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Sneak preview: we bring you the hottest highlights of the Shortland Street week ahead, right here.

It looks like the tables have turned for Ferndale ruffian Kingi Te Wake (Te Kohe Tuhaka). When several of the Whitetail gang members turn up to the I.V. Bar searching for Kingi, business associate Kieran Mitchell (Adam Rickitt) is forced to reveal his whereabouts.

Leaving a defenceless Kingi at the hands of his gang, it becomes clear that the loyalty which once bound them as a group has now been broken. What has Kingi done to deserve a beating from the people he once called friends?

A blast from the past for James ‘Scotty’ Scott (Kiel McNaughton) creates a whirlwind of gossip. While wife Shanti (Nisha Madhan) is away on holiday in India, an old friendship has been rekindled for Scotty with the arrival of Nurse Bernadette Hamblyn (Narelle Ahrens).

Through their regular contact, Scotty quickly finds himself at the centre of staff whisperings. Does Bernadette have eyes for Shortland Street’s handsome and very married nursing manager – or more scandalous yet, does Scotty have eyes for Bernadette?

With three daughters and a grandson to keep an eye on, it’s no wonder receptionist Yvonne Jeffries (Alison Quigan) has little time for herself. However it looks like all that is about to change, with a romantic prospect on the horizon!

When handsome lawyer Fraser McKenzie (Peter Daube) joins Yvonne for lunch at the Sugar café, her three nosy daughters’ suspicions are piqued. Despite the fact Yvonne insists their relationship is purely platonic, all the signs say Fraser has other ideas. Tune into Shortland Street to see Yvonne’s heart a-flutter.

Musical star Rob Guest died overnight in Melbourne after suffering a massive stroke.

Guest, 57, who had been starring in the musical Wicked, was admitted to Melbourne ‘s St Vincent’s Hospital on Tuesday night, a spokeswoman for the production said.

He died peacefully in the hospital early this morning.

A hospital spokesperson told the Melbourne Herald Sun newspaper the family wanted the public to know he was surrounded by relatives and friends when he died.

Guest was born in Britain but enjoyed fame as a pop star in New Zealand in the 1970s and 1980s and spent a decade in Las Vegas.

His stage musical career took him to Australia where he starred in Les Miserables and The Phantom of the Opera.

He was awarded an OBE for his services to the New Zealand entertainment industry in 1994.

Guest was the world’s longest serving Phantom having played the role a record 2289 performances over seven years in front of Australian and New Zealand audiences.

He had been at home with his partner Kellie Dickerson, Wicked’s musical director, when he collapsed about 10pm on Tuesday, the Melbourne Age reported.


Sneak preview: we bring you the hottest highlights of the Shortland Street week ahead, right here.

Dr. Ethan Pierce (Owen Black) decides he wants to add more strings to his bow. Knowing that I.V. owner Kieran Mitchell (Adam Rickitt) is looking to open a second bar, Ethan tables a partnership with him as the ideal investment for them both.

Kieran flatly refuses. Little does he know that saying ‘no’ to Ethan, only adds fuel to the fire. Ethan decides that if Kieran won’t waver, he’ll outbid Kieran for the venue he has his eye on.

Faced with escalating costs, will Kieran fold and partner up with the persuasive Ethan, or will he chose to go head-to-head in a bidding war for the perfect bar?

It’s said that ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’. For Dr. Sarah Potts (Amanda Billing), disclosing her Multiple Sclerosis to husband TK Samuels (Benjamin Mitchell) seems to have only added to her burden.

Reeling from the shock of her illness, TK has gone into overdrive looking for ways to manage his precious wife’s symptoms. TK instigates step one – a diet. With wheat and diary now off the menu, Sarah is dismayed to realise that her favourite treat, chocolate, is a no-go too.

Daunted by a future devoid of the delicious luxuries, Sarah realises that something’s got to give. Will TK back down, or will Sarah have to face a life of sacrifice?

Since her return to Ferndale, nurse Tracey Morrison (Sarah Thomson) has often been heard to remark about her love life – or lack thereof.

When Tracey and good friend Dr. Kip Denton (Will Hall) share a casual drink after work it soon becomes clear that there’s a mutual attraction at play.

As more drinks are consumed and the flirting escalates, Kip makes a proposition. Will Tracey accept Kip’s brazen offer, or can she fight her desire and walk away?


