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Wow! This season of desperate housewives is sooo good, I think I’d die if I were to miss an episode.

The one thing that annoys me about Desperate Housewives is how easy it is to get very emotionally involved.

The cinematography is brilliant as is the soundscape and GRRR I seem to get teary every single episode.

Tonight’s Episode (The Hostages in the Supermarket) was the most emotionally involving all season. I was watching with my mum and my younger sister and all three of us were transfixed with what was happening on the screen.

When Norah got shot, my mum yelled the F word and started shaking with fright (because it was so unexpected). Then, when Lennette got shot- mum yelled the S word and burst into tears. I too, was a little teary but my mum was so shaken up; it’s only a TV programme!

Is it just me or do other people get heavily involved with programmes as well?

I wanna know!!

– Dory Face

I am so annoyed that Piha Rescue has stopped airring!

The new AttitudeTV programme is really cool and I’ll happily watch that instead but WHY did Piha Rescue finish!? They were halfway through the season and this is the time of year when it’s most interesting to watch, especially if I am on patrol that afternoon 🙁
I emailed TVNZ to ask and they said that they were sorry- IT’S NOT FAIR!

Does anybody else watch Piha Rescue or is it just me?


An article in the Sunday Telegraph- LOOK Wow, exciting.

Rove: It’s time to laugh again
March 08, 2007

ROVE McManus is ready to make people laugh again and will return to television on April 1, five months after his partner Belinda Emmett lost her fight against cancer.

But he now faces his toughest career challenge yet as Channel 10 has moved his show variety/comedy Rove Live from Tuesday nights to 8.30pm Sunday, one of TV’s most competitive hours.

McManus was told of Ten’s decision in a four-hour meeting three weeks ago and decided to risk his reputation by taking on the massive challenge.

“It’s really good to be back at work after so much time away,” he said yesterday.

“It has been great to be thrown back into the chaos of producing our show.

“I assume this means Ten will pay us double time for working the Sunday shift – I got that at the bottle shop (I worked at) when I was 18.”

The meeting came after McManus spent summer grieving in Perth with his family after Emmett died on November 11, eight years after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Channel 10 and his colleagues at Roving Enterprises – which produces Rove Live, Real Stories and the ARIAS for Ten – weren’t even sure if he would return.

“At the end of last year we shut the doors and turned off the lights,” executive producer Craig Campbell said.

“A lot of our regular staff went off and got other gigs and some aren’t around because they still have jobs they took on, because we seriously didn’t know when he would come back or if he would want to come back.

“We’ve been together from the start (in 1999) and our understanding was that when he was ready to give me a buzz, he would.”

That buzz came early last month when he told Campbell he wanted to return to his Melbourne office.

“It was a great moment for everybody, especially to see him again and the moment was definitely marked – it was a big welcome home,” Campbell said.

Ten’s network programming chief David Mott said the hotel meeting went for so long because he wanted to be sure McManus was ready to fire again.

“We didn’t want to interrupt Rove during that time and until he was ready to chat. We wanted him to have the space he needed and I didn’t want the big ugly network bearing down on him, so we left him alone until the meeting.

“He was very considered and in very good form given what’s gone on in his personal life.

“Our (meeting) was incredibly enlightening, but more importantly he gave me a lot of confidence about him going forward – there’s no doubt he is a great performer with enormous talent.”

I am absolutely loving the new telecom broadband ad campaign!

We are a nation of over 4 million people, and we connect with the world in as many different ways. Through home lines, mobiles and broadband we connect with the things that are important in our lives. Whether it’s texting a loved one, downloading great music, gaming with friends online, invoicing customers by email or chatting away to folks, these connections define who we are. We are New Zealanders. Let’s come together!

The thing I like about these ads is that they are about real people. Everything you see on the camera is real. These are genuine reactions, not scripted ones and I think that this is really special! My favourite is the ad featuring Anna MacDonald (one of my best mates) and Aarahdna! I am so glad Anna got to meet her and her telecom ad is awesome 😀

What do you all think of these ads??

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