Dom Harvey's blog

My name is Dom. I work on The Edge Morning Madhouse with my wife JJ feeney and Mike Puru. When I am not working I like to watch TV and DVD's.

It really is reality. They starve you and then get you to do things by bribing you with little bits of food. After 3 days with hardly any food it is amazing what you will say or do for 1 toffee pop.

The Touchdown crew are so skilled at making something out of nothing.

You get interviewed once or twice a day and all the questions they ask you are based on info they collected in their interviews with other contestants.

This means you sit there and think: “Sh**! Who the hell told you guys that was going on??”

I feel in love, or should that be hate, with David Brent and the staff of the Office because it was a comedy with a difference. No laugh tracks at all.

Infact, all the laugh out loud moments were based on cringe and embarassment which made it a fairly unique show. David Brent is possibly the most unlikeable character ever created in a TV show.

The US version is a rip-off and it did take me a few episodes to get used to it. Now I like it just as much as the original. Steve Carrell (40 Year Old Virgin) plays the boss and is a far more likeable character
than the boss in the British version.

In the first series alot of the jokes and storylines are total rip-off’s from the British series but in series 2 the American writers get the idea of what the show is all about and they write a very watchable show.