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hilary-perlinaMediaWorks is delighted to announce Hilary Barry and Perlina Lau will be brightening up mornings on the ground-breaking Paul Henry show. Award-winning 3News and RadioLIVE presenter Hilary will be the news anchor in a four-strong presenting line up that includes newcomer Perlina Lau as social media presenter.

One of 2015’s most highly anticipated programmes, Paul Henry is a new breakfast show broadcast on RadioLIVE and TV3, with a major digital and social media presence.

Hilary will continue to present the 3News bulletin with Mike McRoberts, broadcast 6-7pm weekdays on TV3 and RadioLIVE. Continue reading »

the-x-factor-nz-2014It’s finally here! The most talked about television show of the year – The X Factor NZ returns to TV3 for a second season.

Screening three nights a week, The X Factor NZ is kicking off the season with three nights of auditions filmed at Auckland’s SkyCity Theatre, where hundreds of nervous contestants perform in front of a live audience and The X Factor NZ judges.

SUNDAY15 FEBRUARY, 19.00-20.30
MONDAY 16 FEBRUARY, 19.30-20.30
TUESDAY 17 FEBRUARY, 19.30-20.30 Continue reading »

MediaWorks and BBC Worldwide ANZ today announced that they have signed a long-term commitment to broadcast Top Gear on TV3 in New Zealand.

The new ten-part series (series 22) and the two-part Patagonia special, which recently transmitted in the UK, will be exclusively available to view on TV3 from February 2015.

Presented by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, Top Gear is the world’s biggest and best-known car entertainment show. Its three presenters drive the show with their unique blend of knowledge, passion and enthusiasm matched by a sense of humour, mischief and the ability to never take themselves too seriously. Continue reading »

MediaWorks is delighted to announce that radio and television personality Mike Puru will host the upcoming series of The Bachelor New Zealand.

The programme, which will encompass TV, radio and interactive elements, is part of the internationally successful format The Bachelor and will screen on TV3 in early 2015. Continue reading »

MediaWorks TV has announced it has commissioned a prequel to the top-rating local drama series Outrageous Fortune which will screen on TV3.

Produced by South Pacific Pictures and created by Rachel Lang and James Griffin (Outrageous Fortune) the NZ on Air funded six-part series which has the working title West Side Story, will commence production in October.

The series will be set in the 1970s against a backdrop of real-life historical events and will tell the story of legendary safe cracker and career criminal Ted West, his wife Rita and their son Wolfgang.

TV3 Head of Commissioning and External Production, Sue Woodfield, says: “We’re thrilled to be bringing the iconic West family and friends back to TV3. Outrageous Fortune provided some of the best moments on New Zealand television and we’re sure our viewers will be as excited as we are about this project.”

South Pacific Pictures Chief Executive, Kelly Martin adds: “Ten years ago – almost to the day – I recall the excitement at TV3 when the first series of Outrageous Fortune was green lit and it was a thrill to watch that show grow to become both beloved and acclaimed. Everyone at SPP is looking forward to taking fans back to where it all began – actually… to before it all began!”

Casting of the series is yet to be announced.

7:30pm – Friday, February 1 on TV 3

It all comes down to this! This week we find out which team will win The Block Australia when the series concludes its season on Friday, February 1 st at 7:30pm on 3. For the past couple of months, four renovation teams, Sophie and Dale, Mike and Andrew, Brad and Lara, and Dan and Dani, have put all their effort into fixing up four dilapidated properties in Melbourne.

Now the homes are being put to auction, deciding which of the four couples will walk away the victor!

Make sure not to miss this when The Block Australia concludes on Friday, February 1 st at 7:30pm on 3.

5:30pm – Monday, January 28 on TV 3

As Home and Away continues its action-packed 2013 season, this week see the arrival of brother and sister duo, Spencer and Maddie, in Summer Bay. Home and Away screens Monday, January 28 th to Friday, February 1 st at 5:30pm on 3. Series star Lynne McGranger, who plays Irene Roberts, recently spoke about these Summer Bay newcomers, promising “intrigue” from their arrival.

“They arrive with a secret. That’s all I can tell you – that there’s a secret that is revealed within a couple of weeks,” McGranger says. “They’re both terrific actors.” “Andrew [who plays Spencer] is playing much younger than what he is – I think he’s about 23 and he’s playing 17. Kassandra is playing Maddie, and I think they’ll be a terrific addition to the Home and Away family with the intrigue and the secret they have.”

