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Shortland Street

Anna Julienne tells New Idea how she’s been affected by playing the role of Maia Jeffries descent into madness after killing Ethan Pierce.  More…

Ex-Shortland Streeter Nicola Kawana (Huia) stars in Nga Manurere a play about solo mums with Keisha Castle-Hughes.

Sarah Thomson (Tracey Morrison) talks to NZWW about becoming an ambassador for Greenpeace.  “It’s very easy to have blinkers on about the situation.  And it’s just naive.  We’ve already done so much damage in disrespecting this spinning piece of rock we all live on… It’s understandable that people want to maintain their current way of life but we all need to make it a priority to be good global citizens.  I love the science of things and I feel these issues are incredibly important, but I think where my talent lies is in advocacy and communicating ideas.”

Will Hall (Kip Denton) tells Woman’s Day about how he met his girfriend from Christchurch Julia Timings (22).  After originally meeting after a charity ball, WIll reconnected with her via Facebook and messaged each other with quotes from “Team America”.  Will says he became a Facebook and Skype addict keeping in touch with her.   Julia plans to move to Auckland to be with Will.  Julia has even filmed a scene with TK on the soap.

TV stars Robyn Malcolm, Bonnie Soper and Harry McNaughton model new Greenpeace t-shirts for “Sign On”.

New Zealand’s Next Top Model

Woman’s Day interviews judge Colin Mathura-Jeffree.  He says he collects rare dolls and action figures.  He talks about his modelling experiences.

Latest eliminee Victoria Williams (21) is now working in a factory in Auckland and is a celebrity ambassador for KONO Mussells.

Woman’s Day Awards

Top Local Female
Candy Lane (28%)
Hayley Holt (26%)
Amanda Billing (20%).

Top Local Male
Richie McCaw (33%)
Marc Ellis (30%)
Paul Henry (23%).

Upcoming TV

In the season finale of Desperate Housewives, Susan and her son MJ are kidnapped and held at gunpoint by a crazed widower hell-bent on revenge.

Susan Boyle gets a mention on The Simpsons when Homer auditions for Spingfield’s Got Talent.  Homer tells judge Simon Cowell: “My name is Homer Simpson, I’m 39 years old and I’ve never been kissed.  My dream is to be a great singer like Susan Boyle.”

Faye Dunaway is to guest appear on Grey’s Anatomy as Dr Campbell.


20/20 host Miriama Kamo talks to Woman’s Day about having endometriosis and her fertility problems.

Money Man Brendon Johnson tells New Idea about almost losing his pet dog Sherman when he ran onto SH1 and was hit by a car.

Outrageous Fortune‘s Tyler-Jame Mitchel (Sheree) talks to Woman’s Day about how she prepares for her role – she watched lots of trailer-trash-setting shows, took pole-dancing and boxing lessons.

New Idea interviews The Restaurant Series 2 winners Michele English and Russell Clement.

Woman’s Day interviews Gok Wan who is full of praise for Tamati: “I love you so much.  You’re the most handsome man I’ve ever seen in my entire life…. The weather guy is just to die for! Tamati.  We’re dating at the moment, me and Tamati.  He doesn’t actually know it – but we are.”

NZWW talks to Coronation Street‘s Kym Marsh (Michelle Connor) who lost her premature son Archie in February.  “Whatever hardship I experience in my life, I know I can get through.  It’s been a tough old struggle, but you have to try and try and try – and you do come through it.  Going back to work is the right thing to do after any rough time – obviously not straightaway, but you do have to go back.  Being on the Street has helped me tremendously to return to some kind of normality and I’m really grateful to everyone I work with for that.  They’ve all been so kind and have given me so much support and understanding.  There have been occasions when I’ve been at rock bottom, but my greatest inspiration is my family.  The kids have been a great support and they’re so grateful for the life we all have that it makes everything worthwhile.”


David Duchovny and his wife Tea Leoni are to renew their wedding vows in November and are said to be trying for a third child together.

Mariska Hargitay (SVU) suffered from a partially collapsed lung after a stunt on the show went wrong.

Sarah Jessica Parker spent $29,000 on the nursery for her twins.

Coronation Street stars Tina O’Brien and Ryan Thomas are photographed with their six month old baby girl Scarlett.

Heroes star Hayden Panettiere (19) is spotted holidaying with her latest lover Steve Jones (32).

Cynthia Nixon has announced her engagement to Christine Marinoni. 

Reality TV star Jordan says she’s fallen for someone else, and that’s why she’s broken up with Peter Andre.  Ellen Pompeo (Grey’s Anatomy) is photographed with her baby bump.

Pamela Anderson shocked guests at an AIDS fundraiser when she came out dressed in a gold bling swimsuit.

Marica Cross is seen out and about with her twin girls and her husband Tom Mahoney who is underdoing cancer treatment.

Tori Spelling’s low weight, a rumored 41kg, is criticised. 

Charlie Sheen shows off his twin boys Max and Bob in this week’s Woman’s Day.

Anna Julienne tells New Idea how she’s been affected by playing the role of Maia Jeffries descent into madness after killing Ethan Pierce.

“I find myself dreaming a lot of the time.  I’ll have really full on dreams where I’m upset, something terrible has happened or I’ve killed someone in a car crash.  After all those horrible dreams at night, I go back to work and I’ve found that reall draining.”

Maia is admitted to a psych ward for two weeks.  “That was the most full-on time because in a lot of the scenes I’m crying or being pinned down.  In those scenes, Maia thinks she shouldn’t be in a psych ward and it’s all a big mistake.  This just highlights her delusion. I’ve never been in a situation like this, where three people are injecting something in me against my will.  I didn’t have to worry about the emotion comig – I just cried because it’s so horrible. It was a really creepy place and that was brilliant because it was so horrible it put me in the mood.”

