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E! – Tuesdays from 15 December, 9.30pm

Still pursuing her fashion career in NYC, Whitney steps it up while dealing with new frenemies, rivalries and drama in season 2 of The City. Whitney’s former love interest Jay Lyons has moved on allowing Whitney to be the single and available ‘it’ girl of NYC. More cat fights, work dramas, and love interests are just around the corner. Do not miss Whitney Port stamping her mark on The City.

E! – Mondays from 14 December, 9.30pm

The bitch is back! That’s right, Kristin Cavallari has made her way back onto the scene and isn’t shy of taking the spotlight. This season of The Hills will see more drama, hook-ups, and fighting than ever! Lo warns Audrina and Stephanie about what K.Cav is capable of but will they listen? Speidi is back in full force and they are sure to keep you entertained no matter what mindless situation they find themselves in. Don’t go anywhere as The Hills is here to stay!

E! – Thursdays from 10 December, 9.30pm

Travis Pastrana and his team of adrenaline junkies are back for another season of Nitro Circus. We’ll take you on the journey of Travis and the Nitro Circus Crew as they travel around the world setting up outrageous stunts and pushing the human body to the limit, constantly looking to innovate the world of action sports. Whether they are base jumping, sky diving, riding, driving or relaxing, this group of tight-knit, highly-skilled, adrenaline-fueled friends will always push the limits.

E! – Thursday 10 December, 8.30pm

When you’re the daughter of rock royalty, life can be full of privilege and glamour – but there’s also the burden of having a parent under constant scrutiny and the endless tour schedule. THS: Rock Star Daughters finds out what it’s like to have a rock star Dad by catching up with the hottest offspring of legendary rockers – the young actresses, models, and aspiring musicians – as they step out on their and begin to make a name for themselves. Daughter in the show include: Kristinia DeBarge (James’s daughter), Lara Johnston (Tom Johnston of the Doobie Brothers), CarrieAnn DeYoung (Styx’s Dennis DeYoung), Madison Cain (daughter of Jonathan Cain of Journey) and Sally Taylor (James Taylor and Carly Simon’s daughter).

E! – Thursday 3 December, 8.30pm

Courteney Cox first attracted attention as the girl Bruce Springsteen dragged onstage in his “Dancing in the Dark” video, but it was her portrayal of the likeable Friends star, that captured the hearts of television audiences worldwide. THS talks to those who know Courteney best – her closest friends and co-stars, revealing the intimate personal life of this beloved star.

E! – Sunday 22 November, 8.30pm

Michael Jackson’s sudden passing sent shockwaves throughout the world. As questions arise about the nature of his death, revelations of his often bizarre life continue to be brought to light. E! Investigates takes an in-depth look at what may have led to the King of Pop’s demise and celebrates one of the greatest talents of the age.

E! – Thursday 19 November, 8.30pm

Celebrity Plastic Surgery shows you a different side of some of your favourite TV faces as they risk it all to go under the knife. But these aren’t just vanity stories. These celebs are undergoing life changing transformations. From repairing the scars from a previously botched surgery, to getting back into pre-baby shape, we’ll follow the inspiring and heart-warming stories of these dramatic surgeries. Will there be any complications during or after surgery? What will they look like after surgery? Will the results be worth all the risk?

E! – Thursday 12 November, 8.30pm

Through exclusive interviews with THS, Nelly Furtado’s manager and closest friends sit down to discuss the quick rise of this second generation Canadian from Victoria.

E! – Sunday 8 November, 8.30pm

Christina Aguilera has achieved pop superstardom with her blend of smoky vocals and provocative moves. In her young career, she’s done an about-face, going from crass to class – constantly re-inventing herself and keeping fans on their toes. THS will delve deep into the life of Christina through intimate interviews and candid confessionals from the diva herself.

E! – Thursday 5 November, 8.30pm

THS: Hollywood Ex-Wives will deliver an intimate look at some of the women who’ve been married to Hollywood’s biggest players – and how they’ve gone from rags to riches, and in some cases, back to rags. What’s it like to be a ‘normal citizen’ before the marriage, and a paparazzi-pursued member of the elite class the morning after? The pre-nups, the perks, and the perils of being married to an A-lister.