“Much later on down the track, their brother Chris turns up and there’s a bit of drama there, too,” McGranger continues.

The arrival of Spencer and Maddie comes after Home and Away producers promised to feature more fostering storylines and increase the number of scenes at Summer Bay High.

Asked whether Home and Away’s writers are trying to take the show back to its roots, McGranger says: “Oh, absolutely. I think there’s a few things that are important to the success of a show like Home and Away. I think the viewers like the stalwarts, they like the lynchpins – the Alfs, the Irenes, the Leahs… and of course, the Marilyns, the Roos and the Harveys.

“Those characters are important, but the young ones are the ones who, if you like, life happens to! They circle around the lynchpins, and I think the more young people you have on the show, the more opportunity there is for that kind of drama.” Make sure not to miss the arrival of this “drama” when we get our first introduction to Spencer and Maddie in Home and Away, screening Monday, January 28 th to Friday, February 1 st at 5:30pm on 3.

3:00pm – Monday, January 28 on TV 3

The Biggest Loser Australia is back and it’s bigger than ever before – this year’s series features the heaviest contestant in the history of the show’s franchise anywhere in the world. The Biggest Loser Australia premieres on Monday, January 28 th at 3pm on 3. Ryan Preuss, a 29-year-old insurance salesman from Brisbane, is expected to weigh in at 240kg in this week’s premiere of the weight loss reality series.

Preuss says that his weekly shopping list consists of 12 bottles of soft drink, four large pizzas, sausage rolls, chips and four family-size chocolate blocks, together with regular fast food and takeaway.

“It’s not rocket science to realise how someone can get to this point,” The Biggest Loser Australia trainer Shannan Ponton explains. “The way he expresses himself is by eating and he has never done anything athletic in his life because his pain tolerance is virtually nonexistent.”

Preuss lost 65kg when he was a student and believes he can achieve weight loss again.

“I want to feel happy about myself again,” he says. “I know inside my head if I stick to it I can do it again. I don’t want to be just sleeping, I want to have more energy.”

Will he be able to achieve his dreams? Find out when The Biggest Loser Australia premieres on Monday, January 28 th at 3pm on 3.


Dr Phil

1:00pm – Monday, January 28 on TV 3

This week sees the welcome return of everyone’s favourite doctor when a brand new, 11 th season of Dr Phil screens weekdays at 1pm, premiering on Monday, January 28 th on 3. Since it began in September 2002, Phil McGraw’s Dr Phil has been rated No. 2 in daytime talk television, behind only the show that got him started, The Oprah Winfrey Show. His appearances on her program in the late ’90s were so well-received that they led to his own show.

Now with The Oprah Winfrey Show ending its long-running series in 2011, Dr Phil has moved up to that all important No. 1 spot.

But what does the kind of daytime television have in store for his first week back? “Our first week sees one of the most debated topics: The shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin by neighbourhood-watcher George Zimmerman,” Dr Phil explains. “We hear an exclusive Zimmerman defense that stunned our LIVE audience.”

“Later in the week I even have the first in-depth sit-down with Trayvon’s parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, along with their older son, Jahvaris,” Dr Phil continues. Make sure not to miss this and so much more when Dr Phil enters its 11 th season on Monday, January 28 th at 1pm on 3.

8:30pm – Saturday, January 26 on TV 3

After 10 seasons, this week sees CSI: Miami coming to an end when the series screens its final ever episode on Saturday, January 26 th at 8:30pm on 3. The instalment, titled “Habeas Corpse”, opens with Ryan Wolfe (Jonathan Togo) bloodied and unconscious in a strange place. When he comes to, he sees the dead body of Assistant State’s Attorney Joshua Avery (Ryan McPartlin) and instantly becomes a suspect in the murder.

“We find out quickly that Ryan is exonerated… but as we dig deeper into the evidence and what transpired, another one of our own falls under suspicion,” executive producer Barry O’Brien explains.

“Horatio and Co. follow this evidence, regardless of where it leads – even if it’s a painful place. There’s a chance one of our own has crossed the un-crossable line.”

Could this see the very foundation of the CSI: Miami family rocked? Find out when the series concludes its 10-season run on Saturday, January 26 th at 8:30pm on 3.