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Argh it was so creepy seeing Kellerman from Prison Break as a guest star on Scrubs last night! I was half expecting to see Scofield and Link to pop up somewhere! Alas, no such luck…

Ahhh has anyone seen episode 12 of season two yet? The writers are finally back to their old tricks! I have NO idea what’s gonna happen next week, I was glued to my screen the entire episode, (emitting noises like “ooh” and “omg!” every 3 minutes, much to the annoyance of my friend) and it was just so SO good. Can’t WAIT for next Tuesday! Will Belleck go to jail for the murder of Geary? Will Scofield and Link get shot? (Because in all honesty, how the hell are they gonna get out of this one). Will they gun Sucre down in the plane? What’s Franklin gonna do now that his daughter is without her medication?!! So many questions, so long to wait.. :S

I think so!

Classic line the other night:

Lois: “Peter, it’s like my opinions don’t matter to you anymore!”
Peter: “Lois honey, the important thing is they matter to you

lmao! So so good. Loving it more than the Simpsons at the moment, so much edgier 😀

Do a Youtube search for Family Guy, it’ll keep you laughing for hours 😀

Anyone else watched this yet? I found it an oddly satisfying way to say goodbye to Andy, Maggie et al. I’m not quite as devastated as I was when The Office finished but it’ll be sad to no longer have my weekly awkward-moment fix 🙁

I found it strange that De Niro only appeared for a few minutes! Surely you’d wanna milk a star like that for all he’s worth?!


I almost cried

Did anyone watch 20/20 last night and catch the story on that little girl who needs a bowel transplant? Talk about wow. I almost cried :/

Just such an incredible story, for her parents to do all the things they did every day simply to keep her alive, kinda puts everything in perspective. The amount of stuff her siblings must have to put up with, and yet their family seems so close, I think it’s amazing. She seems like such a resilient little girl, so incredibly gutsy. And she’s getting the $1.4m operation!! I would’ve given them some money if I had any..

Although, the question must be asked I guess, is it okay to spend $1.4m of taxpayer’s money to save one girl’s life? On a purely factual basis, it’s definitely a big ask. And yet – after seeing what I did last night, I support this girl and her family 100%, and hope she comes through the operation with a new lease on life 😀

I stopped watching Home and Away because I realised it was contributing to my daily negativity quota! Seriously, for a soap it can be quite depressing.

On Shorty, by comparison, a lot of the storylines are funny or at least scandalous in a non-death way. I just found that the show never put me in a good mood, someone was always dying or cheating or backstabbing, and I found it a bit disturbing to be honest!

Lighten it up a bit, you depressing Aussies 😛

What happened to this show? I actually really enjoyed it :/

Did it get axed halfway through series two?

Anyone watching season two? I’m finding it oddly convoluted and not nearly as intense/suspenseful as the first season.. With all the characters all over the place and no real direction, I just don’t feel as compelled to watch it each week as I used to.

I still think Sarah is hot, and I can’t wait to find out what happens with the storyline between her and the FBI guy (can’t remember his name .. Frank?), but the other storylines are just a bit meh, at the moment.

And I was sad when Tweener got caught, I was just warming to his character 🙁

Anyone else feeling the same?