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Hi! I'm a 22 y/o NZ television enthusiast! With a fancy multimedia journalism diploma. Shows I am LOVING right now are Shortland Street, X Factor, How To Get Away With Murder, Bates Motel and Orange Is The New Black. Mourning Glee and Outrageous Fortune..

It appears someone at TVNZ has accidentally uploaded a number of TV spots for next week’s Shortland Street episodes!

Click here to view – spoilers!

What are your thoughts on the final season of Outrageous Fortune so far?

I’ve seen so many comments made on Facebook to the tune of “Outrageous is lame now” and honestly I have to agree. I’ve been disgusted, bored, disappointed; this season has totally lost the charm but more importantly, it’s lost Cheryl and it’s just pathetic. The show is a mere shadow of it’s former self and seems more like a spinoff without Cheryl. Or Wolf for that matter, and even Eric’s return hasn’t been that exciting! It’s been babies, businesses, hookers – I had high hopes for Sheree’s unexpected visit but that was quite limp (just like the first episode back after the exciting end to the last season).

I can see Pascalle and Judd forming a romance which is odd, but not as weird as the Van/Jethro threesome or the drinking of Kacey’s breast milk. Hmmm.

If, one day in the future, someone makes the big mistake of coming up to me and saying “hey, today’s your wedding day, happy anniversary” here’s what will spring into my mind, just before I smack them:

Pascalle screaming – but not in a good way.

Gunshots – from outside.

There’s an image of me, running out of the house, looking over the balcony. I see Pascalle, and for some unknown reason she’s lying in the garden – and I’m thinking WTF? And then I see there’s blood on her.

And I see Mum – she’s kinda fallen back on the stairs, and she’s sort of holding her ear – I guess because one of the gunshots had just whistled past it. And she’s looking – confused, is the best word. And she looks up at me, for just a second, before these cops appear from nowhere and just, sort of, engulf her.

Loretta has updated her blog, so you can read up on her thoughts this week.
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The shock ending to OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE series five left fans uttering expletives as Cheryl stabbed Gerard in the neck with a broken bottle and he, in turn, fired three point blank bullets in the direction of both Cheryl and Pascalle.

The New Zealand response to the season finale was phenomenal and it quickly drew international attention to the show: half an hour after the episode aired, OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE climbed Twitter’s trending list to the coveted #1 global position, making it the most “tweeted” subject in the world at the time and driving a hoard of curious international twitterers to find out more about this “outrageous” show.

So it‘s fair to say that the premiere of OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE’s sixth season is the most anticipated series return in New Zealand television history.

But what more can we say about it without giving away who lives and who dies?

The only way to find out is to tune in to the new series of OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE, returning Tuesday 13 July on TV3.

Given the nature of the exceptional cliffhanger for series 5, South Pacific Pictures will not be releasing a web promo for series 6 of Outrageous Fortune. However watch closely and you may see some snipits from the upcoming season, which will air on TV3 sometime soon.

If you’ve never watched the show, make sure you take a look at this recap as it should sum up what Outrageous Fortune is in a nutshell – enjoy!

I’ve heard a rumor that within the next month we will see new opening titles for Shortland Street!
The current opening sequence already contains a number of characters who have left the show, such as Alice Piper and Kip Denton so it is definitely due!

Auckland Museum and South Pacific Pictures have joined forces to create Outrageous Fortune: Journey to the Wests, an exclusive summer exhibition that will give Museum visitors the chance to step into the West family’s living room, go behind-the-scenes and get an intimate understanding of the incredible complexities that comprise New Zealand’s most successful television drama series. The 6-month exhibition will open in December 2010…will you go?

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There is blood on the stairs.  Not that anyone can get near it to clean it up because there are roped off areas and people in uniforms telling us we can’t go in there.  No, ‘roped off’ isn’t right. I mean it’s what they’ve done, to keep people, to keep us, out – they have cordoned off the house – but the ‘rope’ isn’t actually rope. It’s plastic tape. They’ve ‘taped off’ the area is, I s’pose, more accurate, but it doesn’t sound as final as ‘roped off’. ‘Roped off’ to me, has a much stronger ‘keep the fuck out’ vibe out about it, which is exactly how it feels.  Not that anyone is in a hurry to go in, to clean off the blood.

Rachel McKenna is returning shortly to Shortland Street, in a bid to end and sort out the war between Callum and Kieran over the cafe. I’m a bit concerned about it though because the last return of a favourite chracter – Justine Jones – was not handled very well with poor storylines and it was such a waste. Fans were very disapointed with Justine’s Ferndale return.

I really don’t want Rachel’s return to be a disapointment – and I have a feeling that it will be, so Shortland Street had better prove me wrong.

Has anyone else noticed TV3’s new look?
It’s the second one within a year and I think it is very flash – the channel has been brought into line with the recently-refreshed TV One & TV2 with an even bigger focus on colour. Flashing lights are apart of the new-look; feels slightly americanised though.


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