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C4’s weekend music show has started showing a lot more old music videos. It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t nearly every second song. Also, a few decades of music is a big back catalogue. If you’re going to play old songs you wouldn’t think you’d see the same ones week after week. I appreciate some Classic Hits listeners wouldn’t have access to J2 and may like those old songs – but is that really C4’s demographic? That said, apparently changing to a MOR format has done wonders for The Rock radio station. Not happy about that either.

Moan over. What does everyone else think?

It’s mentioned in the previous spoiler but not specifically — Paul McCrane (Fame, ER) who was the big bad guy in the last season — is Jack’s brother.

The US military says torture scenes in 24 are giving them a bad name. They’ve appealed to producers to tone down the torture scenes.

I wonder if the cast party pics in Sunday’s Herald gossip section give away too much about what might happen in coming weeks on Treasure Island. There’s a few people in the cast pics there who weren’t on last night’s show – Keri Ropati included. Could there be surprise additions? If so it’s not much of a surprise to splash it across Sunday newspaper pages…

Let’s get a Buffy discussion going! I’m surprised to see there’s nothing already — or am I looking in the wrong places?

What’s your favourite series, who’s your favourite Big Bad?, did you love or hate the musical episode?

I came to Buffy relatively late so saw the series in a funny order, but loved the musical episode. The series before that was probably my favourite (5?).

I also loved the crossover element with Angel – like when Willow turned up on Angel to tell him Buffy died (again!).

More ranting t/c …