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LIVING CHANNEL – Thursdays from 17 January, 8.30pm

Everyone admires a standout interior, whether it’s a super-cool designer store, a stylish home, or an ultra-trendy new nightclub. But where do they get all those one-of-a-kind objects? Meet Sarah Brunner and Paul Liengaard-they’re the Design Dealers who scour the back roads of Britain in search of unique objects they can rescue, refurbish, and resell. This dynamic duo will go just about anywhere to find design gems that will furnish the most stylish interiors in the country.

LIVING CHANNEL – Sunday 13 & 20 January, 8.30pm

From remotest Mongolia to the deserts of Arabia, from the Mustangs of Nevada to the Windsor Greys of Buckingham Palace, from chariots to cowboys, armoured knights and mounted police to horse whisperers, actor and horse lover Martin Clunes travels the world to unlock the secrets of a partnership which has shaped the world. Not so long ago, every culture on earth seemed to be dependent on equine power, for warfare, ceremony, farming, transport, sport and pleasure. Today, the horse still maintains an important role in society. On this journey, Martin unravels the true story of how man and horse first got together, what the horse has done for civilisation through the ages, and what the horse still means to us today.

LIVING CHANNEL – Fridays from 4 January, 11.30pm

Gardening Australia provides practical, realistic, and credible horticultural and gardening advice, relevant to the Australian climate and conditions. Presented by Stephen Ryan and other leading horticultural experts from around Australia, Gardening Australia is a valuable resource to all gardeners.

LIVING CHANNEL – Fridays from 4 January, 10pm

The New Reclaimers follows expert reclamation partners, Dan Hill and Charis Williams, on their ultimate recovery quest. The pair will use their established reclamation techniques to renovate family homes around the UK for a fraction of the cost usually quoted by larger building firms. In each home, they will make over two rooms, and advise viewers on where to recover goods and how to create great transformations on tight budgets. The show will follow each journey every step of the way, from the discovery of the materials through to the transformation itself. Each episode will climax on a stunning reveal to the homeowner.

Living Channel – Weekdays from 1 January, 10.00am and 3.00pm

Hosted by Nate Berkus, design expert, New York Times best-selling author and a regular contributor to “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” this series explores a broad range of lifestyle subjects providing take-away information and inspiration that makes a real difference in viewers’ daily lives. Relaxed, unpretentious and accessible, Nate brings his passion for design and life to an upbeat and entertaining hour filled with a vast array of topics, from stories of personal transformation to headline-making personalities to design tips and secrets, all explored through Nate’s distinctive filter.

LIVING CHANNEL – Tuesdays from 1 January, 10.30pm

In this companion series to The Hotel Inspector, Ruth Watson is given the chance to offer more insight and personal views about the hotels covered in the main series, and each hotelier records video diaries as they attempt to put into practice Ruth’s advice. There is also an update at the end of each episode on what has happened at the hotel since Ruth’s visit.

LIVING CHANNEL – Tuesdays from 1 January, 8.30pm

Property expert Phil Spencer returns to give a helping hand to desperate homeowners who are stuck in homes they just can’t sell. Needing to move on but unable to find a buyer in a tough market, these owners can’t understand where they’re going wrong. Starting his undercover mission, Phil Spencer secretly gathers information about the property before meeting the owners and revealing the brutal truth – his own personal property details outlining exactly what he thinks of their home, its presentation and the price. Once they’ve chosen whether to renovate, reduce the price or smarten the place up, the pressure is on their secret agent Phil to pull in those buyers…

LIVING CHANNEL – Saturdays from 29 December, 6.00pm

With incredible access behind-the-scenes at Chester and Colchester Zoos, the series features a variety of storylines and personalities providing a mix of excitement, jeopardy and fun. From close encounters with the scariest reptiles, the cutest baby monkeys and impressive tigers, to the caring and nurturing of endangered animals, every day is different in the life of these modern zoo keepers.

LIVING CHANNEL – Thursday 27 to Saturday 29 December, 9.30pm

Self-made millionaire David Fishwick is disgusted with the way the banks have been behaving. So he has decided to open his own small bank – a bank that really cares about its customers. But with no banking experience and the entire financial establishment against him, is he going to find it as easy as he thinks? This observational series is the story of one man’s heroic, often hilarious, journey as he attempts to turn the discredited financial system on its head. It charts David’s progress from his initial idea to making it all happen against a backdrop of red tape and a stringent regulatory framework. It will take all David’s skill to allocate loans and give advice to local businesses struggling in the current economic climate.

LIVING CHANNEL – Wednesday 26 December, 10pm

After seven seasons and more than 100 episodes of Holmes on Homes, Mike Holmes has seen and fixed almost everything a house can throw at a family. In this 13-part collection, Best of Holmes on Homes highlights some of the most challenging, head-scratching, heart-wrenching jobs Mike and his crew took on. Whether it’s a collection of the scariest basement stories or horror stories from the kitchen, Best of Holmes on Homes offers the best of the worst in home renovations and what Mike had to do to fix them.