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Ok how to begin…..

First you give away the finalists for American Idol in the Advert Break just before it was announced in the Top 3 show. Shocking.. Really shocking. You should know better.

Next you make a big deal about Lost being shown this coming weekend.. Heck you are a week late.. This is the 21st Century.. Do you really have any idea how hard it is to avoid spoilers? A week for a show that is this big globally is a long time.

Coming back to Idol.. Great we are getting the final a couple of hours behind the US.. Fail on two levels.

One…. You cut the end of the final performance. Why? I’d be happy with the overrun for once to hear the winner finish their track..

Two…. Too late in the game. I tried really hard to avoid spoilers but I knew the who the winner was before I left the office. Then driving home it was being discussed on the radio. Last I got home and caught up with some news from the website of a UK paper and guess what was on the home page.. Yes the winner. It has got to the point were either I turn off my phone, avoid social media, the internet, radio, and other TV until I watch the show… OR…. You show it at the same time as the US. Guess what, hot off the satellite isn’t enough, we need it LIVE.

I personally favor the live option..

Looks like OZ will be getting the World Cup in both HD and 3D


SBS has teamed up with Sony and Harvey Norman to bring Australian fans the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa live in 3D.Wordl Cup

This historic partnership will mean matches throughout the World Cup tournament will be available on a dedicated 3D channel in addition to SBS’s coverage on SBS ONE, SBS TWO, The World Game and SBS Radio.

“This is exciting news and the result of an incredible amount of hard work by people within SBS, our transmission partner Broadcast Australia and satellite provider Optus,” SBS Managing Director Shaun Brown said.

“SBS is proud to be working with our FIFA World Cup 2010 partner Sony and our valued and long-standing client Harvey Norman to make this happen for Australian football fans.”

FIFA will provide a 3D broadcast feed of matches throughout the tournament. 3D matches can then be broadcast live in 3D by SBS and repeated on a loop until the next 3D match is made available, giving fans multiple opportunities to experience the match in 3D.

“SBS and our partners have moved heaven and earth to make this happen,” SBS’s Chief Operating Officer Richard Finlayson said.

“The Australian Communications and Media Authority has been working with us on a spectrum solution and we will be using our digital transmission network for the broadcast.”


Looks like one of our favorite westies will be spending a lot more time states side.

Its been announced that Grant Bowler is joining the cast of True Blood as a werewolf and menacing ringleader of a biker gang.

For more details see Digital Spy and Zap2It


Catching up on tonights Media7 and was very pleased to see a feature on Throng TV from the traditional media. I feel that Throng came out very well, and I’m quite sure that Russell and the team are fans of your work.

For any of you with Freeview, Media7 is repeated seveal times over the next 7 days on TVNZ7 so make sure you catch it, and better yet watch Throng TV online as wll.

Well episode two is supposed to be on at 10pm tonight, but i’m guessing it won’t start until about 10:12 like last week. Anyone else else want to make a guess before it airs.

So what is the news about Alt TV no longer being on Sky digital Ch 65? Noticed that their internet stream has also gone off line. Do the new owners have grand plans, or is this the end of our alternative music channel?

Well it looks like ratings yet again really is everything.

According to the TV Guide for 25th Feb that I have in front of me the second half of this seasons run of Heroes, followed by a new Prison Break are on tomorrow. I just pulled up the live freeview EPG to discover we have Die Hard 2 instead.

Whilst I do enjoy the Die Hard series of movies, I’d much rather be watching Heroes a couple of weeks behind the US air date. Shame on you TV3.

I can almost forgive you for showing the second season of Underbelly next week in the Heroes time slot, but sadly not quite

Well the first double episode just aired in OZ to rave reviews.


Sadly no news if anyone in NZ is willing to pick this up

Well nothing on TV 3 tonight is marked as HD, but on TVNZ we have

    • TV One 8:30 City Homicide
      TV 2 8:30 Private Practice
  • Neither of these are maked as Dolby Digital, and still no sign of AC-3 audio on TV 2.

    So how well will TVNZ fair with their first set of HD programs on One & 2? Also how much better will the quality be compared with the freeview SD transmissions?

    TAB Trackside just started testing on the DTT Kordia multiplex. No sign of them on the DTH satellite service at present, or any official announcements.