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I just a new website saying that a new TV channel is going to be launched on Ziln. Ziln is a website with multiple channels to choose from with each streaming to your computer.

The new channel is called Laugh TV and, from the sounds of it, sounds like Comedy Central.

The website is here:

Me and my friend can recall a quote where somebody goes like “and where I wanna shove it is physically impossible” – with references in the context to shoving something up where the sun doesn’t shine. Does anyone remember this, and can tell me which TV show it came from, who said it, etc…?

TVNZ have announced that their video on demand service will be dropping DRM copy protection from their video, and all the content will be for free.

Instead of paying for a video, they are hoping to move each content provider to an ad-supported model, with an ad playing both at the start and the end of the show.

Instead of free content streaming via flash through their website, you will be able to download the free content (which will end up being everything on the site anyway).

Page one (of a two page article) is at The New Zealand Herald here:

On TV3’s website they have uploaded the full Coca-Cola Christmas in the Park show so you can watch it if you have missed it.

Apparently the show is also available to buy, with a link to do so underneath the watch video clip button.

Christmas in the Park page on the TV3 website here: .


Another HooHaa?

Looks like another HooHaa type service is starting up, this one called Mintshot.

Based on their television ad I saw, all I can say is that it appears you will get paid for watching television adverts. While it isn’t exactly like HooHaa where you get paid to recieve ads via text, it is similar in what you have to do to get money.

Their website ( isn’t much helps, it only has a countdown to midnight tonight and a weird video I have embedded below.

Mintshot’s slogan is “it pays to watch”.

Looks like Throng has changed with a blue title bar with the name of show the blog post is regarding.

I like it and it will help me when I got to a post from the RSS feed which doesn’t state what the show is on necessarily.

Looks like the set of Campbell Live has changed.

Most noticable is the new background behind John Campbell. Not sure what else, if anything, has changed.

Facelift, that awesome political comedy, is coming back to TV One, the Gibson Group has confirmed to me.

The Gibson Group, the production company that makes the show, have started working on it and will air in early July.

Jonathan Marshall has written a great article about TV news for the Herald on Sunday, in particular the timeslot being 6.00 p.m..

Mark Jennings, head of news and current affairs at MediaWorks, made a very good point that I completely agree with, “You will see the 6pm news subtly change into more contextualising and analysis. It will not be as concerned with breaking news, breaking news will be online.”

The full article is available online. I urge you all to read it.

TV3’s show Target has shown that some dairies will sell pornographic material (magazines) to young teenagers, including one who was only 13-years-old.

These findings has prompted for the Department of Internal Affairs to launch an investigation.

The New Zealand Herald has it in more detail.