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TV3 has started advertising their “Big Mondays,” the ad showing just after the news on Sunday night.

The thing about the ad? It’s an exact copy of the Sony “Dear PlayStation” ad campaign for the PlayStation 3 in the US, just with the word “PlayStation” replaced with “TV3,” and the internet-famous character Kevin Butler replaced with Dai Henwood.

Here’s the Sony ad so you can see for yourself, and I’ll try and keep an eye out for the TV3 version.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe last night announced the arrival of TVNZ OnDemand to the PlayStation 3, giving it a dedicated icon on the main user interface (XMB), similar to how the BBC’s iPlayer works in the UK.

Shortly after the announcement, SCEE promptly took down the reference and all related images. The image has since resurfaced by people who noticed the omission on later visits.

TVNZ OnDemand

After numerous comments by Kiwi’s and others concerned by our plight, James, the author of the blog post, responded saying they are going to get in touch with the New Zealand office (SCENZ), but since then, no news has come of it.

The feature was meant to be apart of Firmware 3.10 of the PlayStation 3 software, released today across the world. There is no sign of the TV or TVNZ OnDemand icons on the interface, meaning the feature has really been cut.

Wondering if people would know anything more on this?

When TVNZ News at 8 first started, it was well paced, had loads of news content, you could jump in at anytime and still know what’s going on, and generally think it was a good hours worth of news.

I watch it now and dismayed at where it has gone. They don’t seem to have any added coverage of global events, as well as lengthy interviews that don’t seem to go anywhere. They remind you what show you are watching… constantly. Tonight, for example, after the main headline news story, and a 5 minute interview with someone, they had the TVNZ News at 8 sting, then the presenter said “You are watching TVNZ News at 8”, and then after that brief article, reminded us again “You are watching TVNZ News at 8 on Sky 97 and Freeview channel 7.” No freaking way! Not only did the news sting tell us what we are watching, but also the introduction and the EPG guide that is available on both Sky and Freeview. I know I am watching it, I went to your channel to watch it, just stop making me not want to watch it.

Furthermore, what happened to the headlines? When it first started, they had them every 15 minutes, then it was only at 8.30, and now they never recap, meaning if you missed the first couple of stories… yeah… you’re best to go to the ever advertised TVNZ.co.nz.

My final point… when TVNZ News at 8 started there were only 2 self-promos for every ad break. That crept up to 3, and now 4. If there is anything worse than a general advert, it is endless self-promos.

Seriously, maybe it is just better to reduce News at 8 to half an hour with no ad breaks, no stings, no lengthy interviews… just the news… like we were promised when it started over a year ago.


Breakfast proclaims itself to be “New Zealand’s Breakfast” or “The way New Zealanders wake up.” So, why did I wake up this morning to find Breakfast have an absolute barrage of snow on screen? TVNZ, New Zealand doesn’t snow over summer! A New Zealand Christmas is a summer Christmas, not one during the Winter. Get rid of the snow.

TVNZ OnDemand features not only New Zealand TV shows, but now shows from the States as well.

From the email sent out today,

TV2’s hit new series Brothers and Sisters has arrived on TVNZ ondemand, along with a selection of hit TVNZ shows from the United States.

Popular TV ONE crime drama, Criminal Minds, What About Brian, Daybreak, and the recent “All Stars” series of The Amazing Race presented by Kiwi Phil Keoghan round out this latest selection of shows new to TVNZ ondemand.

So, now you can catch up on Walker family saga the story so far, and keep up-to-date with their latest dramas when you miss your Monday night appointment on the couch.

And that’s just the start – be sure to keep an eye out for more exciting developments over the coming months!

See it on TVNZ OnDemand.

What other shows do you think TVNZ should also have available? It would be cool if they could get some British shows on there as well.