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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Monday 21 January, 7.30pm

Hear first-hand from secret agents in charge of protecting the President of the United States from a world growing ever more dangerous, both at home and abroad.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Saturday 19 January, 7.30pm

A passionate team of Tanzanians brave savannah, mountain and skies in a mission to uncover the mystery behind the demise of Mount Kilimanjaro.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Wednesdays from 16 January, 8.30pm

Every day is a live-fire exercise for father-son duo Christian and Alex, who buy, sell, trade and restore some of the world’s rarest firearms. But with two experts in the family and under one warehouse roof, the office politics can be as explosive as the weapons being sold. Family dynamics take on a unique flavour at the Cranmers’ International Military Antiques (IMA), where the questions of the day include whether or not to buy a $250,000 Korean War-era tank; or if it is better to unload a $25,000 British colonial cannon now or let it gain value for later.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Monday 14 January, 8.30pm

Their cameras should have captured a luxury holiday, but instead they tell the story of an unfolding tragedy. Video from passengers reveals just what it was like to be on board the Costa Concordia.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Monday 14 January, 7.30pm

One year on from the worst maritime disaster in recent history, National Geographic explores new evidence and previously unseen footage to reveal the true story behind the Costa Concordia tragedy.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sundays from 13 January, 9.30pm

Shattering records considered unbreakable. Conquering regions assumed to be unreachable. Sharing wisdom once thought to be lost forever. For 125 years National Geographic has been at the forefront of space exploration, anthropology, genetics, archaeology, geography and conservation. Over one whole year and 52 big nights, join the celebration of 12 and a half decades of ground-breaking expeditions, legendary explorers, historical milestones and ideas that changed the world. Beginning with the New Zealand premiere special, A New Age of Exploration, meet today’s superheroes of exploration and science – men and women leading the way in to uncharted territory.

Today it seems there are no limits to what human beings can accomplish and conquer through knowledge and technology. Like characters from science fiction and comic book lore, humans are now shattering boundaries that have long been considered unbreakable. We are flying without motors, traveling to the deepest and darkest regions of the planet and beyond, morphing with machines even making the paralysed walk.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Fridays from 11 January, 7.30pm

Three crews of Alaskan gold miners battle nature, machines and each other in a race against time to get as much gold from the ground as possible before winter arrives.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Saturday 29 December, 8.30pm

A team of experts travel across the remote villages and ancient synagogues of the Galilee region to reconstruct the life and face of a man who may have lived during Jesus’ lifetime.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Monday 24 December, 10.30pm

In the midst of the Falklands War, a low level bomb attack from Argentinian jets capsizes the HMS Coventry within 20 minutes – why did the ship fall so quickly?

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Saturday 22 December, 8.30pm

Six thousand years after his death, a team of experts try to determine how an ancient man lived and what he looked like in his final hours.