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PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Saturday 11 September, from 10am

For the first time in a television series, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, Rabbit, Kanga, Roo and Christopher Robin, plus the most recent new star in the Pooh galaxy – Lumpy the Heffalump – are brought to vibrant life in CG animation.

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Mondays from 6 September, 9.50am & 4pm

Dorothy is joined by Wags, Henry, Captain Feathersword and the fairies, as they visit people and places where they have delightful and exciting experiences.

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Saturday 4 September, from 8am

“Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” invites preschoolers to join the world’s most beloved character in calling out the “magic” phrase, “Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse!” With that, a fanciful, mouse-shaped structure magically unfolds to serve as the gathering and learning place for young viewers and their pals, Disney’s Sensational Six: Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Daisy and Donald.

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Monday- Friday from 23 August, 10.30am

The second season of the inventive cartoon for preschooler’s returns featuring spelling lessons built around funny adventures involving animals, buildings and objects created from the letters that spell them.

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Weekends from Saturday 14 August, 7.30am

The beginning of each adventure finds Oso in an exotic locale attempting a daring special agent training mission – such as scaling a mountain or spacewalking to repair a satellite – under the watchful eye of senior agents, Wolfie (Phill Lewis) or Dotty (Amber Hood). The mission goes awry when Oso’s paw-shaped communication device Paw Pilot (Meghan Strange) interrupts him with a “special alert,” causing Oso to lose his concentration and prompting his catchphrase, “It’s all part of the plan…more or less.” And with that, Oso’s wristwatch flips open to reveal the mysterious voice of his boss, the never seen Mr. Dos (Gary Anthony Williams), calling with a special assignment in which Oso must help a child at home complete an everyday task.

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Every day from Monday 2 August, 1.30pm

There are a few surprises waiting for Max and Milly on New MacDonald’s Farm. From the mysterious footprints on the ground and the snow falling in the fields to the appearance of exotic wild animals and some unusual sounds coming from a tree, every day is an exciting adventure!

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Monday 26 – Friday 30 July, 6.35pm

Handyman Manny Garcia, a helpful, determined young man who, with the assistance of his eclectic set of talking tools, is the town’s expert when it comes to repairing all that’s not working, even friendships among neighbours.

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Monday 19 July, 10am

The Wiggles know that children learn best through play! Nursery rhymes are used as tools for noticing sound patterns,

developing vocabulary and strengthening listening memory. They present a host of educational experiences in a fun,

interactive environment that will extend the children’s knowledge and understanding. Wiggle and Learn with The Wiggles!

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Saturday 17 July, 7pm

The fab four of fun have recorded some of their most catchy and infectious songs to date. We jump into the heart of the groovy animal kingdom with songs such as Monkey Man, Kangaroo Jumping, Tassie Devil and The Chicken Walk. Along with Kylie Minogue (singing Monkey Man), John Waters (singing Rusty The Cowboy), and Ireland’s

Morgan Crowley (singing The Unicorn), jump into the jivin’ jungle with the kings of pre-school swing as The Wiggles Go Bananas!

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Saturday 3 July, 7pm

Aristocats – Duchess, and her three kittens, Toulouse, Berlioz, and Marie – are catnapped by a greedy butler named Edgar who hopes to get the inheritance left to the family of cats by their owner, Madame Bonfamille. Things look hopeless for the cats until they are befriended by Thomas O’Malley, an easygoing alley cat. After the cats have many misadventures getting back to Paris, the villainous butler is foiled when a gang of alley cats and a mouse named Roquefort join O’Malley to rescue Duchess and her kittens.