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9:30pm – Tuesday, January 1 on TV 3

Can the bond between mother and child survive the harsh realities of life behind bars? This is the question at the centre of Babies Behind Bars, a two part documentary exploring the lives of mothers behind bars. Babies Behind Bars (Part One) screens on Tuesday, January 1 st at 9:30pm on 3. With a 400% increase in the number of incarcerated women in the U.S. in the last 30 years, prison births are becoming an increasingly regular occurrence. Babies Behind Bars follows the dramatic and emotional stories of a group of pregnant inmates at a Indiana Women’s Prison.

The lucky ones get to keep their babies in a special prison nursery. The others are forced to give up their babies after just 24 hours.

Featuring births, babies and a lot of tears, Babies Behind Bars uses powerful personal stories to pose poignant questions about how the criminal justice deals with women and children.

Make sure not to miss this when Babies Behind Bars (Part One) screens on Tuesday, January 1 st at 9:30pm on 3.

5:30pm – Tuesday, January 1 on TV 3

In celebration of New Years Day, Kim Kardashian is making a very special guest appearance on Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing, screening on Tuesday, January 1 st at 5:30pm on 3. Fans will get to see the reality TV star in a book-signing where she is introduced to Mandy Baxter (Molly Ephraim), who goes a bit crazy when she meets the star. Kardashian told Entertainment Tonight that she didn’t prepare too hard for the role. “I play myself, so if I do bad at this, I have some issues,” Kardashian said. “It’s fun to play the more dramatic version of myself.”

Make sure not to miss her when Last Man Standing screens on Tuesday, January 1 st at 5:30pm on 3.

MediaWorks TV is inviting Kiwis to have their say on the issues of the day, with brand new primetime current affairs show The Vote, coming to TV3 in 2013.

Hosted by Duncan Garner and Guyon Espiner, The Vote will be a monthly series of entertaining and informative national debates on the big issues facing New Zealanders.

In what may be a first for current affairs television in New Zealand, the debates will take place in theatres with audience participation, including voting. Viewers at home will be invited to take part, by having their say and voting online.

The Vote will see Duncan and Guyon lead opposing teams of leading New Zealanders in a bid to win over both those present in the theatre and the television audience. Continue reading »

9:30pm – Friday, December 28 on TV 3

WANNA-BEn – the little New Zealand TV show that grabbed international headlines and huge international guests returns to our screens with an encore screening of its second season, premiering on Friday, December 28th at 9:30pm on 3.

Ben Boyce (Jono and Ben at Ten), the world’s biggest “wanna-be”, is back on our screens with six celebrity-laden, gag-packed episodes of WANNA-BEn made up from a smorgasboard of skits, parodies, pranks and interviews.

Each episode of WANNA-BEn follows Ben’s attempts to live the life of someone rich and famous. For series two Ben interviews and emulates the likes of talk show host Jerry Springer, “The Fonze” Henry Winkler, rockstar Bret Michaels, wrestler Hulk Hogan, Playmate and reality TV star Kendra, the real Erin Brockovich and many, many more. “I was pretty surprised I got to talk to these people. It’s awesome they gave me time out of their busy lives. Well except for Gary Busey – that dude is nuts!”

Ben’s weird encounter with the eccentric Hollywood actor is just one of the many celebrity interview highlights of the series.

“I think I asked Gary about two questions, then spent the next 45 minutes wondering if he was actually insane or just screwing with my head! At one point he tickled me for about a solid minute then made me drop my pants to check if I’d peed myself. He also attempted to burn me with his cigar a bunch of times and even tried to make me sit on some weird sex toy!”

During his informal chats, Ben learnt a lot of the secrets to being like his celebrity idols. Jerry Springer taught him the one and only thing you need to know to be a TV host, Bret Michaels shared his secret to winning the ladies, and Kendra explained the many benefits of breast implants. Make sure not to miss the first of these lessons when Ben tries to be like “The Fonze”, Henry Winkler and Playmate Kendra in this week’s WANNA-BEn screening on Friday, December 28 th at 9:30pm on 3.

7:00pm – Wednesday, December 26 on TV 3

Road Cops, returning to our screens on Wednesday, December 26 th at 7pm on 3, takes a ‘fly-in-the-cop-car/camera-on-the-dashboard’ look at the fascinating and action-packed working lives of police officers doing their best to keep law and order on State Highway One and beyond.

From speeding motorists, illegal firearms, machete-wielding assailants, aggressive motorists and drug busts to seatbelt and illegally modified car offences, Road Cops, captures real-life drama on the traffic police frontline.

Shot against the heartland backdrop of the Waikato, a region famed for its mighty river, grunty power station and V8 races, the Waikato police district has its fair share of Boy Racer problems. In an effort to tackle its Boy Racer high speeds and burnouts head on, the region was the first in New Zealand to set up the Illegal Street Racer Unit and is one of only two specialised teams operating in the country.

