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Because not many topics are added to chat and this shouldn’t disappear for a while, and we need a place to chat. Like the people who want to just chat.

So. Chat 😀

This was always the best thread (or one of them XD) from Idolblog. So. What are you listening to?

*is trying to make throng more off-topic/chattishly friendly*

Does anyone know of any sites that let you watch Home and Away online?

(I’ve been watching the new season on Youtube, but only four episodes are uploaded.)

Put this in spoilers in case regular fans didn’t want to know what happens. 🙂

Ok. So we all know that in the final episode (also uploaded in three parts on Youtube for our viewing pleasure by some lovely Australians), Rocco has just been told by Johnny that either he kills Sally, or later, Johnny will kill him.

As expected, Rocco (the little retard) stabs Sally – JUST after she and Brad have finally got together (she’s going home to get changed before going to Brad’s for dinner).

I personally am furious and upset, how can they do that (and show a tribute video afterwards – inferring that she won’t be back), at the one place we’ve been waiting for to happen for so long? She and Brad are perfect.. surely they wouldn’t kill her off? But on the other hand, we know she’s moving on, and they did show that video.. who thinks she’s dead, and who doesn’t?

I’m so glad this show is back, I was so addicted to the first series.

This year, none of them are quite so troublesome though.. the girls even appear to be more so than the guys! We haven’t had a guy like that one.. Joe McReady – from the first season – who got expelled, we haven’t had any real incidents with the “contraband” in either dorm, and we haven’t had the usual early b!tchfights.

Still, plenty of time for all that to come.. and I can’t wait. I love seeing how silly they all look when they can’t spell “subtle” or “bachelor” in English class. And I love that headmaster, he’s such a crack up when he’s angry – reminds me of our assistant prinicpal Mrs Gold.

And that girl with the hampsters is so. funny. I was cracking up so much when she got sent photos and was crying over them 😀

I was quite disappointed at the first episode of this show. I mean, it was a nice program about some people conquering their fears.. but this is Phil Keoghan from the Amazing Race! I really thought he could have come up with something a tad more interesting, at least for the first episode shown on TV.

Overall, I wasn’t impressed. While it was nice.. it could have been a lot better.

So, will the rest of the series get better? I certainly hope so, because right now I’m not planning on watching it again unless I’m incredibly bored.

I used to watch Select Live a lot, back when it had a decent variety of music playing. Now it’s all crappy Chamillionaire-esque gangsta music that sucks. The videos are all the same (one big black guy and his little gang plus a lot of hot girls in bikinis), and all of them sound the same.

The other big group of videos playing is the whole lot of random bands nobody has ever heard of. Sometimes it’s emo bands, sometimes it’s little groups trying to be the next All American Rejects, but either way, they’re all a group of nobodies, most of whom can’t sing to save themselves and can’t play any better than your average boy next door.

About 90% of what plays will slot into one of those two categories. The other 10% are a breath of fresh air such as Lily Allen and Brooke Fraser. Justin Timberlake only half counts because while he’s white, hot, proven, and a great singer/dancer, he still follows some of the same video recipes as the first lot I described.

C4 used to have great variety all the time, now they’re just pathetic. Nobody wants to watch most of it anymore.

They’re so great together.. and after all they’ve been through..

Christopher should never have come back. What a loser. :@

It’s all his fault. Grrrrr.

I never got into this show. I saw it once, perhaps? And I was sadly disappointed after hearing so much about how great it was.

Honestly, what’s the big deal? Other than the hot guys, it’s just a whole lot of guys trying to break out of Prison. And just a question, what will they call it when they’ve broken out? Prison Broke? I don’t get how they can keep an idea like that going got much longer.

What do people like so much about it?

Perhaps it’s just the lack of interesting happenings in my life, but I find shows like Home and Away, Shortland Street, and Neighbours, incredibly addicting. At the moment, Home and Away is my favourite.

I think this is because there are quite a few characters still at high school – unlike Shortland Street with only Scarlett, and Neighbours with only a couple of them, but also because everything seems to happen the way you don’t want it to (i.e. Maddie and Dean hooking up in front of Lucas), which leaves the viewer desperately trying to find out if Maddie and Lucas will eventually get together.

There’s the drama over Emily between Brad and Sally, and the whole Amanda thing with Drew..

Macca is back in town, so will he fully steal back the heart of Cassie? Or will she change her mind and stay with Ric? Most importantly, will Ric’s good looking countenance be shattered forever, or will he find someone else? All this and more go on on Home and Away, making it yet another of those stupid half-hour-daily shows you can’t seem to get enough of.

Oh.. and the Australian accents are so hot.