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E! – Thursday 24 September, 8.30pm

Ryan Gosling. Ryan Reynolds. Hayden Christensen and Scott Speedman. It’s not just their smouldering good looks and extraordinary talent that these Canadians have in common. Through exclusive interviews with those closest to these in-demand celebs and revealing interviews from our Canadian Heartthrobs themselves, THS Canada finds out how our break-out Northern hotties get past the bullies, hook up with the A-list actresses and still stay true to their Moms.

E! – Wednesday 23 September, 11.30am

Be sure to tune in as E! recaps the fashion do’s and don’ts at this year’s ceremony.

E! – Monday 21 September, 10am

Live from the Red Carpet at the 2009 Primetime Emmy Awards, we’ll be talking to all of your favourite television stars and Emmy nominees.

E! – Sunday 20 September, 8.30pm

A pop culture icon whose hairstyle changed a nation, Farrah Fawcett was loved the world over for her girl next door charm. Her role in Charlie’s Angels made her a household name, but her rocky love life with Lee Majors and later Ryan O’Neal would become fodder for the tabloids. Diagnosed with cancer in 2006, Farrah had been an inspiration to many during her courageous battle with the disease. THS charts the storied life of this sex symbol through intimate interviews with those who know her best.

E! – Saturday 19 September, 8.30pm

Through an exclusive interview with THS Canada, Howie Mandel sits down to reveal intimate details about growing up in Toronto, dealing with OCD and his rise to fame. Howie’s closest friends and family sit down with THS Canada to give us an inside look into the life of Canada’s premiere funnyman.

E! – Thursday 17 September, 8.30pm

Through an exclusive interview with THS Canada, Kim Cattrall sits down to reveal intimate details about growing up poor in Canada, overcoming personal obstacles and the role that changed her life. Kim’s closest friends and co-workers give True Hollywood Story an inside look into the life of a Canadian bombshell who proved that being sexy after 50 is a breeze.

E! – Sundays, 7pm

A celebrity-heavy pop culture retrospective show in the guise of a weekly, hosted, studio-based award show that pits individuals against each other from the worlds of celebrity, sports, reality television, politics and general interest.

E! – Tuesdays – Saturdays, 10.30pm

This daily program is an irreverent looking at top breaking news stories, celebrity tales that just won’t die and other hot topics of the day. Chelsea will feature guests, comedic field packages and viewer call-ins.

E! – Thursday 10 September, 8.30pm

From wealthy billionaires who kill for revenge, to jealous heirs hoping to snag a family fortune to those opportunistic individuals looking to increase their bank accounts, we investigate these real life cases of crime, greed, and passion. We’ll reveal the disturbing details behind these BILLIONAIRE MURDERS and find out whether justice was ultimately served.

E! – Mondays from 7 September, 9.30pm

This new series follows the crazy, sexy and often hilarious lives of sisters Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian as they head to Miami. The sisters have decided to seek out a fresh start and go to sunny Florida where they will open a new Dash boutique. Despite being away from their outrageous family for the first time, the sisters quickly find new drama.