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I am 6 months behind on my TV watching. 70 videotapes recorded in LP with 6-10 hours on each and now 80 DVD's with 4 hours on each. At least I don't have to watch the ads.

Has anyone else noticed that all the contestants on the show are teachers, about to become teachers, principals, firemen, nurses and police. Now I know why I didn’t get on. And what’s scary is the teachers are failing on the simplest questions. These people are teaching our children!! Know wonder the country’s education system is having problems if this is the calibre of our school teachers. The Ministry of Education must be called to account. If they were my kids teachers i’d try to get them fired.

I just can’t watch CSI:MIAMI now. David Caruso has me laughing every time he’s on the screen. The Soup makes fun of the show by just playing a clip now. Consider a murder in a house of a divorced couple divided by lasers. Horatio Caines line is “Welcome to divorce……of the future”. Cue The Who’s screaming song start. His delivery of every line is “Napoleon Dynamite” bad. The show has officially become a comedy.

Saw the funniest thing the other day. On one of the new green Link busses in Auckland (for those of you outside AK, Link busses do a loop of the inner city, Ponsonby and Newmarket; also past TVNZ) and on the back was an ad for SUNRISE all orange and sunny, then I saw on the drivers side of the same bus an ad for BREAKFAST all orange and sunny! They share a morning audience and they also share busses. Is it a mistake or on purpose… hmmm.

I would like to say that it is looking like I was right in my prediction from couple of months ago on this site that Mya would die from childbirth complications and Tanya would have to bring up Mark and Mya’s baby. I absolutely loved it when Tanya slapped Mya. I yelled at my TV “AND AGAIN!!!!…HARDER!!!”. It was about time. If you haven’t noticed, I hate Mya!!

Kick out Ahmed Zaoui. He says he never did anything wrong. This is a lie. He ripped up and set fire to his passport and documents when entered the country at the airport. He should be kicked out for these underhanded actions. If he loves his family he should go to them. I could care less whether he isn’t a terrorist. He should be gone. Refugees go through channels to get here. He should not be able to get very far by trying to circumvent our laws. He is a criminal in my eyes through his own actions. Every other refugee in NZ should be very pissed off with this affair. They have to jump through hoops to get here. If this was any other western country he would be rightfully kicked out of their countries and wouldn’t have made it through the border. How many others will now do what he did to enter our soft-touch nation. Shameful.

Has anyone else noticed that there are hardly any girls dancing at the Bada Bing with fake boobs this season. I’ve just noticed over the last few episodes the lack of silicone jiggling on stage. Good riddance. Natural boobies rock!

The new series of Rescue Me starts late tonight (Monday) on TV ONE. More Denis Leary… awesome.

Ten of your favourite songs. Your photo in the corner. Easy programming to fill up 24 hour schedule on C4. Go to the website to choose your list for an hour of your favourite music videos. Lazy, lazy, lazy programming. But I will love it if my top ten gets put on.

I wish there was a schedule of acts. I’m just waiting for The Police. OMG they are THE highlight of the show. Australia’s show was mostly crap though except for Crowded House. Japan rocked. Good Line-up in Tokyo. Linkin Park, Rihanna and Xzibit. I liked that band Rize. In London, Genesis was awesome to see playing again and Metallica did what they do. In New York, Bon Jovi is just coming on stage now and the crowd is going nuts. Good show… oh yeah “save the planet”.

My mother and I went to the open casting call to be a contestant on Are You Smarter Than A 10 Year Old. Unlike Deal or No Deal and The Rich List, where there were hundreds lining up to be on the shows, there was hardly anyone there. It started at 9am and we turned up at about 10.30 and we were the 9th and 10th people to audition. I only heard about it on this site so I don’t know where else they advertised it but it looks like they needed more people. A few more turned up when we were leaving. Maybe people were getting some extra sleep before the long night of America’s Cup and All Black rugby and were still in bed. There is a lot of cash to be won people… don’t you want it?