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My laptop is joined to me at the hip :)
Idolblog catapulted me into cyber space and like the Hotel California - I will never leave :D


Superbowl 2007

So the Colts won *yawns* didn’t watch that part –
The highlight for me was Prince performing at half time –
he was absolutely brilliant !!!!! He played a medley of songs including Purple Rain – and it was stunningly superb – the fact that it was raining at the time added to the enchantment – and did he look gorgeous or what !!!!

They started getting the new series last week !! When will we get to see it? Sometime down the track at some ridiculously early time of the day – every day of the week UGGGGG – Moving to Oz sometime soon!



I can’t get enough of these shows that are being replayed – haven’t seen even seen half of them. Steve is so entertaining and absolutely hilarious doing his wildlife conservation shows – his own unique way! Always learn something at the same time – brilliant – simply superb!