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Just is case fellow members of Throng you have missed the entire series run of Friends. TV2 will again be screening it from the beginning on Tuesday. Be sure not to miss this rare occurance or you will be kicking yourselves.

Just a question to all the regular nightline viewers out there, How often does Samantha Hayes take a night off?. When ever I watch nightline or just an update shes always away, with some other bad news reader in her place.


90210 - Pulled

One of TV3’s latest US Shows 90210 the remake of Beverly Hills 90210 has been pulled as of this week, the show which is designed for a young demographic has failed in TV3’s 7.30 timeslot. 90210 will be replaced with a docu type series Ice Road Truckers from Wednesday. For those wondering 90210 was only up to its 4th episode and is on the youth orientated CW Netowrk.

For the first time ever ive noticed the recent shows on TV that have been taken off (or shifted to a later slot), the latest victims seem to Be Eli Stone & Big Shots which have been pulled off within only a few weeks, they are now replaced with the “Sunday Premiere Movie” (again, theres now 4 movies a week on TV2 primetime)the other recent shows are Back To You & How I Met Your Mother which have been replaced by the latest Survivor series.

Add these to the list of
– Womens Murder Club
– The Unit
– Gossip Girl
– Make Me A Supermodel

Would anybody know the ratings of Deal or No Deal NZ since it has been started. Im interested to know if is just only me thats got sick of this stretched out version of the show.

Well yet again Neighbours is getting moved but this time its just a time shift. The TVNZ voiceover anounced that next week neighbours will be on at 3:50 P.M. Looks like it failed against home and away on 3.

Is the Mc Kay/Jones family Australian or not because there voices sure dont sound like they are from Australia excluding callum & once upon a time the old justine they sound like they’ve lived in nz all there lives, pretty slack really.

Aswell as Outrageous Fortune screening in Australia, there are a couple of other NZ shows screening primtime on the seven network which are Border Patrol NZ at 7.30 P.M & SCU:Serious Crash Unit at 8.00 P.M . SCU premiered at 1.4 million viewers & was the third most watched programme in the five main cities.

No Opportunity Wasted (N.O.W) the hugely hyped by TV2 show hosted by emmy winner Phil Keoghan has been replaced by Greys Anatmoy re-runs & the N.O.W webpage now says the show will screen 6.00 P.M sundays. Which means the show has been a ratings failure & Greys Annatomy re-runs has came to the rescue to bring back numbers in that time slot.