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TCM – Friday 25 January, 8.30pm

Drama: John Huston directs an all-star cast including Richard Burton, Ava Gardner, Debra Kerr, & Sue Lyon in a story about a defrocked clergyman working as a tour guide at a resort town in Mexico. On one particular job, Burton’s customers are a group of old schoolteachers accompanied by a young nymphomaniac teenager (played by Sue Lyon) who constantly tries to seduce him. In charge of the group, Grayson Hall is disgusted at what’s happening. She tries to have Burton fired, which forces the nowhere man to purposely have the group stranded at a friend’s hotel. Winner for Best Costume Design in the Black & White film category at the 1965 Oscars�.

TCM – Thursday 24 January, 8.30pm

Comedy/Horror: Roman Polanski directs a parody on the vampire genre, and plays the lead role as the assistant of an old vampire hunter played by Jack MacGowran. The pair heads to Slovenia for some heavy slaying at a local Vampire ball. From Jewish vampires who are not affected by the crucifix, to homosexual vampires who don’t always prefer blondes, Polanski reshapes the genre and adds a touch of dark humour to the cult classic. Co-starring Sharon Tate – Polanski’s late wife who was murdered in Charles Manson’s Helter Skelter massacre.

TCM – Wednesday 23 January, 8.30pm

Thriller: Shortly after World War II ends in 1945, a steam train pulls into the isolated town of Black Rock in the US’ arid Southwestern desert for the first time in four years. When John J Macreedy (Spencer Tracy), a silver-haired, heavy shouldered, one-armed stranger in a navy suit gets off, he is greeted with hostility and suspicion by nearly everyone he meets. He has come to give a posthumous military medal to a Japanese farmer whose son saved his life in Italy during the war, but is informed that Komoko was killed at a Japanese relocation centre following the bombing of Pearl Harbor. A gang of five men, led by Reno Smith, decide to kill Macreedy, afraid of what he might learn. In this lawless town, the bullied sheriff (Dean Jagger) is in a constant whisky-induced stupor, angry with himself for turning a blind eye to what took place four years before, and a collective conspiracy of silence hangs densely in the air.

TCM – Tuesday 22 January, 8.30pm

Comedy: Down-and-out Maisie (Ann Sothern) loses her job at a carnival after an incident instigated by a drunken Lew Ayres. Matters get legal, and the judge decides Ayres is to compensate for her hardship by putting her on his payroll. Soon Maisie is taken in by Ayres as his family’s live-in maid, and she quickly begins to resolve some of the on-going problems within her employer’s family.

TCM – Monday 21 January, 8.30pm

War: Twelve court-martialled soldiers are given the chance to redeem themselves during World War II. They must undergo a perilous mission of going behind enemy lines and blowing up a Nazi stronghold. John Cassavetes, Lee Marvin and Charles Bronson head up the all-star cast of soldiers.


Dial 1119

TCM – Sunday 20 January, 8.30pm

Thriller: When a mentally deranged young man holds the patrons of a bar hostage at gunpoint, the fears, passions and barely repressed instabilities of the hostages rise to a flashpoint. Starring: Marshall Thompson, Virginia Field Andrea King, Leon Ames.

TCM – Saturday 19 January, 8.30pm

Drama: Jack Albertson delivers an Academy Award-winning performance alongside Patricia Neal and Martin Sheen in a tour de force adaptation of Frank D. Gilroy’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway play – The Subject was Roses. It’s Timmy Cleary’s (Sheen) first night back home in the Bronx after serving in the military, and his parents, Nettie and John (Neal and Albertson), desperately try to put a civil face on their bitterly disintegrating marriage. But the facade quickly shatters into an emotionally raw night for the family homecoming.

TCM – Friday 18 January, 8.30pm

Comedy: Made during Laurel & Hardy’s most popular years in a partnership that spanned over four decades. This time the two comedy legends head for Scotland to claim an inheritance only to find a pair of bagpipes and kilts to their name, and nothing more. The misguided duo get tricked into enlisting in the British Army, and are sent off to India on a secret assassination mission. In the more than three hundred films Laurel & Hardy had starred in, it is without question the best were made under the direction of the legendary Hal Roach and his ingenious comedy team.

TCM – Thursday 17 January, 8.30pm

Thriller: One of the best thrillers ever made by the Master Of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock. Cary Grant is a successful advertising executive who makes the mistake of being not only in the wrong place at the wrong time, but also answering to the wrong call. What follows is a nightmarish journey where the KGB, and seemingly everyone else, thinks he’s the secret agent who has vital information on a Russian smuggler, turning Grant into a man-on-the-run. Also Starring: Eva Marie Saint, James Mason.

TCM – Wednesday 16 January, 8.30pm

Drama: Novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s masterpiece of good and evil, free will and guilt set within single Russian family bound by jealousy rather than love comes alive in The Brothers Karamazov. Russia, 1870. Fyodor Karamazov (Lee J. Cobb) has sired four sons by three women, but has never acted as a father to any of the brothers. The four very different brothers – soldier Dmitri (Yul Brenner), intellectual Ivan (Richard Basehart), pious monk Alexi (William Shatner) and bastard son Smerdjakov (Albert Salmi) – return home to settle a dispute about their inheritance and a rivalry between Fyodor and Dmitri over the beautiful Grushenka (Maria Schell). Now, when Fyodor is murdered, all the evidence implicates an innocent Dmitri, who stands trial for the crime. But in this tangled family web of passion, greed and envy who is guilty … and who is truly innocent?