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I am an avid fan of retro television (both New Zealand and international), as well as a collector of television network identification and channel openers

This goes out to Throng users since I need your input on this.

Now the query that I have is that I run a website dedicated to my collection of television memorabilia and a section of my website involves the old school network identification, of which I have a few DVD’s of material, purchased from TVNZ at great expense.

Now in that section I’ve tried to describe the animated idents as they aired, but since I have done that I now want to put a few of the actual clips online to actually show site visitors the clips in action, so to speak.

Now this is where I need your input.

Since I’ve described the clips and I now want to show the clips in action, would I be granted, in members opinions, a licence to show the clips using the “fair use” clause in the NZ Copyright Act.


Should I try and secure an arrangement with TVNZ where I can freely post the clips without risk of infringing breach of copyright, where my site could be used by TVNZ for some sort of advertising use or other purpose.

Any, and all help, would be appreciated.

BBC World News (formerly BBC World) is going 16×9 on SKY from January 19, 2009.

I’m curious as to whether our login details can be used on the other Throng sites in Australia and Canada and if not, would it be considered or would there be issues in doing this.

Now that Lucy Wigmore has left the Street and New Zealand, will SS producers be looking at recasting Justine for the 2nd time since Laurie Foel’s departure led to Wigmore being bought in.

I was going through the cast list of Neighbours on Wikipedia and it says in the upcoming cast that our own Ben Mitchell who plays TK in Shorty is joining in August.

The link for his name on the page goes to his Wiki entry and although I know this to be false, I’d assume anyone else who saw it might be a little puzzled as well.

With National possibly coming into power later this year (and I did put possibly, just in case Labour can pull a rabbit out of their hat) and their plan to cut funding to TVNZ and to allot it to other networks, how will this impact on the 50 Years Of Television that TVNZ, naturally, will celebrate in 2010, as the first broadcasters in this country under the old NZBC?

I ask this because I am worried, as a huge fan of classic New Zealand television, that TVNZ won’t be able to celebrate it as big, as many would expect them to do.

I also feel that because the Charter and the funding is going to be pulled, under a National Government, that it will push TVNZ to the wall and that anything to celebrate the 50 years is going to be lacklustre, in regards to special programming or even a big show on June 1, 2010.

I personally, have been waiting for the 50th anniversary celebrations since 1985 when we celebrated the 25th and I feel that if the funding is going to be divided between the free-to-air networks, that TVNZ’s efforts to celebrate the 50 years is going to be a let down and if that happens, we shouldn’t blame TVNZ, but the Government, if it ends up being National.

It seems from what I’ve read in next weeks TV Guide that The Nanny seems to be going back to the beginning from the look of it.

This would make The Nanny, TV’s new Friends, in regards to re-runs… or it will be should it be re-run a third time, or forth… etc.

Ok, I just tried to access Throng Australia for some H&A spoilers and it seems I can’t access it.

Anyone else got the same problem by chance?

Oh god not again….

TV2 is showing Friends right from the beginning. Is anyone else sick and tired of this show continually being screened?

However there is one advantage to it being on and that is that it isn’t on every night of the week, if you can call that an advantage.

For the love of god, please TVNZ, put something else on in it’s place.

Prime TV went 16:9 this morning. I awoke to seeing a change to the UHF signal with Today and then decided to check out Prime through SKY and was surprised to see they had gone full 16:9.

Going through Prime’s entries on it’s Throng page, I didn’t even see one mention of them announcing they were going wide from April 1.