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"If it looks like a duck, moves like a duck and ‘quacks’ like a duck, then its probably a chicken in a really good disguise." - Barn

Anyone know when TV2 is going start season 5? It starts airing in the States on the 21st.

Sunday Star Times’ interview with Evangeline Lily (which wasn’t that interesting, btw) said that Lost Season 4 starts back on the 13th of February.

It started back in the states the other day, but since we’re not going to be too far behind I’m trying to not spoil it and wait for it to air here.

Here’s hoping the writers strike stops already, so we don’t end up with a shortage of episodes.

According to several news sources, the retrial for David Bain might be televised due to the huge public interest surrounding the case.

Is this really the sort of thing that should be on tv? Personally I think it’s disrespectful to David Bain to have the trial broadcast all over the country. Should he really be prosecuted in front of the entire country?

Last year Australian Big Brother was not shown on NZ TV at all.The year before that it was broadcast weeks behind Australia, and in a timeslot of about Midday from Mon-Thurs.

This year will be the 7th Australian Big Brother, and quite frankly, I want to be able to watch it. Preferably not weeks late and at the most inconvenient time.

BB has a reported starting date of April 22nd, which is less than three weeks away. There has to be one station that are willing to get it, if it was put at a reasonable time I imagine it would get decent ratings, especially if promoted enough.

But once again it’s looking quite unlikely that any network is going to bring us Big Brother. What a pity. What a waste.

I watched Special Features with Phil Boswick last night.

It was his first night, I suppose I should cut him some slack. But I’ve talked to people about their impressions of him on other shows, such as Space. Let’s just say, they’re not too…well impressed.

Special Features ain’t the same without Clarke. Maybe I’m just adverse to change, but the show just ain’t as good without the Clarke/Jane dynamic.

How sad.

So TV3 are finally showing Season 2 of Joan of Arcadia. It’s about time really, season 1 ended here just under two years ago. Better late than never I suppose. Although, it is a crappy time slot. Regardless, it’s an awesome show and an awesome season (I bought it of amazon already), so my advice – watch it.

It’s on TV3, 2pm Saturdays.

Oh – I almost forgot to add, the second episode of the season is on today, I’m a week late in finding out on account of it not being on primetime (which it deserves to be).

What kind of people have a “manner coach” regularly come over to teach them to which side you pass the bread? For Financial analysts, these people aren’t very financially saavy. I hate to contemplate Sindi Seid’s hourly rate, of course I’m sure the Plonskers received a hefty discount for advertising her services on TV. Seriously though, what sane person would pay for someone to come over the dinner and criticise them?

The Welsh family, in natural contrast, seem to be the more normal of the two, although Barry, the rocket scientist is quite “out there” to say the least.

Nevertheless, I know what family I’d rather be a part of. Particularly when I think I may have seen Ben (the 16 year old) wearing an All Blacks rugby jersey. It was blurred by the stupid show, so it’s hard to know for sure.

I wonder what’ll be in store for next week. And what have they done with the money?

So I am a dedicated viewer of c4 (and tv3 actually, I’m pretty much Canwest loyal – go Canada!) and I tune in as I always do to Special Features last night only to receive some shocking news – Clarke’s leaving!

I love special features, and I love the dynamic that Clarke and Jane have. So what’s to come now? Will it just be Jane Yee, presenting all by her lil lonesome self? I don’t think it could ever be the same, but I think that would be preferable to getting someone in to fill Clarke’s shoes, which are oh-so-very unfillable.

What’s to come in this year of ’07? Oh, I just don’t know, I just don’t know.