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Shortland Street 2014 Cast

Shortland Street 2014 Cast

What a year.

We cried and cheered for the deaths of Roimata, Josh, Sarah and Brett. We farewelled Nate, Vasa, Ava, Brooke, Toby, Emma and Evan.

We cringed when “Sup Bro” came out of Chris Warner’s mouth. We giggled when Leanne asked if Sarah and TK’s child was named Trifecta. We started to watch the finale with high hopes and nerves before they fell when we reaised nothing was really going to happened. Offscreen, we loved James’ sweater collection at Shorty Street Scandal and wondered who let Ben Mitchell do another interview.

Ferndale Talk’s second annual Best of 2014 Awards are now open for voting. Voting closes Saturday, December 20 with results released on Sunday, December 21. May the best actor win.

Bring Back Nick

Karl Burnett, known for his role as Nick Harrison on Shortland Street, got the internet buzzing today when he shared a petition asking for his old job back! Continue reading »

Shortland Street's Lost the PlotShortland Street has never been known for producing A+ television, but that’s not to say it’s not entertaining. If John Campbell’s warnings of impending doom or Seven Sharp’s puff pieces weren’t to your taste, Shortland Street was always a reliable way to pass half an hour of your evening.

Lately however, Shortland Street has become tired. Supposedly intelligent characters are making dumb decisions that even non-doctors like you and I who haven’t been through years of tertiary education wouldn’t make. I know this is par-for-the-course for soaps, but they seem to be even dumber than usual. Do I even need to mention the time that Chris fell off a flying fox and went loopy? How about Nicole marrying herself? Continue reading »