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LIVING CHANNEL – Tuesday 25 December, 6.00pm & 11.00pm

Take a unique and colourful journey behind the scenes of the greatest horticultural show on Earth; from the hectic build up to the reveal of the magnificent show gardens and floral displays that make the RHS Chelsea Flower Show the world’s most prestigious gardening event. Gardeners will be inspired by interviews with the most influential designers, including Diarmuid Gavin on top of his 80ft dynamic, urban multi-level garden, and by watching growers from across the world race against the clock to produce dynamic and breath-taking displays. With brand new plants unveiled exclusively at the show and the reveal of the 2012 RHS Plant of the Year, together with all the glamour of press day and the pageantry of her Majesty the Queen’s Royal Visit, the 2012 RHS Chelsea Flower Show is not to be missed.

LIVING CHANNEL – Tuesday 25 December, 3.00pm & 10.00pm

Set in Torquay, The Grosvenor Hotel is a traditional 3-star British holiday hotel – with a difference. At the helm is manager Mark Jenkins, a seaside hotel entrepreneur who lives alone in one of his own guest bedrooms. Mark has a track-record of turning failing seaside hotels around, and The Grosvenor is his latest venture. Come December, Mark is adamant the hotel will be celebrating with a decent party for the biggest holiday of the year, but Christmas can bring out all sorts of emotions, from hope and joy, to loneliness and misery. How will Mark and his team deal with the influx of Christmas guests and cater to all their needs?

LIVING CHANNEL – Tuesday 25 December, 9.00am, 12.00pm & 8.00pm

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry join the Queen’s closest companions in an intimate account of Queen Elizabeth, the woman beneath the crown. Prince William tells of her support as he prepares for his future role as king; Prince Harry and his cousin Princess Eugenie reveal private anecdotes about their doting grandmother and Prince Andrew, Duke of York shares his personal memories of her as a young mother. With unrivalled access to Buckingham Palace and Clarence House, together with previously unseen private material, the film paints a revelatory and intimate portrait of Elizabeth as she grew up and married.

LIVING CHANNEL – Saturdays from 22 December, 8.30pm

Locked inside the framework of hundreds of British buildings are fascinating secrets from the past. These are not the stately homes or grand palaces of the rich and famous – they’re the extraordinary buildings used by ordinary people that shed light on the unique regional heritage, the lives of British ancestors, and ultimately what that reveals about the British people. Each of the buildings featured in this series have something very special in common – they no longer exist. But that’s all set to change…

LIVING – Friday 21 December, 10.30pm

Arnhem Land, in the Northern Territory, is one of the last important wilderness areas on earth and it’s also one of Australia’s last strongholds of traditional Yolngu (Aboriginal) culture. The Yolngu people have 16 clans and have practised the same cultural, religious, artistic and ceremonial activities for more than 40,000 years. Costa, like many Australians, had never visited this vast, astonishing land – but thanks to a very special invitation, he receives a grand tour through the eyes and the voices of its owners. Yirrkala is a small community in northeast Arnhem Land that’s home to about 1000, mostly indigenous, locals. The Yirrkala School recently received some new classrooms, which included garden beds proudly out front. Unfortunately, lack of funds meant they lay bare. So the students wrote a heartfelt letter to Costa inviting him to visit and give them a hand to build a productive vegetable/bush tucker/bush medicine garden.

LIVING – Sundays from 16 December, 11.30pm

By Royal Appointment is a sumptuous exploration of royal patronage and royal association. Travelling across London and the South to explore royal links, each episode takes a quirky journey into royal traditions, legends and legacies. The tone is gentle, inquisitive and fun. Each programme is set in a Royal location such as Royal Tunbridge Wells or the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames.

LIVING – Sundays from 16 December, 10.30pm

The Queen Elizabeth will be one of Britain’s greatest ships. The new pride of the Cunard Line is being built at a cost of �350 million. This documentary gives privileged access to the construction of an exciting new generation of ocean-going liners; a 92,000-tonne ship designed to double as a transatlantic express and a cruise ship. Cameras capture the laying of her keel; follow the building of her superstructure, the installation of the massive engines, the fitting out of sumptuous staterooms, and recruitment of exceptional staff – from the captain down. This is a story of great engineering endeavour, brought alive by unique archive film of the first Queen Elizabeth and the legendary Queen Mary. It will intrigue and fascinate those who love tales of the sea; of giant ships and of maritime engineering and of the human side of creating and manning one of the world’s greatest ships.

LIVING CHANNEL – Thursdays from 6 December, 10.30pm

Moving house is one of the most stressful experiences we ever encounter – but can you imagine moving an entire house – fixtures, furniture, walls and roof intact, through a city, over a mountain or across a frozen lake? That’s the challenge faced by teams of house movers in each episode of Massive Moves. In every show a team of movers race against the clock to move a monstrous house for a nervous set of homeowners. Much is at stake for these families – some want to swap their view of city streets for country hills, while others love their house but want to escape noisy neighbours – but all want to retain their beloved home. The movers must overcome huge hurdles – over-hanging trees, low-slung power lines, weak bridges and high-speed traffic. There is high drama, jeopardy and emotion for everyone involved as everyone races to deliver their homes on time.

LIVING CHANNEL – Mondays from 3 December, 8pm

The popular series moves to Australia as home-buyers pursue their dreams of owning two properties. Property experts Bryce Holdaway and Veronica Morgan set out to find the right properties for people who are looking to move house and want a change of scenery; on the hunt for a new home and new business premises; downsizing to help their kids get on the property ladder; or just seizing the moment to relocate to a place they never thought possible. These Aussie house hunters are seeking not just a new home but an exciting new lifestyle.

LIVING CHANNEL – Sundays from 2 December, 6.30pm

Salvage hunters deal in everything from old bricks to stained glass windows, architectural antiques to old cattle troughs. If there’s a market for it, they’ll buy it. They are the recession beneficiaries, snapping up and reclaiming old stuff from liquidated companies and finding a ready clientele of buyers from antiques dealers to property developers and ordinary homeowners. These guys know the value of everything from old oak floorboards to Victorian bricks. They are hopelessly passionate about buying stuff they love and protecting the craftsmanship of the past against the rampant throwaway culture of today.