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THE HISTORY CHANNEL – Wednesday 7 November, 8.30pm

When the Grand Coulee Dam was being built during the depths of the Great Depression, everything about it- the generators, the powerhouses, the pumps, the turbines, the conveyor belts, the cofferdams, not to mention the concentration of brothels and bars- was the biggest in the world. Grand Coulee was more than a dam; it was a proclamation that America could still do great things. This film tells the epic story of one of the twentieth century’s most remarkable construction projects.

THE HISTORY CHANNEL – Sunday 4 November, 7.30pm

From the mundane tasks to the madness we explore the secret details of the President’s every day life inside the White House. Featuring interviews with past presidents, rarely seen recordings, and home movies, this two-hour special explores and exposes the day-to-day lives of the US Commanders in Chief. A fresh perspective on the men you thought you knew.

THE HISTORY CHANNEL – Friday 26 October, 7.30pm

Uncover the fascinating truths behind some of the most classified secrets in American history. Like what secrets have been passed down to each United States president in the mysterious book of secrets?

THE HISTORY CHANNEL – Tuesday to Saturday from 26 October, 10.30am

Heir Hunters follows probate research firms’ investigators as they race against the clock and the competition to track down long lost relatives and bring them the news, both good and bad. Combining elements of fortune hunting, genealogy and ultimately life-changing moments, there are different stories covered in each episode.

THE HISTORY CHANNEL – Thursday 25 October, 8.30pm

The Jefferson Bible is a compilation of biblical texts revealing the approach to life and religion of one of America’s most eclectic Founding Fathers. But this iconic treasure is falling apart. To preserve it for posterity, it must be dismantled page by page. Although a nerve-wracking process, the restoration allows for a fascinating exploration of the history of religion and statecraft, interwoven with the art of bookbinding and rigors of modern science.

THE HISTORY CHANNEL – Wednesday 24 October, 7.30pm

This is the story of the Swedish Air Force DC-3 which disappeared over the Baltic Sea in 1952. More than 30 years later it was revealed that the plane was on a highly classified mission and the Russian government acknowledged that its Soviet predecessor shot down the DC-3. The wreck was never found and its 8 crew remained unaccounted for until 2003, when SAS Captain Anders Jallai set out to find the missing spy plane.

THE HISTORY CHANNEL – Friday 19 October, 7.30pm

The White House, Statue of Liberty, street plan of Washington D.C., the great seal on the dollar bill and the flag. Behind each one are conspiracy theories, myths and lies that may or may not hold some mysterious secrets.

THE HISTORY CHANNEL – Wednesday 17 October, 7.30pm

In February 1950 the world’s largest bomber took off on a secret Cold War mission from Alaska. Inside the belly of the B-36 is a Mk.IV nuclear bomb and its 13 pound plutonium core. The route would take aircraft “075” along the BC coastline until it reached Washington State and headed inland. During the mission engine fires forced the crew of seventeen to abandon the massive bomber over the BC coast. Despite the largest search and rescue operation in Air Force history five of the crewmen, along with the bomber and its nuclear weapon are presumed lost in the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

THE HISTORY CHANNEL – Mondays from 15 October, 8.00pm

This series explores the history you thought you knew in a whole new way, by revealing ten amazing things you didn’t know about a historical person or event. Each episode focuses on one subject and is filled with the kind of fascinating information that changes your understanding of how history happened. Plus, each one of the ten things becomes a springboard into other revelations: Ben Franklin, for example, is well-known for having been a ladies man. What you didn’t know is that he was also a member of secret sex clubs, which led to Ben fathering an illegitimate son, William, and it was William, not Ben, who flew the kite in the famous experiment when Ben sent him out to do it. Hosted by historian David Eisenbach, and shot on location at sites connected to each episode’s subject, Ten Things is both an active and interactive journey through amazing history you didn’t know, but will never forget.

THE HISTORY CHANNEL – Friday 12 October, 7.30pm

New evidence presents a look at the very real possibility of alien visitation. Explore sightings which are supported by creditable sources, from Air Force pilots, FAA officials, military Generals and NASA officials as well as hard data.