Dies/leaves the show 150
Proposes 150
Marries 150
Divorces 150
Has a baby 150
Breaks off a relationship 90
Starts a new job 90
Gets fired 80
Moves house 80
Sleeps with someone 50
Operates/assists in surgery 50
Receives medical treatment/check up/advice 40
Seen with top off/bra, bikini or towel around them 25
Says name of character who has left show 20
Mentions real place name (not Ferndale) 15
Seen in non-set location (1 per episode) 15
If your character receives a gift 12
If your character says mum/dad 12
Kisses/hugs someone 10
Seen getting in or out of the lift 10
Says DHB, Shortland Street, Ferndale 5
Uses phone, computer, or watches radio/TV 3
Has a drink of any sort 2
Gets (physical) mail 1
Seen taking drugs (illegal or legal) – includes smoking -20
Says bitch, slag, cow, bastard,pig, dick -20

Characters to choose from are:
Alice – Bernadette – Brooke – Callum – Chris – Dect Robyn Gardiner – Ethan – Fraser – Gerald, Hunter – Kieran – Kingi – Kip – Libby – Luke- Maia – Morgan – Roz – Sarah – Scotty – Shanti – Sophie -Tania – TK – Tracey – Yvonne

Please pick your team before 5pm October 1st
Please Note: we will not be taking any new players on after October 1st. 🙂

“The fun is in playing the game”

If your a member of Streettalk, you don’t have to post your team twice.

Exclusive to the official Shorty website! All the latest news and views, straight from the set this October.

Ambitious new surgeon Ethan Pierce (Owen Black) pushes the boundaries with a risky surgery this month, on nine year old Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy sufferer, Timothy Carson.

The character of Timothy is played by Austin Taylor, who actually suffers from the debilitating illness, which is characterised by progressive weakness, difficulty in walking and performing everyday physical activities. More information can be found at the official website www.nma.org.nz

Both senior surgeon Chris Warner (Michael Galvin) and anaesthetist Luke Durville (Gerald Urquhart) advise Ethan not to progress with the operation, considering it reckless. So when things start to go wrong, who can Ethan call on to help save his patient?

While new wife Shanti (Nisha Madhan) is off visiting her family in India, Scotty (Kiel McNaughton) greets a blast from the past in the very attractive form of an old nursing mate, Bernadette Hamblyn (Narelle Ahrens).

Within the space of days, Bernadette quickly becomes part of Scotty’s life, getting advice from her nursing mentor on everything from work to her personal issues.

But Scotty is blissfully unaware that his and Bernie’s sudden closeness is causing tongues to wag. Seen together in all the hot spots of Ferndale, staff and friends alike are left pondering. Could it be a case of ‘While the cat’s away, the mice will play?’

Alice Piper (Toni Potter) has suffered so much lately, with the death of ex-boyfriend Craig Valentine (Renato Bartolomei) and the premature birth of her precious daughter Kelly.

Having maintained a vigil beside her child’s incubator, and coped with her mentally unstable mother Fran, this month Alice launches into an ill-advised relationship. Close friends are worried, but Alice is determined to live life on the edge.

Having played it straight with a “proper” relationship with Craig (which ended badly), Alice’s wish is for no-strings attached fun. Unfortunately her latest hook-up has the potential to become her most destructive. Is Alice spiralling out of control?

Being at the front line of the hospital reception means Yvonne Jeffries (Alison Quigan) has to deal with all manner of visitors: the ill, the dangerous, the desperate and the delightful.
Well known for her efficient but warm personality, this October, one person in particular catches Yvonne’s eye.

Fraser McKenzie (Peter Daube) is a lawyer, who arrives at the hospital on business. Within minutes, the tall, handsome man strikes up an easy conversation with Yvonne. Running into her after his meeting, Yvonne is surprised and thrilled when he asks her out to dinner!

Fraser proves to be easy company and Yvonne is encouraged by all the signs that he too, is romantically interested in her. Someone new for one of Shortland Street’s favourites? Watch this space as Yvonne experiences the thrill of a blossoming new romance.

Brilliant doctor she may be, but it’s well known that Sarah Potts (Amanda Billing) is a non starter in the kitchen. This month, ever-encouraging hubby, TK Samuels (Ben Mitchell), is determined to right that wrong, by introducing Sarah to the art of cooking.

When Sarah expresses a wish to be able to cook Italian food, TK organises a fun evening in, preparing just such a feast. The catch – Sarah has to do most of the work!

