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Tony Veitch will be returning to the airwaves next year, after being hired on contract by The Radio Network, owners of Newstalk ZB and Radio Sport.

He will be a sports journalist-newsreader for both stations from early January 2010.

General Manager Bill Francis says opinions from the public, and the sporting world were sought and they all thought Veitch should be back on radio.

It is almost a year-and-a-half since Veitch was suspended and then resigned as Radio Sport breakfast host on July 17, 2008, following a domestic dispute which was dealt with by the court.

Newstalk ZB were reporting over the weekend that cost-cutting was not the reason Steve Gray was axed from Good Morning.

The popular host was dumped in a search for new talent, apparently, and it is understood that auditions are being held for a replacement.

It raises the question as to why he was dumped – he is popular, knowledgable and is the only one on the show who has the advanced knowledge of all the celebrity and entertainment happenings both in NZ and around the globe.

Hopefully he will still return to his old role where he still reviews films and presents the latest gossip, but it will be a shame not having him doing the entertainment-type interviews on the show.

Fair Go’s on-air time is being drastically cut for 2010.

This comes as Masterchef New Zealand is taking the popular 7:30pm Wednesday slot for much of the year.

Word is Kevin Milne has been reduced to 3 days a week, and Fair Go’s episode numbers are being reduced considerably next year.

What are your thoughts?

(source – Newstalk ZB)

Was interesting to see Peter Williams coming out against Paul Henry at the Attitude Awards, as reported in today’s Sunday Star Times. The paper says he is totally condemminng Paul Henry’s Susan Boyle remarks, and is “publicly disassociating” himself from Paul.

They are known for their humoured banter on air, but what do you think their off-air relationship has been like, before the incident?

Did anyone watch Close Up with Mike Hosking tonight? (2nd Oct)

He constantly does a much better job than Mark Sainsbury, and arguably Paul Henry.

Let’s be honest – Sainsbury has to go, and have Paul Henry as the main host, with Hosking on backup.

Does anyone know the name of the deep “This is 3 News” voiceover who used to do all the promos for TV3? Cheers.

Based on this evening’s advertisement for Tonight, it looks as though a few things might be different on the struggling bulletin – Miriama was standing in front of the screen, similarly to how the presenter of Sunday does.

It’ll be interesting to see what they are doing to attract the TV3 Audience back.

Does anyone know what’s happened to Jack Tame?

TVNZ seemed to have halved the numbers in Christchurch, but surely they wouldnt chop one of NZ’s clear and up-and-coming stars?

Anyone know why he’s been absent from the screen in the last month or so?

So, not surprisingly, it is clear TVNZ is struggling with content for both of its new digital channels. This includes now having Te Karere on TVNZ 7 at 10:10pm on top of all the other previous times it repeats on the channel.

I have the perfect option for this time slot: How about have a ‘Today in History’ show from 10:10-11:00, in which the One News hour from 10 years ago(or another time frame) on that date be broadcast. We’ve seen the return of retro Shortland St, and I’m sure this new idea would go down extremely well with the news junkies TVNZ7 is aimed at.

Also, TVNZ own all the rights to their news bulletins, so they would not have to face the challenges of obtaining rights they usually do to get other programmes put on air!

Let me know your thoughts, and lets really make our opinions felt – crowd the digital message board on the TVNZ website, email the TVNZ digital team. This could go down really well to popularise the channel with its launch on Sky.

Come on – what would you choose at 10:00 – Te Karere or looking back in history??

Has Rawdon Christie replaced Neil Waka on TVNZ’s 4:30 news bulletin?

I see that Neil’s profile has been removed from the TVNZ’s website too.