioned on Throng and in TV Guide, that episodes were going to be 6 months behind America.

However, it emerged from the end credits of yesterday’s first episode back that we are viewing episodes from 2011, and not 6 months ago.

To further add to this I asked Choice TV, via Twitter, why they said 6 months behind America and they replied back that they meant to say 6 months behind Australia.

In checking the soap recaps at it seems that we are 18 months behind America’s screening

So would Choice TV like to explain why the public and myself have been told two different periods in time when the reality is that we are watching episodes that aired in America 18 months ago.

And just out of curiosity I’ve checked Nine’s website and they today aired episode no. 11709, that originally aired in America on November 4, 2011.

(Update: 7:05pm, 12/3/2013 – After talking with Choice TV on Twitter it is now my belief that in TV Guide and on Throng the mention of America may have been incorrect and that they meant to say Australia instead, which is only some 2 months ahead of NZ but is still airing material originally broadcast in America in 2011).

Well I guess it had to happen and although we thought it was over when Spin City was aired it looks like the 6pm-7pm is going to be very “Friend”ly as we get to see (yet again) Friends from the beginning from next Monday at 6pm.

This means that Neighbours is now going to lead into Shortland Street, something I’m sure they’ve done previously to crying howls from the viewers.


This is a copy of my latest blog post on WordPress:

When I got next week’s TV Guide in the post this past Friday I noticed that on Saturday and Sunday, on TV2, they will be screening six hours worth (12 in total) of My Kitchen Rules and when I saw this I said to myself that this has to be the stupidest thing they’ve done in ages.

But actually it wasn’t.

When Body of Proof returned to Tuesday nights recently I noticed that the season preimere episode was replayed the next day between 2pm-3pm and then, looking ahead to that weekend, I noticed it was on again.

Clearly, this idiotic programming decision is an indication that the programmers at TVNZ have lost their way and that we, as viewers, deserve something a hell of a lot better.

So buck up your ideas TVNZ and don’t re-screen the same episode within the same week because it’ll make you look like Sky and we sure as hell don’t want that.

And also when are you going to retire Friends? Because you and I both know that this question has been put to you in TV Guide and I actually don’t believe you’ve ever responded to a single correspondent on this.

It’s no bloody wonder TVNZ is a shell of it’s former self and, unfortunately, getting worse by the day.

(Update: 14/8/2012, 3:04pm): They did it again with last nights season premiere of Private Practice, but this time it was on some 3hrs after the original screening.

It would seem that everything I’ve said in this post is absolutely correct.

I’d really like some feedback on this because I feel it concerns all of us, as viewers.

Two years ago, and I’m sure Regan remembers this, I pitched the idea of a TV Hall of Fame to the organizers of the Film & TV Awards, as well as various sites such as Throng and NZ on Screen, and it was welcomed with encouragement.

Come some two years later and I am still hopeful that it will come about but it saddens me to say that the chances of this actually happening are now non existent and that I must put this dream on the back burner permanently.

For me it has been something that I wanted NZ TV to have because of my love of the industry and one that I want to work in (and still do) and also because I wanted to be involved in this as well, something that wasn’t indicated at the time but is now.

If this idea from two years ago can somehow be resurrected I would greatly love to be a part of it and that is why I am posting this today.

But as of this moment it is, in all honesty, over.

TV3 must have amazing cameramen if they can catch two women kissing in the background while an interview is going on with a former gold medalist from the ’84 Olympics.

I can see complaints roll in over the reporter making special note of it and zooming in on it, but it was good TV and obviously a sharp eye by the person who discovered it in post.

When the Freeview HD expansion was announced I thought it was going to be a good thing but now that Invercargill (and the other JDA contracted regions) has the service, with only 11 of the 16-17 channels available, I now think it’s a complete waste (with the exception of free-to-air HD and Dolby 5.1 surround).

And what expaination has been given for this? Well according to JDA’s Warren Harding, in an email I received this morning, it seems the Government is to blame for the less than stellar performance from the expansion, and I quote:

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage paid
for the implementation of the expansion network, the hardware and
installation. But that’s it. The on-going cost of maintaining it, the
rent to landowners, the power, the service teams, etc has to be borne by
those that use the system. So those that have subscribed to the
expansion network pay rent to us and appear on your screen and those
that haven’t don’t.

It’s a little like Sky subscribers who have
a basic package and can’t watch movies or sports only in this case the
subscription is paid for by the broadcasters not the public. Hopefully
it’s just a matter of time until we get the rest of them on board. The
rent we charge is based on what it costs us and is built into our
contract with the Ministry for Culture and Heritage. There’s no price
gouging going on, I promise you.

Government run programs like
Parliament TV might get pushed along if the public complain about it.
It seems strange that one arm of the government would splash out for the
expansion but another arm won’t subscribe to it.”

Now I posted this on Geekzone with the following comments as I honestly see it.

personally think the Ministry of Culture and Heritage have dropped the
ball on this and that the public should have been told that certain
areas would not receive the full service.

Now this would have
affected sales I would say and therefore I believe this has been covered
up so that people would go out and buy receivers, not knowing however,
that they would not be getting the full service.”

I think this has been a total cock up by this Government because I don’t think they ever had faith in Freeview to begin with and that if they had then Kordia would have been the only company given the expansion contract and only then would we have the full service.

I’m not criticizing JDA in any of this because this isn’t their fault. It, in my opinion, should be laid at the feet of the Government.

This week TVNZ began live closed captioning on Te Karere and this got me wondering why the networks still call them subtitles when, internationally, many countries I beleive call them closed captions.

When I think of a subtitle I think of a movie with subtitles in other languages but TV should be using the official title and logo of closed captions.

I’ve tweeted TV3 and emailed TVNZ about this as I feel the ear logo has now outlived it’s original purpose and should be replaced with the CC logo and title.

In fact if you go to Te Karere’s webpage you will see they’ve used the CC logo there and this strengthens the need for CC to be officially used on all content, where applicable, and for non-CC content (but still listed as such) to be blurred out.


TVNZ in DD5.1

Unless it has already been reported has posted a blog entry that TVNZ is on the verge of broadcasting in Dolby 5.1 surround sound.

Click here for more on this.