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I am 6 months behind on my TV watching. 70 videotapes recorded in LP with 6-10 hours on each and now 80 DVD's with 4 hours on each. At least I don't have to watch the ads.

In the latest Listener their TV reviewer said the final 5 episodes of this season of Men In Trees playing now on TV2 monday nights will not be played in the U.S until next year. This is the only time I’ve ever seen that happen with a U.S. series. Too bad it’s not a good series that I like.

When the Warriors played their first monday game (a new addition this season) it was not played live on SKY1, only on SKY Sports. One of the things I get SKY digital for is the ‘live’ Warriors games. They are the only sport I watch besides A1GP and America’s Cup both of which are, of course, free-to-air. I do not subscribe to the sport channels on SKY as one Warriors game a week does not justify the money. It seems SKY could not rejig their monday night schedule of Crossing Jordan and repeats of CSI & CSI:MIAMI to play the Warriors game. I think I can wait another week to see the new episode of Jordan. Sorry SKY but you dropped the ball! And saying the delayed replay on PRIME very late at night is an acceptable substitute is completely unacceptable. You’re on report!!

How old is Guys daughter supposed to be? She looks between 13 to 15 but her mother Carmen only entered the show 11 years ago and didn’t get have the kid til just before she died which would make under 10 years old.
P.S. if you haven’t worked it out yet, Guy’s on ADHD drugs.

After years of being a diconnected rabbit warren with a low ceiling finally Shortland Street actually looks like a hospital.

Listening to Winston Peters this afternoon responding to The Budget 2007 it seems to me that he watches a lot of primetime TV and sees a lot of movies for a supposedly busy M.P.
He made comparisons between the corrections and Prison Break. He also mentioned The War At Home and The Departed. Interesting? I’ll let you answer that question.