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Monday: Matilda, Lucas and Cassie concoct a plan to get Ric out of gaol. Martha is caught drinking on the job. PG

Tuesday: Ric has a dramatic showdown with Johnny. Martha tries to escape her problems with the help of a stranger. PG(v)

Wednesday: Martha’s behaviour is out of control. Amanda tells Kelli that she is going to turn herself into the police.

Thursday: Belle begins to realise Kelli isn’t as lovely as she looks. Sam is upset when Jack lets Rory down in a big way.

Friday: Sally is overwhelmed by Brad’s revelation at the hospital ball. Drew and Belle finally admit their true feelings for each other. Danger is lurking for Sam and Jack when an unexpected visitor arrives in town.

Monday: Jack is deeply concerned by Martha’s downward spiral. Ric’s first day in prison comes with a shocking discovery. PG(a,d)

Tuesday: Ric accepts a life line in prison – but there are huge strings attached. Sam catches Jack in a compromising position. Martha continues to struggle with her decision. PG(d,v)

Wednesday: A jealous Belle makes a hasty decision. Ethan continues to blackmail Amanda. Besotted, Lucas remains oblivious to Belle’s feelings for Drew.

Thursday: Colleen traps everyone to help with preparations for the Hospital Ball. Kelli’s games intensify, putting Amanda in danger. Rachel and Kim rediscover the fun in their relationship.

Friday: Kit’s past catches up with her when an old flame comes to the Bay. Cassie’s decision to return to the Bay has shocking consequences. PG(a,v)

Monday: The lives of Kit and Rachel hang in the balance after a terrible accident. Martha makes a shocking discovery.

Tuesday: Has Amanda made the biggest mistake of her life? Martha seeks Jack’s support when she receives her life-changing news. Jack, Sam and Rory take the next step to becoming a family. PG

Wednesday: Ethan and Kelli concoct an evil plan to blackmail Amanda. Belle and Drew struggle to hide their feelings for each other. PG

Thursday: Ric’s final hopes of proving his innocence are destroyed. Amanda goes to extreme lengths to protect her relationship.

Friday: Ric’s day of reckoning arrives as his trial in court begins. Tensions explode in the wake of Ric’s trial. Can Rachel and Kim mend the rift in their relationship?

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Monday: In an intense showdown, Ric threatens revenge against Rocco. Beth reveals to Tony she wants to leave the Bay. PG(v)

Tuesday: Ric’s threat of revenge against Rocco takes a dramatic turn. Beth farewells the Bay to embark on a soul-searching adventure. PG(v)

Wednesday: Things go from bad to worse as the evidence piles up against Ric. Rachel becomes increasingly uncomfortable with her involvement in Kit and Kim’s baby plans. PG(v)

Thursday: Kelli’s scheming leads Peter and Amanda’s relationship to the brink. Martha gives Ash an ultimatum.

Friday: Kelli’s manipulation leads to a surprise engagement. Belle finally admits her true feelings for Drew but is it too late? Cassie is shaken when Macca’s controlling streak rears itself again.

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Monday: Kim receives some life-changing news from Kit. PG(v)

Tuesday: Rachel’s world is turned upside down when she discovers Kim is going to be a father. PG(v)

Wednesday: Morag demands Ash finally confess to his family secret. PG

Thursday: Martha is shocked to discover Ash’s terrible secret! Belle struggles to deny her feelings for Drew. Lucas prepares to take the next step in his relationship with Belle.

Friday: Drew is stunned by Belle’s reaction when he admits he’s still in love with her. Jack makes a promise to protect Sam and Rory.

Teaser Spoilers for the Australian Broadcast of 27 November – 1 December, 2006.

Monday: It’s a wonderful day for a wedding as Kim and Rachel tie the knot – But the evening brings the arrival of a surprise visitor for the young newlyweds.

Tuesday: Drew has a heartfelt realisation about Belle. Peter begins to doubt Amanda’s fidelity. Rachel’s dream of a family has a major setback.

Wedndesday: Drew puts everything on the line for love. Morag’s suspicions towards Ash grow. Johnny learns what Rocco is planning.

Thursday: Sally is devastated to learn the truth about Rocco. Johnny gives Rocco a shocking ultimatum. PG(d,v)

Friday: *2006 SEASON FINAL* Colleen’s Christmas pageant brings all your favourites together… But as the night heats up, shocking secrets will be revealed, and a brutal attack will leave the life of one of the Bay’s most loved residents hanging in the balance. PG(v)

Monday: Kim is in shock having just heard from Rachel that she wants to adopt Baby Joe and is forced to confront his old fears. Brad takes the law into his own hands as he is determined to find proof against Johnny.

Tuesday: Brad’s attempts to expose Johnny backfire. Kim and Rachel make a life changing decision. Morag is determined to prove her suspicions about Ash.

Wednesday: Martha is shocked to learn about Ash’s dark side. Brad and Sally’s relationship is in jeopardy. Jack struggles to come to terms with his debilitating situation.

