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E! – Sunday 2 August, 8.30pm

From athletes to actors, models to moguls, these celebrities raked in millions between May of ’08 & May of ’09. Forbes Magazine picked their top 100 stars, ranking them according to income, web hits, and pop culture popularity in the year ending May 2009. In this one-hour special, we’ll look at the top earning and most fascinating stars of screen, sports, music, television and publishing, and find out who made bank. Plus, we’ll reveal surprising stars who dropped off the list, and celebrate some new faces. It’s all here in Forbes Celebrity 100 2009: Who Made Bank. [Final list/rankings will not be revealed until June.]

E! – Sunday 26 July, 8.30pm

Hollywood has gone to the dogs and celebrities are more than happy to do what it takes to make sure their best friend has access to all the finer things in life. From a doggie hotel and spa to a member’s only country club, these are the places to sniff and mingle. We’ll take an insider’s look at the day in the life of a Hollywood dog, and show you how far a wealthy pet’s parent is willing to go for the love of a good dog.

E! – Sunday 19 July, 8.30pm

Patrick Swayze has met with much adversity in his remarkable career. He quickly established himself as a versatile performer capturing the hearts of millions after the unexpected success of Dirty Dancing and Ghost. Diagnosed with pancreatic caner in 2008, Patrick Swayze continues to forge ahead – landing new roles and spreading awareness about his disease. THS goes on an inspirational journey with one of the leading actors of his generation.

E! – Thursday 16 July, 8.30pm

“Sugar and Spice, and everything nice…” does not describe these violent femmes and femme fatales! They are everyday women who achieved the most media attention – for all the wrong reasons – felonies, lurid acts, even murder. Experts and the people involved in these high profile cases disclose new and shocking facts about these crimes and reveal insights about these women who have become notorious pseudo-celebrities.

E! – Sunday 12 July, from 8.30pm

“Maxim Hot 100” is a one-hour special where E! and Maxim team up to reveal the ultimate list of the world’s most beautiful women.

E! – Saturdays from 11 July, 8.30pm

Nine of America’s hottest event planners are transported to the LG Villa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to plan parties for celebrities & compete for a six-figure contract. Individual stars of the show include Lil Jon, P Diddy, Brodie Jenner & Frankie Delgado, Khloe & Kourtney Kardashian, Carmen Electra, 50 Cent, Missy Elliott, Nick Cannon.

E! – Mondays from 6 July, 7pm

The Streets of Hollywood takes viewers on an exclusive tour of the entertainment capital of the world, providing real and raw footage of the world’s hottest celebrities living their everyday lives. From the crazy circus of a paparazzi onslaught to those rare glimpses of the stars in candid moments when they show us their real selves – The Streets of Hollywood has it all.

E! – Sunday 5 July, 8.30pm

The 500th THS will be a special two-hour show revisiting approximately a dozen of the all-time most fascinating series episodes, with new interviews of the profiled subjects who will discuss the impact of the original episode and how things have changed in their lives since the first airing.

E! – Sunday 28 June, 8.30pm

This daughter of Mexican-American parents was raised poor on a farm in Texas and originally aspired to be a model. But she got a few small acting parts before landing a breakout role on The Young & the Restless daytime soap. From there, she was cast in Desperate Housewives, a show that surprised nearly everyone when it turned into an international TV sensation. Eva recently married her long-time boyfriend, NBA star Tony Parker. THS tells the story of this talented beauty.

E! – Sunday 21 June, 8.30pm

Celebrity Medical Nightmares: In Their Own Words takes a look at celebrities who have faced serious health crises, documenting their personal struggles and decisions in overcoming and managing critical medical conditions. By sharing their stories, their journeys and their hope, the featured stars can help others suffering from the same illnesses. Links to resource web-sites will be included in the end credits of the show to assist viewers in finding information and medical support. First person stories include Anastacia (breast cancer), Bret Michaels and Nick Jones (diabetes), Montel Williams (MS), T-Boz (sickle cell), and former American Idol contestant Luke Menard (Hodgkins Lymphoma).