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The only channel I ever watch anymore is Crime and Investigation...


Viva La Bam

Who watches this? It’s one of my favourite shows.

Raab Himself wins at life.

Castle Bam is the most awesome house ever… it’s decorated HIM style!

One of my favourite shows on my favourite channel, Girls of the Playboy Mansion follows the lives of Hugh Hefner and his three girlfriends. Holly Madison, girlfriend #1, the “mother” of the house, Bridget Marquardt, girlfriend #2, aptly dubbed “beauty AND brains” (although sometimes you’d never guess!) and Kendra Wilkinson, girlfriend #3, Sporty Spice and foul-mouthed.

Screens 9:30pm Tuesdays on E! with repeats most nights.

Watch it. If not for the laughs, at least for the eye candy!