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THE HISTORY CHANNEL – Thursday 27 December, 9.30pm

In the spring of 2011, the worst tornado outbreak in decades left a trail of destruction across the U.S., killing many hundreds. Why has there been such an extreme outbreak? How do such weather patterns form? With modern warning systems, why did so many die? Could our weather be getting more extreme? If so why? We look at the science behind these devastating outbreaks; meets those affected, and the scientists trying to predict tornadoes, and explores whether there could be any connection to global climate change.

THE HISTORY CHANNEL – Sunday 23 December, 7.30pm

If you think about it, 99.9% of human history is comprised not of earth shaking events, but of all the little things people like us do in our lives – like brushing our teeth, tying a necktie, jumping on a bus, using a computer or going in an elevator. This is a special that reveals the history of the things we see and use every day. Why are there four tines on a fork? What’s the purpose of those buttons on the cuff of a suit jacket? Why salt and pepper and not sugar and cinnamon at the centre of every American table? This special will be organized around a day in the life of a 40-something man as he interacts with everyday objects, materials and machines.

THE HISTORY CHANNEL – Friday 21 December, 7.30pm

Around the world, archaeologists are uncovering artifacts that suggest the existence of previously unknown ancient civilizations, much like the mythical city of Atlantis. There is a growing belief among certain scientists and archaeologists that tens of thousands of years ago, before the rise of today’s man, sophisticated human societies populated large cities that possibly featured mechanized transportation, electricity, and advanced weapons systems. Proponents of this theory believe that these civilizations were wiped off the planet and that the evidence now lies buried miles beneath the Earth’s surface. This special will investigate these beliefs and uncover the truth about people who lived before the beginning of recorded time.

THE HISTORY CHANNEL – Thursday 20 December, 9.30pm

In 2010, massive earthquakes struck Haiti, Chile, Mexico, California, Indonesia, and India, adding up to one of the worst annual death tolls ever recorded. Is there any link between all these disasters? Are scientists making progress in predicting when the next quake will strike? We start with Haiti as a team of U.S. geologists first enters the country just a few days after the disaster. A month later we follow a second team of scientists as they investigate the Chilean earthquake that was 100 times more powerful than the quake that struck Haiti.

THE HISTORY CHANNEL – Wednesday 19 December, 9.30pm

In 1961, JFK committed the resources of his nation and launched Project Apollo. By 1972, only two years after Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon, public and political interest in Apollo had dwindled. NASA was forced to cancel their last three missions, making Apollo 17 man’s final mission to the moon. On the 40th anniversary of the last landing on the moon this documentary is the remarkable story of the final days of NASA’s Apollo program. It tells the story of three brave astronauts and the thousands of men and women who supported them.

THE HISTORY CHANNEL – Thursday 13 December, 9.30pm

Are scientists getting close to predicting volcanic eruptions, potentially saving thousands of lives? This film takes viewers to the front lines of volcano research, examining the new tools and techniques that are starting to reveal what makes a volcano tick. In its global tour of the deadliest volcanoes, we travel to Iceland, Italy, the Yellowstone National Park in the US, and Japan to reveal the timeless mystery and spectacular danger posed by the world’s deadliest volcanoes.

THE HISTORY CHANNEL – Sunday 9 December, 7.30pm

This film focuses on the concept of democracy, based on the lives and experiences of ordinary people who, through their words and actions, changed the course of history. It takes viewers on a journey from the founding of America to the civil rights movement and beyond. It features dramatic performances chronicling the history of America, including charter documents, letters, diaries and more, from such celebrities as Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, Viggo Mortensen, Kerry Washington, David Strathairn, Marisa Tomei, and Don Cheadle.

THE HISTORY CHANNEL – Friday 7 December, 7.30pm

While we know that following the attack, President Roosevelt gave a pivotal speech that sent the nation into war, little is known about what truly unfolded amid the terror of that day. This special will reveal new evidence from the FDR Library that shows the true panic that gripped the White House and rippled across the nation. This special will offer a more human look at the paralyzed man behind the Presidency. For the first time, the FDR library will provide details of how the President who led the nation into war had to be physically lifted out of bed and placed in braces and straps that held him upright while giving his speech.

THE HISTORY CHANNEL – Weekdays from 5 December, 4.30pm

For another season host John Sencio ventures into homeowners’ attics, basements and garages searching for those not-so-obvious family antiques that they then sell at auction.

THE HISTORY CHANNEL – Mondays from 3 December, 9.40pm

In 2012 all eyes were on the UK as Queen Elizabeth II marked her Diamond Jubilee. Featuring rare archive from the British Film Archive, the landmark series is presented by award-winning journalist Sir Trevor McDonald and brings to life Queen Elizabeth II’s sixty years on the throne and the institutions and traditions surrounding the monarchy. Everything from royal visits to the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, to The Queen sitting for a unique 3D portrait, and a major state visit to Australia features in this fascinating series. The Queen and her life as you’ve never seen it before.