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7:30pm – Thursday, October 18 on TV 3

Following last week’s Boot Camp stage, it’s Judges’ Homes time when The X Factor USA continues its search for the singer or group with the ‘X Factor’ on Thursday, October 18 th at 7:30pm and Friday, October 19 th at 7:30pm on 3. After last week’s Boot Camp selection, this week sees each category – solo singers ages 12 to 16, solo singers ages 17 to 24, solo singers ages 25 and over, and groups – assigned to a particular judge.

The contestants then travel to their respective judge’s house where each judge selects the best acts, with the biggest chance of winning, to take to the LIVE show.

So who will make it to this all important stage? Find out when The X Factor USA continues on Thursday, October 18 th at 7:30pm and Friday, October 19 th at 7:30pm on 3.

7:30pm – Wednesday, October 17 on TV 3

It’s the day of Jaime’s much hyped boxing match in this week’s unmissable The Ridges one-hour season finale, screening on Wednesday, October 17th at 7:30pm on 3. “We follow her throughout the day, her stress compounded by moving into her own bedroom at the house, and post-fight, dealing with a barrage of media interviews and some less than friendly tweets by a gossip columnist,” explains The Ridges Executive Producer, John McDonald.

Meanwhile, Sally deals with news from one of her tenants that a print journalist entered her house without her permission!

But even this isn’t enough to stop the dynamic duo, and Sally and Jaime throw a dinner party to unveil their transformed house to their friends…

Make sure not to miss this when The Ridges concludes with a one-hour instalment on Wednesday, October 17th at 7:30pm on 3.

8:30pm – Monday, October 15 on TV 3

After a very successful night at the Emmy Award, one of President Barack Obama’s favourite shows, Homeland continues its action-packed second season on Monday, October 15th at 8:30pm on 3.

Coming to our screens only hours after its U.S. screening, this week’s Homeland continues to pack the punches, with series star Claire Danes revealing that the series’ second season is even more “intense” than its first.

Danes – who won the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series Emmy on September 23 – has revealed that her real-life pregnancy didn’t temper the action on the hit series. “It’s going to get intense,” says Danes. “We’re learning about where the season is going as it’s unfolding and they’re not taking it easy on me… [My pregnancy is] all okay… I’ve been very lucky so far.”

Fellow Emmy winner Damian Lewis agrees, revealing viewers should expect even more shocks and thrills in season two.

“[The writers] haven’t compromised the show,” he says. “This baby could come early if she gets chased across too many more rooftops!”

Make sure not to miss this Emmy Award-winning action when Homeland continues its second season on Monday, October 15th at 8:30pm on 3.

5:30pm – Monday, October 15 on TV 3

The consequences of Romeo’s (Luke Mitchell) steroid abuse come to a head when the Summer Bay surfer collapses before being rushed to hospital in Home and Away, screening Monday, October 15 th to Friday, October 19 th at 5:30pm on 3. This weeks unmissable Home and Away will sees Romeo, who started abusing steroids in an attempt to heal his knee injury, collapse at the beach after training “too hard”.

“Romeo is in a fragile state,” Luke Mitchell explains. “He feels a sense of being alone and he’s just not thinking straight.”

“Without him realising it, the steroids have started to have an effect on him and he’s been snapping at a few people.”

But it’s not all bad news for Romeo. While he recovers in hospital, Mitchell explains that his character will share a moment with ex-wife Indi (Samara Weaving) after confessing his love to her.

“Romeo and Indi have had a few obstacles in their marriage. I think they both want to reunite, but the timing has to be right and both of them have to be willing to give it another shot,” he says. But is the timing for this right? Find out when Home and Away screens on Monday, October 15th to Friday, October 19th at 5:30pm on 3.

7:00pm – Sunday, October 14 on TV 3

With innovative camera work and unprecedented access, experience the world of a zoo from a whole new angle in Wildlife at the Zoo, premiering on Sunday, October 14th at 7pm on 3.

Taronga Zoo has 360 species and 2600 animals living on 28 hectares in Sydney, Australia. It’s there that over 120 keepers and vets dedicate their lives to keeping those animals healthy and thriving.

