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The Natalia Kills/Willy Moon firing from The X Factor saga is still bothering me. Things don’t add up.

After reading a NZ Herald report of John Campbell hiring lawyer Linda Clark I wondered:

Were lawyers representing Natalia and Willy present at the meeting when Natalia and Willy were fired (or “fired”) from The X Factor?

There was no mention of them in any of the reporting.

If there were no lawyers for the pair, why not?

Perhaps Willy Moon and Natalia Kills are under contract to stay quiet about what really went on behind the scenes at The X Factor New Zealand. Or, perhaps it’s more fun for them to drop cryptic clues like one of the detective novels Moon enjoys reading; using cinematic and musical references to make commentary about society and shed light on their motivations in the aftermath of those infamous lines delivered to contestant Joe Irvine. In either case, their social media updates are fascinating.

Four weeks ago, Moon published a photo of The Stone Roses with the caption “I wanna be adored”. Could he have known back then his plan to make the pair the most hated-on couple in the world? Was it coincidence that four weeks later he posted an image with simply the word “Irony” on it?

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On the very same day Natalia Kills was making headlines all around the world and was fired from The X Factor New Zealand, her single “Problem” featured on the premiere of E Channel’s new TV show The Royals, according to US Magazine.

Coincidence or all part of the plan?

Yesterday afternoon right before it was announced that he was fired from the show, Willy Moon posted this photo to his Instagram account:


It’s a photo of Malcolm McLaren. Why did he post that photo? What was Malcolm McLaren known for?

Here are some quotes about Malcolm McLaren:

Malcolm Robert Andrew McLaren (22 January 1946 – 8 April 2010[1]) was a British musician, impresario, visual artist, performer, clothes designer and boutique owner, notable for combining these activities in an inventive and provocative way.

McLaren has said about himself: “I have been called many things: a charlatan, a con man, or, most flatteringly, the culprit responsible for turning British popular culture into nothing more than a cheap marketing gimmick. This is my chance to prove that these accusations are true.”

“[A] passion for style and social friction… McLaren brought an unusual approach to his job, pushing the band to shock its American audiences as much as possible.

In every shape and form, the Sex Pistols was the product of McLaren’s imagination. He put the band together and orchestrated the outrage that made them the toast of the English punk rock scene. Rotten called McLaren “the most evil person on earth.”

His varied, bombastic career was driven, he once said, by some advice an old art school teacher had given him. “We will all be failures,” the educator told the young McLaren. “But at least be a magnificent, noble failure. Anyone can be a benign success.”

McLaren became involved in radical art movement known as Internationale Situationist, which staged “happenings” and utilized slogans designed to provoke outrage.

Does this make the planned firing conspiracy more believable to you now?

Quotes from here, here and here.

When was the last time a reality TV show really took the country by, er, storm and had everyone talking about it?

That’s right, it’s probably NZ Idol 1 back in 2004. 11 years ago.

Yesterday, The X Factor NZ planned to change that and getting everyone around the world talking about reality TV once again.

The show kicked off with a little easter egg. Dominic Bowden said:

“It’s time for our very own four chair challenge as we attempt to fill these seats with four of the most fearsome, megalomaniacs in the business. The only difference is, we can’t swap them out… yet.”

Like always on these shows, they save the best performance for the end. This time, it wasn’t the final contestant’s performance setting the internet alight: it was the judges. Continue reading »

We will miss you Robin Williams.


Regan is currently in hospital with pneumonia. Thank you for your understanding!

  1. Someone in the crowd hassling Stan about knowing how much a vote cost.
  2. Cassie Henderson doing bunny hop leaps of joy when leaving the stage.
  3. Gap5 crying when Taye was eliminated.
  4. Guy Williams joke about why Mel Blatt is doing home renovations… because she needs “More House”.
  5. Stan Walker making a paper dart with a note to a fan saying “I love you” which he launched. Unfortunately it did a complete circle back to himself!

Will the Facebook and Twitter follower count be good predictors of the contestants’ vote count? We’ll find out tonight!



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