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Pub Dig

8:30pm Wednesday, January 23 on Prime

Documentary Series

Rory McGrath joins archaeologist Paul Blinkhorn as they root around under Britain’s greatest alehouses to reveal the big stories from British history. The duo dig through time to expose the carousing, the plotting and the violence that has shaped Britain’s turbulent past. In the first episode, with the permission of landlady Jo Remmington, the Pub Dig team excavate two trenches in the car park of the sixteenth century Six Bells in St Albans. The ground under the pub is a good bet for fantastic archaeology (it lies within the walls of the old town of Roman Verulamium) but the finds are beyond their wildest expectations. Not only do they discover an 18th century lime kiln that was used to build the beautiful row of houses that surround the pub, they pushed the history of good times and boozing on this spot back by around one and a half thousand years.

7:30pm Wednesday, January 23 on Prime

Reality Series

Bear Grylls travels to Big Sky Country, Montana. One of the last untouched areas in the United States, Grylls must negotiate the huge waterfalls and gullies. But first, he finds a little time for paragliding!

9:30pm Tuesday, January 22 on Prime


Alex Rogan lives in a trailer court where his mother is manager and everyone is like a big extended family. He beats the Starfighter Video Game to the applause of everyone in the court and later that day finds he has been turned down for a student loan for college. Depressed, he meets Centauri, who introduces himself as a person from the company that made the Game. Before Alex really knows what is going on he is on the ride of his life in a “car” flying through space, chosen to take the skills he showed on the video game into real combat to protect the galaxy from an invasion.

8:30pm Tuesday, January 22 on Prime

Documentary Series

The Vineyard is in a prime Northampton location yet mother and daughter team Tina and Amy Walder are failing to make a success of this fine-dining restaurant. The Restaurant Inspector Fernando Peire thinks the problems are three-fold – they need to update their image, change their menu and drastically improve the front of house service. But with no one at the helm, Fernando’s got his work cut out for him. Will he win Tina and Amy around to his radical solutions and save the business?

7:30pm Tuesday, January 22 on Prime

Reality Series

This week Aza and Troy, both 17, are bound for the industrial rust belt town of Zanesville, Ohio to live with Cassandra and Nathan McDonald, their son Michah, and their foster son Brian. Aza dropped out of school in year 10 and spends most days on the couch with her boyfriend, who moved in uninvited to Aza’s family home. Aza’s companion on the trip, Troy, is quite a handful too. After getting expelled from school, Troy decided to take the year off to party, and now that he has his licence, Troy’s parents’ are concerned he might be drink driving. Both teens parents are desperate for a change. But will new rules and the taste of a different way of life change them for the better? Can they learn the error of their ways and turn their lives around before it’s too late?



9:05pm Monday, January 21 on Prime


Stephen Fry hosts the ninth season of the Rose d’Or winning comedy panel show, Qi. Full of quirky facts, contestants are awarded points if their answers are ‘Quite Interesting’ rather than being correct. The chairman awards heavy penalties for wrong answers which are also “obvious” – cliches, misconceptions and “common wisdom” – much of which is taught every day in school but is in fact completely untrue. The subject matter of Qi is unique because it doesn’t take familiar material like the news, sport, television and pop music, but whatever takes their fancy from the entire universe.

8:30pm Monday, January 21 on Prime


Prime welcomes the anarchic, award winning musical quiz show to its screens. Often described as the funniest show on British TV, Never Mind The Buzzcocks is a comedy pop music quiz with an emphasis on the comedy rather than the correct answers! Two teams, headed up by regular captains, Phil Jupitus and Noel Fielding, battle it out each week to determine who has the best music knowledge. Each round reflects a particular aspect of pop music and witty celebrity guests answer questions on indecipherable lyrics, improvise song lyrics, identify stars from decades gone by in a pop ID parade and more. It provides a variety of laughs, personal insults and brutal comedy – the ultimate irreverent music quiz.

7:30pm Monday, January 21 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

Phil’s in the Aussie Capital! It’s one of the easiest places for Brits to get a Visa but you might not have heard of it. Canberra deserves to be well and truly on the map, with the highest wages, lowest unemployment and longest life expectancy in the entire country. But there’s a sting in the tail, as Phil discovers the realties of house hunting in the second most competitive property market in Australia. Rob and Catherine and the three kids had grown tired of living in the same place in South Wales and decided to up root the entire family. After touching down in the capital they discovered that even finding a rental home in Canberra was a struggle, and spent a month living in a motor home. With such a competitive market Phil has to put all his knowledge and experience on the line as he prepares to go into battle on behalf of Rob and Catherine at an Aussie property Auction.

7:00pm Monday, January 21 on Prime

Reality Series

New Zealand’s most popular sports show – The Crowd Goes Wild – is back on Prime in 2013 with a new time slot! Will they retain the title of Best Sports Show for TV Guide’s 2013 ‘Best On The Box’ awards? Tune in at 7:00pm every weeknight with Mark Richardson and Andrew Mulligan, joined by roving reporters James McOnie and Hayley Holt, as they provide you with the latest in sporting news in their own unique and unpredictable style.

6:30pm Monday, January 21 on Prime


Hosted by Eddie McGuire, Millionaire Hot Seat has six contestants lining up in the quest to win $1 million. In order to win $1 million, 15 questions must be answered correctly. Each contestant takes turns in the hot seat answering questions of varying difficulty. Contestants rotate when the competitor in the hot seat opts to pass on a question or answers incorrectly. The game continues until one contestant remains and that person is the overall winner!