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Kyle Wadsworth is a trained multimedia journalist with a passion for film and television - notably Westside and Outrageous Fortune! Also known as TuiKiwi (the name of which has also featured on Outrageous Fortune as a guest-starring beer brand).

Has anyone else noticed TV3’s new look?
It’s the second one within a year and I think it is very flash – the channel has been brought into line with the recently-refreshed TV One & TV2 with an even bigger focus on colour. Flashing lights are apart of the new-look; feels slightly americanised though.


Like? Dislike? What do you think?

TV3 is commissioning a sixth season of Outrageous Fortune – and the first to screen in high definition.

It’s expected 18 episodes of the South Pacific Productions hit will air next year, ensuring Tuesdays remain TV3’s most-watched night of the week.
The network is halfway through season five and the ratings are “holding up fine”, programming chief Kelly Martin says.

“Tuesday is still consistently our best night of the week, mainly because we have local content at 7.30/8pm and then Outrageous Fortune at 9.30.”
Although TV3 has led the HD TV charge in NZ, it was South Pacific Pictures that decided to shoot season six of Outrageous Fortune in HD.

It made this year’s TVNZ commissions, Go Girls and Diplomatic Immunity, in HD, but previously hadn’t considered the higher resolution for its flagship drama because so many seasons had already been made in standard definition.
“We just looked at it and figured that by the time we deliver – 2010/11 – nearly all outlets will be HD, so we need it for our markets,” chief executive John Barnett says.

New Plymouth school kept 3/4 of money raised for a mufti-day dedicated to rasing funds for the Telethon + Kidscan

“Mufti day today for Kids Can Stand Tall Trust for Telethon bring along $2 to support this worthy cause”

Funny how they were not “worthy” enough to recieve at least 1/4 of the money raised.

Students at the school were told that there was going to be a mufti day to raise money for the Telethon and Kidscan – $2 per student. Being 1300 students at New Plymouth Boys’ High School, thats talking a lot of cash!

Imagine my shock when head boy, William Tennent was on TV this morning, with a cheque for $500 for Telethon. They were all so happy to have raised such a “big” amount of money – what total bullshit.

Here’s what went down on air:

Jessie (Host): “Now william i think you’ve got something for us?”
William: “We’ve got a check here for $500 to the big night in!”
Jessie: So how did you guys raise; raise the funds?”
William: “Well we heard about the good cause so we thought we’d do our bit and raise a mufti day”

Do our bit? What a joke. The school would have raised at least $2000 (1300 students at $2 each) – yet only donated a very small amount of that money. So where the hell is the rest of it?! Kept as “administration costs”, “sport trips” or “upkeep of the school”?! What crap – when you are organising a FUNDRAISER, usually ALL the money raised goes to the cause or charity!!

A mate complained about this on Facebook, changing his status to:
“Boys High is a rip off out of around $2600 that we raised at mufti day on thursday for the telethon they only gave $500″

Student council member Matt commented:
Student Council money doesn’t raise itself guys.
WOAH. No way we students thought NPBHS planned on keeping such a large chunk of the cash! That is some serious misconduct there; again, you don’t plan a fundraiser and keep 3/4 of the cash!!

Hayley complains:
Why are The keeping the money for themselves?!?
What are they using the Money for?
Grr Not Pleased … even though I dont go to Boys High BUT still.

Mark also complained:
They could have at least donated half the money not 1/5 of it. Who made that desicion anyway?

Matt slinkily replies:
I guess the Student Council probably decides.

That is not good enough – both the notice (top of post) and Head Boy admitted that the fundrasing mufti-day was intended for Telethon. The money donated suggests only 250 boys attend the school. I don’t think it’s acceptable for the school to keep such a large amount, 1/2 would be understandable but myself, Boys’ High students and Boys’ High teachers all agree that it this is wrong and needs to be sorted out.

Update: This is not the first time that the school has taken money out of fundraised cash. This has happened without the knowledge of students and most teachers who believed full amounts were being donated to charity.

Australian Idol returns to TV2 for its 2009 season, coming to our screens five days behind the show going to air in Australia. The hit series will set about discovering Australia’s next solo singing superstar, with the Australian public voting for their favourites to win the coveted Australian Idol title. In 2009, Australian Idol will take on an exciting new shape, with both performance and eliminations to air in one major two-hour show each week on Friday nights. Hosted by Andrew G, the live two-hour shows will feature guest judges and industry mentors throughout the season alongside judges Dicko, Marcia and Kyle. Ricki-Lee Coulter will also return this season to co-host the live shows and offer her support to contestants throughout the audition process.

The successful partnership between TVNZ and Bebo will end on Sept 5th.

Since they joined forces 18 months ago Bebo and TVNZ have built significant and innovative on-line solutions in the NZ market, growing the respective on-line brands of both companies.

At this point in the on-line development of both companies the parties have not been able to settle on a future commercial structure, and have agreed that the current arrangement will expire on Sept 5th.

“Bebo is extremely proud of the successful media platform we have built together in New Zealand with TVNZ” says Francisco Cordero, Vice President Asia Pacific, Bebo. “Bebo will begin servicing its clients directly from Sept 5th “.

However this will not prevent the two companies joining forces for on-line campaigns in the future where there is mutual benefit.

TVNZ’s Head of Advertising Sales, Dave Walker says: “We’ve had a fruitful partnership with Bebo. TVNZ will now focus on selling its own products, particularly, with its entertainment and news products”.

Normally I hate surprise parties.But any surprise party that ends with Sheree Gregan in tears after the truly big surprise turns out to be that she has a dead husband is a good party, by my reckoning. And any surprise party that has, as an added two-for-one bonus deal, the news that her dearest brother Nicky was with the guy when he died, now that’s my kind of party.

Garth. Who in their right mind would marry someone named Garth? Mind you, since when has Sheree ever been in what you’d call a ‘right’ mind? Still, it’s good to know Sheree has a skeleton in her closet, especially seeing as it’s an actual skeleton.

Loretta has updated her blog, so you can read up on her thoughts this week.
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Just want to say I really like the redition of “End of the Runaway” in Go Girls – especially the version sung at the wedding 😀

If you’re keen to see who is returning to Shortland Street soon, make sure you tune into Good Morning tomorrow on TV ONE to see Lucy Wigmore talk about returning to the show as Justine Jones.

You may remember Justine from last year – after exposing Scott-Spear’s dodgy drugs and doings, she was wisked away to Australia in witness protection after her car was blown up, almost killing her. To everyone else but the McKay family, Justine “died” in the explosion.
It’ll be interesting to see their reactions when Justine returns!

Rupert Murdoch-controlled Sky Television is negotiating a special deal to get its free channel Prime on to Freeview.

After long delays that have hampered Freeview, Sky says it is “looking at whether Kordia can cut some sort of entry-level deal”.

Sky Television chief executive John Fellet says that as it stands putting Prime, whose programmes include True Blood and Flight of the Conchords, on to Freeview does not make financial sense.

“The cost… is greater than the advertising revenue we would gain from the greater coverage,” he said.

The cost is believed to be less than $400,000 a year.

Source: NZ Herald. Read more »

Is it just me, or does the board on Wheel Of Fortune look really grotty, especailly the bottom?