Thursday: Peter and Amanda give in to their desires. Belle crushes Amanda’s hopes for their relationship. Sam is determined to keep her devastating secret from Jack.

Friday: Leah is shocked to discover that Peter is having an affair. Lucas and Ric challenge the girls to a game of strip poker. Cassie is forced to make a decision about her future.

Home and away game lol For those who don’t know this game I’ll try to explain it A person asks a multiple choise question and the person who answers asks a new question. (yes i got it off bttb)

Who do you like most?

Peter or Brad??

Teaser Spoilers for Episodes 4311 – 4315.
Australian Airdate: November 6 – 10th (Week 43, 2006)

Monday: Amanda’s life hangs in the balance when she is electrocuted. Johnny’s threats against Brad go one step too far; Brad takes matters into his own hands when the police are powerless to help him.

Tuesday: Peter admits his true feelings for Amanda after watching her come close to death. Johnny’s threats force Rocco to commit another crime. Tensions rise between Matilda and Belle. Brad lands himself in trouble with the law following a drug raid at the school.

Wednesday: Lucas and Ric’s plan to reconcile Belle and Matilda backfires. When Brad is stood down as Principal following his drug charges, he leaves Johnny rattled when he lays down his own threats.

Thursday: Morag discovers there’s more to Ash than meets the eye and is determined to find out what he is hiding? Rachel brings Baby Joe home and Kim fears she’s becoming too attached to the baby. Everyone batons down the hatches as Colleen prepares them all for the Christmas Pageant.

Friday: Rachel drops a bombshell on Kim when she announces she wants to adopt Baby Joe. The bond between Sam and Jack continues to grow; Could there be a new romance in the air? Everyone is shocked when Colleen abandons ship, leaving them all to finish the Christmas Pageant preparations without her.

Detective Clare Brody was sitting at her desk, quietly doing her paper work when the two new detective’s walked in, Detective Bake and Detective Thompson, Clare couldn’t help but stare at Peter, he was cute, “Hello, I’m detective Brody, but you can call me Clare!” Clare said to Tracey and Peter, they both replied “hello detective! Clare said “come this way and I’ll show you to your office’s” Peter looked at Tracey and followed behind Clare, “this one’s yours Tracey and the other one is Peters” Clare left them to it, to get used to there office’s that they now will be spending most of there time in, Tracey sat down at her desk, but soon got bored so she decided she’d go into see Peter, “Hey Pete can I come in?” Tracey said happily to Peter, he replied “yeah sure come on in!” Tracey knew Peter since the day she was born, they were an on again off again couple, but Peter had seemed to want to settle down with her, they’d been together for a year now without breaking up, “so how do you like it so far Trace?” Peter said, Tracey replied “hmm well its quite good, I cant wait to get out and catch the bad guys, this is going to be so much fun!!” Peter laughed and said “neither can I!” Tracey moved closer to Pete, “I’m glad we’re together and haven’t broken up!” Peter said “I love you to much to break up with you again, I Must have been silly to break up with you those times, I love you to much!!” Tracey replied “aw I love you so much to sweetie!” Tracey leaned over and kissed Peter passionately on the lips, Clare could see from the corner of her eye, she said to her self “damn he has a girlfriend I’m out of luck!:” Clare was disappointed to see that he had a girlfriend, Clare quickly snapped out of it, “I have a boyfriend, snap out of it Clare!”. Fitzgerald knocked on Peters door disturbing Peter and Tracey, “we have some news on the summer bay stalker, she’s back in town, last spotted at the old abattoir, can you and Tracey go and check it out?” Tracey replied “erm yeah ok, we’re on our way!” Peter grabbed his coat and walked out with Tracey , “a stalker huh how scary!” Tracey said to Peter, he replied “this should be fun” as he hopped out of the car.

“Jack are you ready?” Martha screamed out, “nearly just give me another minute!” Martha and Jack were going for a picnic with Tasha and Robbie, they were already five minutes late, “hurry up Jack!! You take longer than I do and you’re a man!!” Martha said to Jack, he replied “I’m ready now, its not my fault you hogged the bathroom this morning !” Martha said “hey! don’t put the blame on me, now lets go!” Jack gave Martha a kiss on the cheek and grabbed her hand, they walked down to the beach where Tasha and Rob were, “hey guys sorry we’re late, Jack took ages in the bathroom, you’d think he was a girl!” Martha said to Tasha and Robbie, Tasha replied “hey its okay!” Martha replied “hey I was thinking for Granddads birthday we should take him out for dinner at this flash restaurant, I know he said he didn’t want to celebrate his birthday, but he’ll like it once he gets there!” Tasha said “hmm yeah that sounds like a good idea, we should so do that!” Martha replied “so hows the baby?” Tasha replied “she’s ok I guess wont stop crying or anything and she wakes me up at night!!” Martha said “Aw that’s what you get, she’ll get better as she gets older!”