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DISNEY CHANNEL – Fridays from 4 January, 5.30pm

Adam Hicks joins Pair Of Kings for the show’s third season. In the season premiere Boomer learns that Brady has left the island for good and he tries to follow him, but a storm forces him to stay behind. That same storm sinks a nearby island, sending its inhabitants to Kinkow, including their king who turns out to be Boomer’s long, lost triplet brother.

DISNEY CHANNEL – Saturday 15 December, 7pm

Teddy has been assigned the task of taking Charlie to see Santa at Super Adventure Land, but when Santa decides to take his break right before it is Charlie’s turn to sit on his lap Teddy tackles Santa and lands in SAL Jail again. Thankfully she gets out in time to get home and perform a song with Spencer in the family Christmas Eve talent show. Meanwhile, Amy and Grandma Linda learn they are planning on performing the same song at the family talent show and become competitive about who has the best act.

DISNEY CHANNEL – Monday 10 December, 5pm

An action-packed, buddy comedy series that follows the fast-paced adventures of unlikely hero Randy Cunningham who, with his super human Ninja suit, the teachings of the ‘NinjaNomicon’ (an 800 year-old Ninja guide) and the help of his best buddy, Howard, finds himself as the one thing protecting his school and the world from certain destruction.

DISNEY CHANNEL – Friday 7 December, 5.30pm

In an attempt to bring their Christmas traditions to Kinkow, the kings promise the islanders that this year they will experience a “Super Christmas” with presents for everyone. The kings discover an elf tree in the jungle and ask the elves to make the toys, but when they only produce one bike in an entire week, Boomer and Brady are forced to set up a toy-making sweatshop in the plaza and put the elves to work.

DISNEY CHANNEL – Saturdays from 10 November, 6.00pm

A hidden camera, a sense of humour and the help of Hollywood’s top special effects artists are all kids and their families need to pull the ultimate good-natured prank on their unsuspecting mum or dad in Code: 9, a new hidden camera reality series that’s comedy for the whole family. Hosted by Wes Dening (The Stafford Brothers), this unscripted comedy series pairs kids with a parent to help create, plan and cast the entire prank. In every episode, one family member goes deep undercover with special prosthetic make-up and costumes and goes face-to-face with their unsuspecting parent as one of the actors who helps pull off the big surprise. The signal Code 9, indicates the start of the prank when the target is walking in and everyone needs to be in their places and ready.

DISNEY CHANNEL – Friday 26 October, 7pm

Meet Skylar, a fearless teenager with a stellar singing voice. As Skylar and her best friends Henry and Sadie prepare for the ultimate Halloween bash Skylar’s parents decide to force her to stay at home. Determined not to miss the party and her one chance to sing with rock band hottie Ryan Dean she decides to sneak out of the house. On her stealth mission to get to the Halloween party she unknowingly unleashes a monster – Deimata – who is determined to change the fate of Skylar and her family forever. As Skylar’s world is turned upside down, she learns that her parents have been keeping a big secret – that she comes from a long line of monster hunters. Now, it’s up to Skylar, Henry and Sadie to defeat the monsters and save her parents.

DISNEY CHANNEL – Friday 19 October, 6pm

All new episodes of Season 2 continue, in this episode Ethan finally has his driving permit so he and Benny check out a cheap second-hand car. The car turns out to be possessed by a vengeful vampire and it begins attacking people!!

DISNEY CHANNEL – Fridays from 5 October, 6pm

When Ethan Morgan’s overprotective parents assigned a babysitter to watch over him and his 8 year old sister; he thought he’d die of embarrassment. This babysitter may look like the girl of his dreams, but Sarah just happens to be a vampire, and she drags Ethan and his buddies into a world of wild supernatural battles against creatures straight out of their nightmares.

DISNEY CHANNEL – Friday 5 October, 4.30pm

Chyna Parks and her gifted friends continue to navigate their freshman year of high school as members of the prestigious A.N.T. (Advanced Natural Talents) program.

DISNEY CHANNEL – Friday 28 September, 7.00pm

This Disney premiere movie follows 16-year-old Cyrus DeBarge, an aspiring musician who has a gift for rhyme yet lacks the self-confidence. It follows his attempts to take to the stage and, through his rap song, tell his long-time crush, Roxanne Andrews, how he feels about her. After he and his best friend, Kris McDuffy, enter a songwriting contest, Kris is mistakenly named the winner for a song Cyrus wrote. Fearful of being thrust into the spotlight, Cyrus panics and allows Kris to take credit for his heartfelt lyrics, and soon he’s standing by as Roxanne begins to fall for his best friend.

Starring: Starring Tyler James Williams (from “Everybody Hates Chris” fame) as the self conscious Cyrus DeBarge, Coco Jones (Radio Disney “N.B.T”) as the successful Roxanne Andrews and Trevor Jackson (“Eureka”) as Cyrus’ best friend Kris McDuffy.” The movie also features Courtney B Vance (from ABC’s smash hit “Revenge”) as Cyrus’ preacher father, Jacob DeBarge.