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I’m not going to pretend to be a music industry specialist so I will leave the analysis up to the experts (and commenters). Note: Current Number One ‘See You Again’ by Wiz Khalifa is in it’s 9th week on the charts.


The NZ Herald reports TVNZ are entering the Friday night entertainment realm:

A new Friday night battleground is forming for local content as TVNZ announces a new lifestyle programme to go head-to-head with TV3’s Jono and Ben.

Kiwi Living will be hosted by Miriama Kamo and Michael Van de Elzen and aims to give viewers practical tips “to kick-start their weekends and try something new”.

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Variety Reports:

“The Simpsons” has apparently lost one of its most recognizable voices. Harry Shearer, who voices Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders and Principle (sic) Skinner, among other popular characters, is leaving the show after 26 seasons.

Shearer announced the news via twitter, but the slightly cryptic nature of the tweets hints at a less than harmonious parting:

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This is going to be either really good, really bad, or so bad it’s good:

ONE OF THE cultural touchstones of the past decade, Mad Men is due to end in the US this coming Sunday (Monday NZ time). While a critical darling and social media craze the show had had very mediocre Neilsen Ratings, the traditional standard of a show’s success. Michael Wolff of The Hollywood Reporter hypothesizes that we may have finally reached the point of Neilsen Ratings Irrelevancy. His argument is based on the fact thatwhen looking at television we focus too much on the television viewing, and not its overall impact:

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DAVID LETTERMAN is entering his last full week of Late Show’s after a record 33 years in Late night TV. While a comedy pioneer and a huge presence in entertainment himself, Late Night has been a bastion for musicians and performers to showcase their wares. We’ve collated some of the best and iconic performances below:

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ABC Breaking US News | US News Videos

NOTE: whatever your opinion, this is a sensitive subject, please keep a level of decency with your comments.

Amy Schumer tackles the ridiculous standards for women in Hollywood with Tina Fey, Julia Louis Dreyfus and Patricia Arquette.
Note: NSFW


The Hollywood Reporter has a very interesting article about the rise in Canada of consumers cutting the cord of their Pay TV subscriptions

A report from Convergence Consulting Group points to 95,000 Canadians scrapping their cable TV packages in 2014, up sharply from 13,000 subscribers that did the same in 2013. The report on Canadian TV viewing habits predicts TV subscriber losses will only grow as an estimated 97,000 consumers ditch their pay TV packages in 2015.

While interesting this is hardly shocking news. When you see where they are going to for there televisual needs, it almost seems inevitable:

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Love it of hate it; this will be one of the most talked about sit downs this year:

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