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LIVING CHANNEL – Mondays from 10 September, 9.00pm

Charismatic architect and presenter Peter Maddison meets some everyday Australians with big dreams. From rebuilding a labour of love that was burnt to the ground in the Black Saturday bushfires to creating a five bedroom Balinese resort-style mansion with private nightclub on a steep, water access only block, Grand Designs Australia follows the construction of these unique homes and the personal journeys of the owners building them.

LIVING CHANNEL – Sundays from 9 September, 5.30pm

Each week, Jenni Falconer takes a family on a property search in the UK or abroad to find their ideal property. Along the way, they are shown a top end property worth over a million pounds in a ‘Millionaire Moment’, and in ‘Fantasy Finds’, the viewer also gets to see properties that are under the budget too, proving that living by the sea can be more affordable than they might think.

LIVING CHANNEL – Fridays from 10 August, 8pm

House Hunt in France meets a handful of British estate agents who sell the dream of the French way of life. Thousands of Brits have made the move and many more are thinking about it. From traditional town houses to converted barns and renovation projects – the variety is endless. But these agents offer a wider service than just buying and selling properties; they can help new residents settle into the community – maybe meeting the Mayor and other ex-pats or going to local events.

LIVING CHANNEL – Mondays from 6 August, 10pm

This new series transforms the lives of a family, filling their home from top-to-bottom with futuristic technology. As well as having cutting-edge gadgets to play with, the Perera family in Sheffield will be challenged by scenarios likely to come in the next 20 to 50 years. Overseen by expert Chris Sanderson, the series looks at the effects of working from home and living in multi-generational households. The family face being shamed by their bin if they don’t recycle enough and being temporarily banned from short car journeys (electric and hydrogen-powered, naturally). The Pereras discover mind-controlled games, domestic power stations that slash their bills, robots they can control from the other side of the world, waterless washing machines, cars, lawnmowers and vacuums that drive themselves.

LIVING CHANNEL – Weekdays from 6 August, 5pm

Antique experts travel the breadth and width of Britain search of rare curiosities and antiquities with the hope of finding a gem that will turn in a handsome profit. They visit everything from grand mansions to the small and quirky, exploring the local interests and landmarks as they snake their way down the country. Their discoveries are put under the hammer at auction and any profit or loss carries through to the next day, when the roller coaster starts again. The expert with the most profit at the end of the week wins, with all profits being donated to charity.

LIVING CHANNEL – Sundays from 5 August, 10pm

Archaeology isn’t just about digging up the mysterious remains of the long dead. It can reveal how we used to live in amazing detail. The series focuses on one archaeological dig in every programme with the locations for the digs chosen by the team from suggestions by viewers as to where there might be an archeological mystery. The team has three days to dig, research and reveal – excavating everything from Paleolithic remains to oddities from the much more recent past.

LIVING CHANNEL – Sundays from 5 August, 5.30pm

How do celebrities go about finding their dream houses? This series offers viewers the chance to find out with presenter Gabby Roslin as he leads celebrities on a hunt for their next dream property. Famous faces looking for their ideal nesting place include interior designer Kelly Hoppen MBE, who has a budget of �3 million to find a rural retreat; actress Michelle Collins, who is looking for her perfect home in North London’s exclusive Highgate Village for �1.5 million and Boyzone band member Shane Lynch who’s after a slice of country life for �1.5 million.

LIVING CHANNEL – Saturdays from 4 August, 4.30pm

Putting an empowering spin on the traditional ‘makeover show’, Chick Fix takes on real women with real dilemmas and aims to help them from the inside out. A problem shared is a problem solved in the Chick Fix house – each week four women who have never met before enter the retreat in the hope of overcoming an issue, making a tough decision or achieving a goal. Problems include cheating partners, whether to start a new business and rebuilding lost confidence. With the support of one another as well as the Chick Fix experts and stylists, the women look for the strength to confront their issues head on and change their lives for the better.

LIVING CHANNEL – Thursdays from 2 August, 10.30pm

Take an inside tour of modern innovative product design with design expert Lisa S. Roberts and her team as they find the best new products on the market today to feature in Lisa’s upcoming book. Lisa is a sought-after trend-setter and can provide a behind-the-scenes look at the development and release of products that most people couldn’t even begin to image. Once her team has their attention caught by a new innovation, they extensively test the product to see if its performance lives up to its promise.

LIVING CHANNEL – Sundays from 29 July, 8.30pm

Caroline Quentin takes in some of the delights of the beautiful and rugged Cornwall over the course of a summer. Each episode includes stories about life in some of the county’s most scenic towns and villages and features characters from the communities. The locals on the remarkable peninsula include the traditional mix of fishermen, shopkeepers, landlords and lifeboat heroes as well as the local estate agents, chefs, food producers and fundraisers as they go about their daily businesses.