Barely knowing her pasta from her elbow, can Sarah rise to the challenge and produce something edible?

And to add more pressure to this potentially disastrous scenario, TK intends for there to be other people present to share in the feast.


Baby Jay Jeffries (Liam Farmer) turns one this month and mum Maia (Anna Jullienne) is able to reflect back over what has been an incredibly challenging year.

With much of the hard days behind her, Maia has been embracing parenthood and is now looking forward to the future. When she hears from ex-flatmate and friend Roz (Lucy von Sturmer), who helped out with Jay while they both lived in Thames, she encourages her to come to Ferndale to visit.

Good friend Alice Piper (Toni Potter) encourages Maia to consider Roz in a romantic light. What she doesn’t realise is that Maia has been harbouring feelings for someone else.

Will Maia take a chance on love this month and who will it be with?

Find out more about the loves, lives and dramas of your favourite characters when Shortland Street continues this October.


Gang tensions have been escalating in Ferndale ever since the WhiteTail gang made the suburb their home base. Viewers were left on the edge of their seats as gang rivalries came to a horrific climax and blood was spilled.

This week, staff at the hospital are left to deal with the devastating repercussions. As the gunman roams loose in the hospital, panicked staff scramble to find out who has survived and who else could be in danger.

Nurse Tracey Morrison (Sarah Thomson) seems to be badly in need of an ego boost. Having made the rocky transition from undercover cop to nurse, Tracey has been having a hard time letting old habits die.

This week, Tracey feels like a fish out of water when she spends more time at work playing cop than saving lives. Whatever she does, it seems someone’s always waiting in the wings to reprimand her. Where do Tracey’s true skills lie?

When Granny McKay (Judy Rankin) isn’t busy finding fault with her family, it comes only too naturally to find fault in everything else. This week some less than desirable prejudices are made public when Mona gatecrashes a date between grandson Hunter (Lee Donoghue) and new girlfriend Morgan (Bonnie Soper).

Knocking back a bit too much sake at a Japanese restaurant, Mona makes it clear that the Japanese culture is not one she favours, and awkward hilarity ensues. Tune in to hear Mona’s outrageous gaffes.

As Shortland Street fans reel from the shock departure of Dr Justine Jones, the actress who plays her is struggling with her own emotions on the other side of the world.

Lucy Wigmore and her Scottish husband Gordon have moved to London two months ago to embark on a new chapter of their lives.
Speaking to New Idea shortly before leaving Auckland, Lucy admitted she was grappling with the sadness of being away from her beloved mum, Adrienne.
“my dad died in 2002 so I wanted to be in Auckland and near Mum for a while, so we could reconvene as a family, the 31 year bubbly blonde says “you have to reinvent yourself as a family when one member isn’t their anymore. The whole dynamic changes. It was a good move and I’m glad we’ve been here for the last few year as it’s been cool to reconnect.

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Sneak preview: we bring you the hottest highlights of the Shortland Street week ahead, right here.

Mother from hell Fran Piper (Fiona Edgar) decides she and Alice should make an investment in their future – by buying a house together. If having the turbulent Fran back in Ferndale wasn’t bad enough, the idea of having her around permanently might be enough to push the fragile Alice over the edge.

Aware that their relationship is already tenuous, Alice needs to work out a way to get her mother to back off without driving her away.

While most people complain about not having enough money, I.V. bar owner Kieran Mitchell (Adam Rickitt) seems to have the opposite problem. Business as usual takes a turn for the worse when associate Kingi Te Wake (Te Kohe Tuhaka) presents Kieran with a large sum of money to launder through the I.V.

Knowing that it will be near impossible to cover up, Kieran tries to refuse – but is quickly reminded that the Whitetails gang can be very persuasive when it comes to the crunch. Will Kieran cook the books, or wash his hands of this dirty laundry?

Handsome new doctor Ethan Pierce (Owen Black) proves he’s a man with a varied appetite when it comes to the ladies.

He has the high maintenance Brooke Freeman (Beth Allen); he’s sampled feisty nurse Tracey Morrison (Sarah Thomson) and next in line appears to be unlucky in love Tania Jeffries (Faye Smythe).

Little does Ethan know that he isn’t the only player with more than one dish on the menu.

Having teetered on the brink of a relationship with local ruffian Kingi Te Wake (Te Kohe Tuhaka), Tania is struggling to decide which man she wants to reel in. Will it be Ethan or Kingi?

