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8:30pm Tuesday, January 29 on Prime

Reality Series

The Olive Mill in Somerset is a Greek-themed roadside restaurant on a road to nowhere. Greek Cypriots Mark Rodosthenos and girlfriend Kristina Ellis re-opened The Olive Mill six months ago, but since then business is worse than ever. The Restaurant Inspector Fernando Peire is convinced that it’s the Mediterranean menu that’s putting the customers off. But can Fernando persuade these proud Greek Cypriots to wave goodbye to their heritage and celebrate local Somerset produce instead?

7:30pm Tuesday, January 29 on Prime

Reality Series

Some of Australia’s most troublesome teenagers spent a week living with the World’s Strictest Parents… but what happened when they came home? Find out in this episode as the teen tearaways featured in the series are revisited. Find out which teens have changed for the better. And discover the ones who’ve just reverted back to their old ways.



9:05pm Monday, January 28 on Prime


Stephen Fry hosts the ninth season of the Rose d’Or winning comedy panel show, Qi. Full of quirky facts, contestants are awarded points if their answers are ‘Quite Interesting’ rather than being correct. Tonight, Stephen Fry asks unanswerable questions about parts of the body which begin with the letter H. Featuring Sue Perkins, Bill Bailey, and Alan Davies

8:30pm Monday, January 28 on Prime


Join Prime for another episode of this anarchic, award winning musical quiz show. Often described as the funniest show on British television, Never Mind The Buzzcocks is a comedy pop music quiz with an emphasis on the comedy rather than the correct answers! Two teams, headed up by regular captains, Phill Jupitus and Noel Fielding, battle it out each week to determine who has the best music knowledge. Each round reflects a particular aspect of pop music, and witty celebrity guests answer questions on indecipherable lyrics, improvise song lyrics, identify stars from decades gone by in a pop ID parade and more. It provides a variety of laughs, personal insults and brutal comedy – the ultimate irreverent music quiz. Tonight’s episode is presented by Catherine Tate.

7:30pm Monday, January 28 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

Tonight Phil’s an hour north of Sydney, in the region known as the Central Coast. Boasting over thirty of Australia’s top beaches it’s been called ‘Australia’s best secret’, where the average beachside home costs an affordable �200 thousand pounds. That’s good news for Oxfordshire couple Ian and Julie Leigh. They’re following their children who have all emigrated down under. They’re so desperate to be reunited that they have spent �40 grand fast tracking their visa’s so they can be close to their grandchildren, one of whom they have only seen over webcam.

7:00pm Monday, January 28 on Prime

Reality Series

New Zealand’s most popular sports show – The Crowd Goes Wild – is back on Prime in 2013 with a new time slot! Will they retain the title of Best Sports Show for TV Guide’s ‘Best

On The Box’ awards? Tune in at 7:00pm every weeknight with Mark Richardson and Andrew Mulligan, joined by roving reporters James McOnie and Hayley Holt, as they provide you with the latest in sporting news in their own unique and unpredictable style.

6:30pm Monday, January 28 on Prime


Hosted by Eddie McGuire, Millionaire Hot Seat has six contestants lining up in the quest to win $1 million. In order to win $1 million, 15 questions must be answered correctly. Each contestant takes turns in the hot seat answering questions of varying difficulty. Contestants rotate when the competitor in the hot seat opts to pass on a question or answers incorrectly. The game continues until one contestant remains and that person is the overall winner!

5:30pm Monday, January 28 on Prime


Prime News: First At 5:30 is backed by the worldwide resources of SKY NEWS 24-hour news service and delivers viewers a concise roundup of national and international news and sport with immediate access to breaking news and events. Prime News: First At 5:30 is anchored by veteran broadcaster Eric Young, with the assistance of Alistair Wilkinson and Charlotte Bellis. Prime’s political coverage is spearheaded by Political Editor Barry Soper, the longest serving reporter in the Press Gallery. As well as presenting the weekend news, Charlotte Bellis is training for the Nutri-Grain Ironman NZ on March 2, 2013. It’s the toughest race in the country, but we believe she can do it! Check out Charlotte’s Ironman journey so far at

8:35pm Sunday, January 27 on Prime

Drama Series

Prime welcomes the return of Lewis and Hathaway in a brand new series! Tonight, a super intelligent, but incredibly lonely professor is devastated when she discovers that her Heart&Soul internet dating video has somehow found its way onto the subversive media blog, With half her students giggling at the footage on their iPhones, and a slimy former date seeing her distress as a “romantic” opportunity, Miranda returns home – and is found there dead the next morning. In her hand she is clutching a newspaper article about millionaire businessman who has been her nemesis for the last couple of years, proposing to buy up much of her college’s land for housing development. The death appears to be a straightforward suicide, but Lewis and Hathaway quickly make a discovery that suggests otherwise.

7:30pm Sunday, January 27 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

This is the ultimate boy’s trip! Jamie wants to see if the cliches of Hollywood westerns are all they’re cracked up to be. He’s always wondered what life as a cowboy is like, and in Wyoming he finally gets to find out. His trip begins in Sheridan, where Annie Proulx conceived the idea for her novel, Brokeback Mountain. Jamie visits a rodeo before heading into the wilds upstate to see if he can cut it living and working on a real American ranch, and cooking for proper cowboys.