So join Road Cops as they accompany the Illegal Street Racer Unit, Highway Patrol and the Team Alcohol Group doing their best to keep law and order on the highways and byways. Road Cops returns on Wednesday, December 26th at 7pm on 3.

5:00pm – Monday, December 24 on TV 3

This week sees multi-Grammy winning artist, Michael Buble return to our screens with another star-studded holiday Christmas special – Michael Buble: Home for the Holidays screens on Monday, December 24 th at 5pm on 3. Michael Buble: Home for the Holidays sees the singer joined by guest stars Rod Stewart, Blake Shelton, and fellow Canadian Carly Rae Jepsen, as well as Elmo, on songs including “Jingle Bell Rock”, “Let It Snow”, “All I Want for Christmas Is You” and “Winter Wonderland.” “I’m so excited to be back with another big Christmas Special which we got to tape in my hometown of Vancouver,” says Bubl�. “We had great fun with our guests and I think the show really captures the joyous spirit of the holidays.”

Make sure not to miss these festivities when Michael Bubl�: Home for the Holidays screens on Monday, December 24 th at 5pm on 3.

7:00pm – Friday, December 21 on TV 3

Award-winning current affairs show Campbell Live wraps up for another year on Friday, December 21 st at 7pm on 3. 2012 saw Campbell Live leading the way on many of the most important stories and interviews of the year, from exclusive interviews with Kim Dotcom and Macsyna King to the groundbreaking Crafar Farms investigation, and the Lunchbox Day initiative that raised awareness of child poverty in New Zealand as well as more than $500,000 for Kid’s Can.

Now Campbell Live is taking a brief hiatus over the holidays before bringing back all the hard-hitting current affairs stories in early 2013.

Make sure not to miss the final week of Campbell Live, screening Monday, December 17 th at Friday, December 21 st at 7pm on 3.

7:30pm – Thursday, December 20 on TV 3

It’s the week we have all been waiting for – the final two episodes of The X Factor USA are here!

The X Factor USA concludes its season on Thursday, December 20 th at 7:30pm with the remaining acts performing in a final LIVE show, followed by the two-hour results show which will see the winner named on Friday, December 21 st at 7:30pm on 3. This week’s The X Factor USA finale will see the series’ top contestants having everything to sing for, as they vie for the hearts and votes of the U.S. public. “I’m going to tell you this, because you probably haven’t heard the news yet,” Simon Cowell, the creator, executive producer, and head judge of The X Factor USA says about the competitions’ final stage. “The winner is guaranteed to walk away with $5 million in cash. The $5 million is guaranteed.”

But it’s not just the final contestants who have something to prove – Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid, Britney Spears and Demi Lovato have all placed their professional reputations on the line through the mentoring of their acts.

So which judge will emerge the victor? Whose dream career is about to start? Find out when The X Factor USA names its winner on Friday, December 21 st at 7:30pm on 3.

8:30pm – Monday, December 17 on TV 3

This week sees the series that has the world talking – Homeland – concluding its second season on Monday, December 17 th at 8:30pm on 3. At this stage there’s little known about the second season finale, however, series star Morgan Saylor has hinted at “big changes” to come in the final episodes. The actress recently revealed she was “excited” and “nervous” to take on a bigger role in the series’ latest season.

“It was a surprise,” said Saylor, whose character Dana has recently become involved in a hit-and-run storyline. “My character got a little bigger at the end of last season, but this season I have my own plot-line.”

“It’s crazy. Each script came out and it was juicier and juicier. And I was excited, but so nervous and scared that I wouldn’t be able to carry it.”

Saylor suggests that her on-screen brother, Jackson Pace, who plays Chris Brody, could similarly “step up” in the forthcoming third season.

“I know Jackson is eager to do something,” she said. “I think as he gets older, there will be a little more juice able to be soaked up by him.”

“There are some big changes in the [Brody] family,” Saylor continues, discussing the season two finale. “We’re kind of pushed to the limit.”

Make sure not to miss this when Homeland concludes its second season on Monday, December 17 th at 8:30pm on 3.

7:00pm – Saturday, December 15 on TV 3

This week sees the premiere of Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals, the brand new series in which Jamie Oliver pushes the concept of fast, everyday food to the next level by preparing two, exciting family meals back-to-back in each 30 minute episode. Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals premieres on Saturday, December 15 th at 7pm on 3. In addition to two 15 minute meals, Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals will see Jamie reducing the calorie content of the dishes so that viewers can confidently serve a nutritionally balanced meal to their family every day of the week. In his usual, trademark, down-to-earth style, Jamie will take audiences through the dishes in real time, with produce easily bought from supermarkets, using key kitchen equipment and offering hints and tricks to help the everyday home cook get something to the table that’s a cut above your average mid-week fare.

Make sure not to miss this when Jamie cooks chilli con carne meatballs; and sticky kicking chicken, watermelon radish salad and crunchy noodles in this week’s Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals season premiere, screening on Saturday, December 15 th at 7pm on 3.