Remember if you miss any episode of Shortland

Doctor come detective Justine Jones (Lucy Wigmore) continues colleague Craig Valentine’s (Renato Bartolomei) pursuit of justice.

As the case against dodgy pharmaceutical company Scott Spear takes an unexpected twist, Justine finds herself in the thick of the investigation. She is quick to realise that being privy to such knowledge comes with a hefty personal cost.

Not only is Justine putting herself in the line of fire, but life for her family could become very unpleasant indeed if Scott-Spear isn’t bought to justice.

It’s very rare that the line between television drama and reality crosses over, but soon Shorty fans will be privy to a very special treat. Amanda Billing (Dr. Sarah Potts) has been blessed with not only a talent for acting, but also a very beautiful singing voice.

In a very special episode Sarah performs a song written by Australian Eddie Perfect, arranged especially for this episode. Tune in as Amanda Billing brings her amazing talent to your living room.

For anyone who’s ever fancied the idea of a quick spot of Botox, you might want to think twice! One patient in particular has a horror story to share – and the looks to match.

Doctor Denton (Will Hall) is horrified to hear that the Doctor who administered the Botox treatment is none other than Shortland Street locum Brooke Freeman (Beth Allen).

Fresh from her name change scandal, more skeletons seem to be tumbling from her closet. Tune in to Shortland Street to see the ugly side of beauty.

A very pregnant Alice Piper (Toni Potter) returns to Shortland Street this month, having been away from Ferndale following her high-blood pressure scare. Now rested and relaxed, and having had plenty of time to ponder her future, Alice has come to one conclusion.

She and her unborn child need a certain man in their life. After offloading her bags at Maia’s apartment, she heads straight for the hospital where she tracks down Craig Valentine (Renato Bartolomei). Confronted with a determined Alice in the corridors, Craig is taken by surprise, but can’t help admiring the “pregnant glow” that Alice is exuding.

Making plans to talk things over leaves Alice optimistic that Craig could feel the same way. Could reconciliation be on the cards for Alice and Craig?

There’s a rare treat in store when Sarah Potts (Amanda Billing) turns songbird in a very special Shortland Street episode.

This is not the first time we have heard Amanda /Sarah’s amazing vocal ability. Who could forget the memorable musical duo of Sarah Potts and Craig Valentine singing “Why does love do this to me?” a few years ago.

This time, Sarah performs a song written by Australian Eddie Perfect, and arranged especially for this episode. An exclusive website only version of the song will be available here on the official Shortland Street website, after it has gone to air, so don’t forget to check back.

Yvonne Jeffries (Alison Quigan) arrives home from a relaxing sea cruise, only to sail into an ocean of controversy. She’s not happy to hear her head-strong youngest daughter Tania (Faye Smythe) is still dating a gang member!

When Tania arranges for Yvonne and Kingi (TeKohe Tuhaka) to meet, she hopes her mother will get to know her boyfriend before she judges him. Bolstered by Kingi’s confident claim that he can win Yvonne around, Tania has reason to be assured of her relationship getting the maternal seal of approval.

But has she underestimated Yvonne’s deep seated opposition to the new man in her life or will the meeting be smooth sailing?

It’s been a while between romances for Shortland Street’s most eligible bachelor, Chris Warner (Michael Galvin). In recent months, he’s devoted his time to son Harry, following the death of Harry’s Mum, Toni Warner (Laura Hill).

Now it seems the suave Doc might be ready to dust off his favorite pick-up lines, when a certain icy blonde catches his eye. Beautiful Brooke Freeman (Beth Allen) has been playing the field ever since she arrived in the PCC as a GP locum.

This month, she can’t believe her luck when she realises this man of means is interested in her. Genuine and generous, is Chris about to get taken for a ride by a master manipulator – or will a true romance blossom, surprising them both?

Gang tensions have been escalating in Ferndale ever since the WhiteTail gang made the suburb their home base.

This month on Shortland Street, gang tensions explode in a violent event that will see blood spilled. In an incredibly dramatic and action packed episode, a disgruntled gang member will make it past hospital security and will strike deep in the heart of the hospital itself.

As the news of the incident spreads, panicked staff will be scrambling to hear who has been involved. Who will be affected? Who will live? Who might die?

All will be revealed in upcoming episodes of Shortland Street.

Find out more about the loves, lives and dramas of your favourite characters when Shortland Street continues this September.