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I am 6 months behind on my TV watching. 70 videotapes recorded in LP with 6-10 hours on each and now 80 DVD's with 4 hours on each. At least I don't have to watch the ads.

I can’t believe they killed Tippy. I liked the bit where young Tippy in angel wings takes her older self by the hand and walked through 232 to see all her friends. It was very moving and I did shed a tear.

After emailing SKY TV several months ago and pointing out all the good reasons why getting Comedy Central on SKY in NZ would be very good for them, my wish has been granted. Starting April 1st (how apt) Comedy Central (C.C.) will be coming to SKY channel 10. If it is played ‘live’ it will be playing the U.S. late night talk shows at late night here in N.Z. because C.C. plays them 8 hours after their first run on there home networks. Yaaaaa hooooooooo! South Park when it’s still topical. Kick Ass!

Seems Stargate Atlantis is going the same way as Stargate SG1… to the movies. After season 4 or 5 all following installments will be in movie form.
I loved the Original Stargate (Kurt Russell, James Spader) on the big screen (like ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ with aliens!).
Hopefully the theatres will start showing these epic episodes in their natural home. Star Trek is coming and hopefully this will remind them that there is money to be made from the large sci-fi fan-bases like that of Stargate’s.

I just saw an ad for NZ’s got talent with Simon Cowell talking about NZ talent (sheep jokes and all). Is Simon Cowell coming to New Zealand for our version of the show. If so that would be a huge coup for prime. How much would he cost to bring?

New Zealand Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is coming. An ad during Unauthorised History of NZ on Sunday 20th July asked for people to take the test at Keyword: Millionaire. I took the test and it’s very easy. Enter now for your chance to win $1million!!!

On Sunday 6th July 2008 at 3:00pm during Toyota Grassroots Rugby my mother and I were very surprised to see the SKY TV satellite service begin playing the adult pay channel SPICE:Xcess.

The channel played hardcore porn scenes for a few minutes until the XXX movie “Desperate Blackwives 2” began playing but that did not play long enough to get to anything pornographic.

At approximately 3:06pm the channel flashed another adult movie for a few seconds and then switched to the SKY logo. After a minute or so Prime’s scheduled program returned to the screen.

It made us laugh but just how much trouble can SKY get into for this huge huge mistake. I wonder how many children were watching the rugby show at the time. What an education for them.

They have the DVD of the new first Stargate:SG1 movie, copyright 2008, down at JB HIFI Queen st and it’s $25 so I’ll just keep waiting for TV2 to play it for free soon. Please hurry TVNZ, before they make the next one!

In the new Freeview ad anouncing that HD broadcasts (or should I say narrowcasts seeing as hardly anyone has Freeview) have begun, what is the giant red thing that the guy is dragging around and how does it relate to High Definition TV.

I watched the first episode of The Sarah Silverman Show on C4 last night and thought it was terrible. A 37 year old woman going on TV and acting like a spoilt 5 year old is not funny. The only good/funny bits of the show were the ones featuring the gay guys. Brian Posehn (Kevin the mail guy in Just Shoot Me, Voice of Grunt in Halo 2) is always good in the characters he’s given and does well in this part. I’ll keep watching and hope it gets better.

I talking to Aussies about their TV being behind NZ’s. They just played the finale of the Sopranos this week. hey love to think NZ is behind the times but when watching Rove I notice the start dates of movies mostly begins earlier in NZ. One thing has changed the late screening of top U.S. series. OZ like NZ have started airing Heroes one week after it played in the U.S. to combat internet viewing.