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PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Monday 7-Friday 11 December, 1.35pm

It’s a Super Sleuth summer as “My Friends Tigger & Pooh” join us for a whole week! Each day you can catch a brand new episode so get your magnifying glass out and help the gang solve the mysteries! Only on Playhouse Disney!

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Sunday 6 December, from 10am

Join Playhouse Disney each Sunday for a marathon of episodes from your favourite shows!

Each Sunday, the marathon kicks off with an episode premiere! Here’s what you can look forward to on Sunday 6 December – Imagination Movers new episode.

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Saturday 5 December, 7pm

A handful of Walt Disney’s best loved characters star in three different Christmas tales. First, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck are enjoying Christmas Day with their nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie, when the boys wish that every day could be Christmas. Their wish comes true, and before long, they learn why the holiday only comes once a year.

Next, Goofy has to teach his son about the real meaning of Christmas after Junior catches Dad impersonating Santa Claus. And Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse both give up a prized possession in order to give their beloved something special for Christmas — with unexpected consequences!

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Sunday 29 November, from 4pm

Stomp along with Dorothy the Dinosaur and your prehistoric friends for this Supersaurus Dinosaur line up. Featuring episodes from Dorothy the Dinosaur, Special Agent Oso, Stanley and many more, it’s bound to be a “dyno-mite” day!!!

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Monday 23 November, 5pm

“Chloe’s Closet” follows the fun-filled adventures of an adorable, imaginative little girl named Chloe who discovers magical new worlds while playing dress-up in her closet. With each new costume Chloe tries on, she is swept up in a fantastical journey with her best friend and constant companion, her security blanket named Lovely Carrot. Chloe’s exploits also encourage the audience to celebrate how delightful it is to be a little kid embarking upon a fabulously fun and fearless, anything-can-happen journey!

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Monday 16- Friday 20 November, from 11am

Warehouse Mouse is playing hide and seek this week in November!

Can you count how many times Warehouse Mouse appears in each episode of “Imagination Movers”? Tune in and start counting! Only

on Playhouse Disney!

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Wednesday 18 November, from 2pm

It’s Mickey’s birthday! So to celebrate in style, Playhouse Disney is bringing you a whole afternoon of birthday themed episodes from some of our favourite shows. Then be sure to tune in for a Mickey Marathon of “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” for the evening! Happy Birthday Mickey!

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Monday 9 November, 11am

Spend an hour rockin’ with your favourite pre-school rock n’ roll band! Catch daily episodes Monday to Friday at 9am plus a week’s worth of brand new episodes this November. Then from 9.25am, catch the premiere of “Where is

Warehouse Mouse?”.”Where is Warehouse Mouse?” follows Warehouse Mouse as he goes through his daily routine in and around his lair, located in the Imagination Movers’ Idea Warehouse. Each episode finds Warehouse

Mouse with a problem that requires a creative solution!

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Saturday 7 November, 7pm

Get ready to join Mickey and friends on their most amazing adventure ever – a new movie classic inspired by Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland”! It’s Daisy’s surprise birthday party and she is given a beautiful cuckoo clock which holds magical powers. The cuckoo bird comes alive and flies away, so Mickey and Donald set off through a fairy tale wonderland to find him. Will they choose the right mouseketools to locate Cuckoo and get home in time?

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Saturday 31 October, 3pm

Prepare your pumpkins for an afternoon guaranteed to be ghoulishly fun when Playhouse Disney will be screening Halloween themed episodes all afternoon! Including a brand new episode from “My Friends Tigger & Pooh” and “Toopy and Binoo”, it’s sure to get you into the spirit of Halloween!