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Hey there, I'm Dave! I love watching TV. Ever since I was a baby. One of the first shows I'd watched, was Son Of A Gunn, and after 18+ years, Jason Gunn is my idol.

I'm in to live entertainment shows. I'm not into dramas, much.

I vaguely a segment on TVOne called ETV. What was it?

Even though I live in Australia, I managed to watch New Zealand’s Got Talent via youtube. One thing is for sure, kiwi’s have talent, and we shine with it.

Congratulations to Clara Van Wel. Well deserved win, and a awesome voice. She’s going to be a superstar.


Now, as a young film maker, and a trainee production manger, I felt the show didn’t feel like a talent show, because it wasn’t live, and it felt like it was filmed in TVNZ’s basement. So, in that regard, that put me off. Personally, I don’t see why they just didn’t do it live. It always feels cheesey and tacky when it’s pre recorded.


Tamati Coffey, nice guy, funny, talented, and a people person. I like his style of presenting. He was an okay host, and he did a good job.


Judges, one word. WRONG! I was embarrassed when they announced them. Surely they could’ve picked a more talented panel.


I’m sure some people will disagree, but from what I saw, they could’ve done a bit better.


Share what you think.

When I herd that TV3 were doing The X Factor, I laughed. Why? Well, let’s look at the facts.


First of all, we’ve already tried to popstars from TV shows. Look at NZ Idol. Ben Lummis, Rosita Vai, and Matt Sunnoa. Where are they now? It doesn’t work in New Zealand. Great idea, sure. But in New Zealand….. NOT A CHANCE IN HELL! Sad, but true.


Another thing, Dominic Bowden. Nice guy, and I have to say, good looking, but sorry, Dom, you are not cut out for talent shows, mate. It hurts me to say that, because I don’t like putting people down. But all I can do is be honest.


If I was TV3, I’d spend the money on something more empowering. Like a doco.

Man, TVNZ is busy. New Zealand’s Got Talent is coming to TV ONE later this year. I wonder whats its going to be like. Lets hope they get some great talent! If they get the word out and there in enough interest from people with real talent, it could be a great show. But, if they don’t draw great contestants and have a poor production then we get another disappointment like NZ Idol.
So come on TVNZ – do your homework – work out a plan to get quality contestants, so we can enjoy this (for once).

The prize $100K – thats what I heard – would be worth it not to mention the exposure.

Lets watch this space and see what happens!

We’ve tried to to make kiwi reality TV, we’ve gave it our best shot, but was it worth the ride? Depends on how you look at it. I think we don’t have the skills, or the brains to do so. We are not there with the Americans or the British, (a.k.a, Poms).

For example, let’s look at NZ Idol. At the time when it was coming out, lots of people got excited, because we’d saw the American and Australian version. But when they made the kiwi version, did it had the same effect? Was it as nearly as good? No. Because A: it was cheap, B: there was hardly anyone good enough to become a pop star, and C: it had average ratings. Not to mention the people who won disappeared and became a laughing stock. Ben Lumis and Rosita Vai brought out one album each. As for Matt Sonnua, he just put out a single. Blow that for a joke.

It might as well not have been made at all. Because all it did was put them down. It’s a kind of sad story.

What about Dancing With The Stars. Slightly happier story. It was a fun show to watch. (I just liked it because Jason Gunn hosted it.) But it got axed because TVNZ didn’t have the money to make it anymore. A perfectly good excuse. But on the same token, it could’ve lasted one more season. (Just an opinion.)

So, then came Stars In Their Eyes. Ahhhh yes. Weird weird story. It had so much potential. Only lasted two seasons. I’ve only seen clips off YouTube, so I can’t say much. I moved to Australia just before it was on.

Last but not least come New Zealand’s Got Talent. Again, I can’t say much because I moved to Oz, but I’ve seen clips on YouTube, but to be honest, I didn’t like it that much. I kind of envied it. I wasn’t happy that it was on Prime, because I didn’t think it would get enough ratings. But it did alright I guess.

Again, this is just my opinion, not everybody has the same point of view. So please share your opinion.

Have a fantastic day.

Share your opinion.

What happened to Stars In Their Eyes?

I recken that it’s time for a kiwi entertainment show of some sort. At least a trial.

Just read on facebook that they’re going to have a telethon for Christchurch.

Two years ago, I wrote a blog about how crap NZGT was. I reckon it should’ve been on TVONE, because it would’ve got better ratings, and whatnot. I mean, it didn’t do bad, but it would’ve done better on TVONE or TV2.

As for the hosts, I didn’t think that Jason Reaves wasn’t a good choice. He was too bland, and made the show unwatchable. Andrew Mulligan was okay. He wasn’t my choice in host. He’s more of a sports host. But he gave it a good shot.

Personally, if I had it my way, the host would’ve been Jason Gunn. Because he did a good job on Mcdonalds Young Entertainers. But that’s my opinion. I’m not sure whether or not he would host if it were to be on TVONE, but they could’ve tried it out for at least one season.

Please tell me what you think.