Witness the birth of three Sumatran tiger cubs, and follow the journey of a female giraffe by cargo ship across the Tasman Sea. There’s a dramatic twist when 18 chimps are moved to a brand new enclosure and a keeper goes beyond the call of duty to hand raise a baby koala.

A Black-Back Gorilla takes a 24 hour flight from France to his new home at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo where he’ll rise to the status of a Silver Back.

Make sure not to miss this and so much more when the brand new series Wildlife at the Zoo premieres on Sunday, October 14th at 7pm on 3.

8:30pm – Saturday, October 13 on TV 3

Replacing the departing Melina Kanakaredes (Stella Bonasera), this week sees Sela Ward joining the CSI: New York cast when the action series enters its seventh season on Saturday, October 13 th at 8:30pm on 3. In true CSI: New York fashion, fans will see Sela Ward’s Jo Danville thrown straight into the action. Ward explains that her character is forced to investigate a murder as soon as she arrives.

“The first day that my character shows up for work, there’s a dead body in their lab,” she says. “So right away the whole show is trying to solve this crime – who is she? How did it happen? How did she get in here? [It’s a] very interesting storyline, the first one, so I think I’m sort of thrown into the fire right away.”

However, Ward says that Jo will be able to cope with the cases.

“The character that I play is a former FBI agent,” she explains. “And very accomplished, very capable. Another CSI investigator detective. So she’s on equal footing with all of them.” Make sure not to miss your first introduction to her when CSI: New York enters its seventh season on Saturday, October 13 th at 8:30pm on 3.

– Does saying yes to Hobbits also mean we surrender our sovereignty under the Trans Pacific Partnership — NZCTU President, Helen Kelly; NZ – US Council director, Stephen Jacobi; Professor Jane Kelsey and representatives from the film production industry debate this issue.

– An investigation into the troubled state of the University of Canterbury. The University’s Vice Chancellor is live with Rachel.

– Brian Edwards is finally back from Italy! So he’s back on the Media Panel — this week, with Susan Wood. Continue reading »

On Friday, 5 October, TV3 will broadcast the 100th episode of 7 Days – a milestone for local comedy and New Zealand television.

7 Days debuted in 2009 and soon set the standard for comedy on New Zealand screens with its hilarious and boundary pushing content.

TV3’s Head of Drama and Comedy, Rachel Jean says: “7 Days launched when there was no local satire screening on New Zealand television. We were relying on international comedians to make viewers laugh. The reason 7 Days has been so successful is that, not only are these comedians at the top of their game, but they also understand what makes New Zealanders laugh. Continue reading »

MediaWorks TV is delighted to welcome Liz Fraser as Director of Sales and Marketing.  Liz joins MediaWorks TV from MSN, where she is General Manager.  She has also worked extensively in the television industry.

The newly created role brings together MediaWorks TV’s Sales and Marketing departments for the first time in the company’s history.  Liz will oversee all sales and marketing functions for TV3, Four, TV3 +1 and C4.  Current roles remain unchanged.

CEO for Television, Paul Maher says: “Liz has extensive experience in television having worked in sales, marketing and programming.   She has exceptional skills in creating solutions with agencies and clients, and her unique experience in building digital content brands will be invaluable. Continue reading »

7:30pm – Thursday, October 11 on TV 3

The performance pressure cooker that is The X Factor Boot Camp stage enters its second week when The X Factor USA continues on Thursday, October 11 th and Friday, October 12 th at 7:30pm on 3. It’s at Boot Camp where the contestants are sorted into categories – solo singers ages 12 to 16, solo singers ages 17 to 24, solo singers ages 25 and over, and groups – and now must prove themselves by signing, dancing and performing under greater scrutiny than ever before.

But once they make it through Boot Camp, they really are on their way to the big time! So who will be the talented performers lucky enough to come out at the other end of Boot Camp? Find out when The X Factor USA continues on Thursday, October 11 th and Friday, October 12 th at 7:30pm on 3.