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TV Guide feedback, May 19-25 2007:

It’s not often a New Zealand-made comedy-drama works. Outrageous Fortune managed it, but nothing else even came close until now. Rude Awakenings is quite possibly the best TVNZ-commissioned comedy-drama in recent years. It realises the audience aren’t all idiots.

Congratulations to the fresh new actors in this programme, especially Rose McIvor who does a stellar job. I look forward to the second season and a DVD release. More of this please, and less of the dismal Houthouse.

Congratulations, TVNZ. You’ve finally done well.

Hayden Nash (Wellington)

Rude Awakenings is one of the best New Zealand programmes I have ever seen. Danielle Cormack really shines as Dimity and the rest of the cast is excellent too, especially the young people. Everything came to a standstill in our household on Friday evenings as we followed all the plot twists and turns.

T Dare (New Lynn)

We are sorry to see Rude Awakenings has finished. We believe that Danielle Cormack deserves an award for her performances as Dimity Rush. We hope to see a second series screen as soon as possible.

M and J Brown (Te Atatu South)

The Rude Awakenings cast members were well suited to the characters they played – except Dimity. I found her so hypo and hysterical she made me feel I was having a nervous breakdown while watching. Danielle McCormach, as Dimity, overacts a tad! The storyline is good, but Dimity’s character could be played down – less full steam ahead so to speak. Our actors and actresses are excellent and we need to keep on with local programmes like this one.

Nail-biting Gram (Waiuku)

Dimity goes ballistic hearing that Amber carries Julian’s child. Stuart is horrified that Dimity’s book features explicit accounts of their love life. Constance, in emotional freefall after discovering that Arthur is not her dad, recovers her wits to blackmail Ralph.

Rude Awakenings

Dimity’s plans for her new lifestyle never included becoming a grandmother to Arthur Short’s daughter.

Rude Awakenings

Arthur’s mate Ralph (William Walker) has a finger in every pie and a nose for dirty laundry.

Photos Geoff Short

Tonight – Friday, TV ONE, 8.30pm

Dimity discovers new ways to get compensation from Bonnie, using the loot from the sale of Bonnie’s home to save her own place, while exploiting her as a personal assistant. Dishonesty costs Constance her surveillance job, but when she strives to win it back by completing a dangerous assignment, what she uncovers leaves her shocked and confused. And under Stuart’s care Amber faces the consequences of her reckless personal life.

Now Julian has escaped, Dimity decides she’ll get rent for his room. Enter Hemi (Paora Taurima), her pilates teacher.

Private Eye Isobel King (Vicky Haughton) has grave doubts about Constance’s reliability as an investigator.

Tonight – (Friday) TV One 8.30pm

Dimity, facing the loss of her own home, has a mystical vision of her destiny, with dire results for Bonnie. Amber’s affair with a journalist explodes when he publishes her family’s secrets, devastating her mum Sharon, and Arthur makes a terrible bargain to keep his family together.

Constance (Rose McIver) pursues a secret life as an investigator which brings her in contact with the dangerous Horse (Michael Lawrence).

Photos Geoff Short

When Dimity gets a 24-hour ultimatum from the bank to sort out her finances or lose both Ponsonby houses, Stuart bears the full force of her sky-rocketing stress-levels. Into this fraught atmosphere comes Caroline, Dimity’s old best friend and Stuart’s one-time lover, now with just weeks to live, on a mission to make peace with the past. Julian, weirded-out by his parents and desperate to win Amber back from her journalist lover, seeks refuge next door with Arthur.

Madeleine Sami features as Dimity’s unforgiving bank manager Francesca Hoyle, who makes it crystal clear just what the bank will do to recover its loans.

Dimity (Danielle Cormack) meets her match.

Photos Geoff Short

TV One, Tonight 8.30pm

Dimity is conflicted by the news that Julian’s life was saved by Arthur Short, and now she must contend with the mysterious fire which has left their Kumeu house in cinders, threatening her financial masterplan. After Pita’s death, Amber soothes her grief in an affair with an older journalist, breaking Julian’s heart. Sharon is torn when Dara insists she must choose between her or her interfering family, and she finds herself drifting back to her dangerous old haunts. And Bonnie lives in terror awaiting the moment when Dimity figures out just how guilty she is.


After Pita’s funeral Amber (Hannah Tasker-Poland) accepts the comfort of stranger Eugene (Kaleb Mearns) editor of fashionable street mag ‘Spread’…

After saving Julian from electrocution, Arthur (Patrick Wilson) feels a personal connection and decides to separate the boy’s interests from those of his bothersome mum Dimity.

[Photos Geoff Short]

Tonight, TV One 8.45pm

Dimity’s back gives out in a tug-of-war with Arthur, and Bonnie’s husband Jase (David Mackie) comforts her with a backrub. Taped by Ollie, this is dynamite in Constance’s hands. Sharon Short (Marise Wipani) attempts to sort out her wayward daughter but her lover Dara (Hera Dunleavy) goes on the attack.

The neighbour-loving gets physical tonight when the junk in Arthur’s backyard becomes a bone of contention.

And a frightening roadside encounter on the dance tour heralds catastrophe.

Tonight, TV One 8.30pm

Dimity is on a natural high as her notice to evict Arthur ruins his birthday. While Dim celebrates with a new Ponsonby hairdo, Constance starts to work her devious magic behind the scenes, grooming Dimity’s seven year old Ollie as a secret agent and planting him back inside his own family as a mole. And Arthur discovers just how dodgy his mate Ralph really is.

Dimity (Danielle Cormack) has some fast talking to do when her drunk and amorous boss John Ackroyd (Peter Ford) pops in to admire her Ponsonby villa around bedtime.

Episode 4, Rude Awakenings

[Photo: Geoff Short]