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If you’re one of the (many) True Blood viewers who suspected there might be fallout from Bill “donating” blood to save Sam’s life in the finale last September, go ahead and give yourself a gold star. The show’s boss, Alan Ball, says that in season 3, the hunks will forge “not just anyconnection, an erotic connection.”

How erotic? Ball wouldn’t say. But at least he was more forthcoming with regard to another upcoming same-sex couple-to-be: Lafayette and his new love interest Jesus (played by Southland’s Kevin Alejandro). Bon Temps’ resident V peddler “is very guarded, and Jesus is a guy who is willing to knock down some of those guards,” he says. “[Though] it’s not an easy relationship, they have a lot in common. They’re both shamans of sorts, healers, so there’s a reason they get brought together.

“But,” he emphasizes again, “it’s not going to be easy.”

So, thoughts on a Bill/Sam flirtation? Too far-out or not far enough? And do you even care, so long as the subplot leaves Sookie free to explore her attraction to Eric?




IT’S BEEN 14 years since television’s Goodnight Kiwi last turned out the lights and went to bed. But from tomorrow the iconic Television New Zealand character will be back on screen for summer.

The Goodnight Kiwi animation sequence in which the kiwi and a cat put out an empty milk bottle, climb a flight of stairs and take a lift to the top of a satellite tower before settling into bed in the satellite dish screened from 1980 to October 1994.

The sequence signalled the end of television programming for the night, however the extension of viewing hours meant they were no longer needed. Until now.

TVNZ marketing head Jason Paris said the move to bring back the pair was prompted by discussion about an appropriate Christmas message.

Three new cat and kiwi sequences have been made. The first, to screen from tomorrow, has the pair decorating a Christmas tree; in the second, to screen between Christmas and New Year, the Christmas tree is dismantled; and the third, for the rest of summer, has the kiwi reclining on a lilo in a pool disturbed by the cat.

“We want the cat and kiwi to continue, but we’re not too sure how just yet,” says Paris. “I can promise viewers that they will appear more and more.”

And he also promises that the new animation, by Auckland-based Tim Hunt, remains faithful. “We’ve refreshed them but what people will see is very, very true to the original. The music track is a little bit faster but it’s exactly the same track and the animation has been done in 2D to keep it true.”

Source: Sunday Star Times

For the record no networks have annouched if they have acquired this 60 minute special.

“This ain’t no tabloid expose. This is real life. In ‘Britney: For the Record,’ MTV follows Britney Spears, the world’s most-gossiped-about megastar, through every step of her storied 2008 comeback. Go backstage at the VMAs, step up to the mic in the recording studio and get into the thoughts of Britney Spears as she plots and prepares for her return to the spotlight.”


Can anyone fill me in on if and/or when MTV or any other networks might screen it?


TVNZ Website

TVNZ webbernet update please! So TV3 has gone through a long overdue facelift (speaking of facelift is that coming back on? Loves it). Although their webbernet hasnt been refroshed as at 1:38pm 17 October. But anyway back to the point of my non rhetorical question. When will TVNZ update their website? Now that is LOONNG overdue for a makeover.
I really hope they seperate the news site from it so when you search things on there it doesnt get confused with the news.

I am hoping they do something a la

ok so anyone on the in’s drop a line to get my hopes up thanks

This rantish question must be answered to stop it consuming my thoughts. TVNZ/TV2 has the abc-Disney contract, but how come TV3 airs Hannah Montana and other live-action shows from the disney channel. They show music videos by artists that are with disney record labels.

So there answer away.