“When you are busy and doing a lot of emotional scenes, you get home and even though your brain knows it’s not real, you body is still emoting.  That definitely plays a big part in your home life.  If I’ve had an emotional scene and I’ve been crying all day, when I come home I feel like I’ve been crying because I have.  So I was never going to come home and be a box of birds.”

This week on Shortland Street:

Callum and Brooke share a steamy kiss.  What’s Brooke playing at this time? 
Hunter discovers Grunter is working two jobs and things go wrong when Grunter falls asleep on the job and there’s an emergency call out.

In the Woman’s Mags this week:

NZ articles

Bernadine Oliver-Kerby is expecting her second baby.

Woman’s Day interviews Paul Henry and his mum Olive Hopes (79) – who jumped off the SkyTower to celebrate her birthday.   She says Paul’s never embarrassed her but he’s definitely given her cause for concern.  “I said to him, ‘Paul, you’re going to get in trouble.’ He’s a bugger at times, and very funny.  And he certainly livens that programme up.”  She watches him every day.

Paul was born in New Zealand three years after his parents moved to New Zealand from England and he is a quarter gypsy.  When Paul was 11, he went back to England with his mum and lived in a council flat.  “We were really poor.  I went without all luxuries but there was nothing that I needed.  For me it was horrible, because living in a council flat i England as opposed to living in Howick with a track down to the beach and a dinghy… it couldn’t have been further removed.  It was pretty miserable.”

Step inside actor Andrew Eggelton’s Westmere home in Woman’s Day.  He hosts Sky TV’s Girl Racers and plays Detective Inspector Bill Lamont on Shortland Street.  The house won House of the Year in 1926. 

Shortland Street actress Sarah McLeod (Cindy Watson) talks to Woman’s Day about living with coeliac disease which means she has to have a gluten-free diet.

New Zealand’s Next Top Model eliminated contestant Teryl-Leigh talks to Woman’s Day about her financial problems.  She narrowly missed being bankrupt and signed a “No Asset Procedure” scheme.  The solo mum of two boys Zion (4) and Venice (1) said she struggled being apart from her kids and missed her son’s first steps.  She says she’s not mean as she was portrayed on the show.  She would love to become a lawyer one day.

Stacey Morrison talks to New Zealand’s Woman’s Weekly about her new role hosting It’s in the Bag which starts later this month.  Learn more.

Baby Gossip

Chyler Leigh (Lexie, Grey’s Anatomy) has given bith to her third child, Anniston Kae. 

Sarah Michelle Gellar is five months pregnant with a girl.  Sarah’s currently filming a pilot for HBO, The Wonderful Maladays.

Cynthia Nixon (Sex and the City) wants to have a baby – evem if via a surrogate like Sarah Jessica Parker.

Coronation Street
actor Jack P Shepherd (David Platt) shows off his 3 month old daughter Nyla to girlfriend Lauren Shippey.

Sarah Jessica Parker‘s surrogate mother is reported to be bisexual.

Jennifer Garner talks about being a mom being her number one priority and not being in a rush to get back to being shape.

TV Developments

Luke Perry will guest star in 90210.

Maggie will talk in The Simpsons – she’ll give a speech about babies’ rights.  Jodie Foster will give voice to her.

Official Simpsons stamps have been launched. Check them out.

Coronation Street won six awards at the British Soap Awards but lost the supreme award to EastEnders.

Bruce Willis appeared on the Letterman show wearing a rubber-band helmet. See the video.

Health Gossip

Kath & Kim star Magda Szubanski has gone from 121kg down to 91kg.  Her goal is 85kg.

Farrah Fawcett (Charlie’s Angels) nears the end of her battle with cancer. A two hour documentary has screened.

Kym Marsh (Coronation Street) has had a breast enlargement.

Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty) admits to using botox to help her stay looking young.  The 46 year old mum of four also does weight training twice a week with a personal trainer.

Relationships Gossip

Reality TV stars Katie Price (aka Jordan) and Peter Andre have split after almost four years of marriage.

Heidi Klum (Project Runway) and Seal renewed wedding vows with a white-trash theme.

David Duchovny and Tea Leoni have had a second honeymoon in the Carribbean.


Underbelly actor Peter Phelps (Joe Messina) talks to New Idea about being a dad to his two girls Aja Blue (6) and Polly Elsie Rose (3).  

Eric Dane (McSteamy, Grey’s Anatomy) is spotted jet skiing in Miami.

‘s $66 million ranch in southern California is in the path of out-of-control bushfires.

Lincoln Lewis (Geoff Campbell, Home and Away) lends his support to RSPCA.

Coronation Street stars wonder if there’s a ghost haunting the soap’s set.

Victoria Principal (Dallas) allegedly pulled a gun on her housekeeper because she took too long to walk her dog.

More articles following the rugby league sex-scandal documentary.

Gok Wan of Gok’s Fashion Fix is in New Zealand this week gives style advice in New Idea.

Miranda Cosgrove, the down-to-earth star of Nickelodeon’s iCarly is profiled in New Idea.  She’s currently producing her debut solo album and is tipped to be in the upcoming movie How Could You Do This to Me.



Oh lovely, now it’s TXT language for the TV2 promos, there’s no need for it since there’s plenty of room across the bottom of the screen.  *sigh*  Oh yes we’re going with the times… so why didn’t they do it properly and use L8R?

Has anyone else seen NOW NXT LTR pop up at the bottom of their screen?  What do you think?

May 11 and 12th:

Dr Phil talks to Nadya Suleman – the controversial unemployed single mother of six who gave birth to octuplets this year.

I’m quite impressed so far!!! They had lots of big names for the first episode – Keisha Castle Hughes, Emma Barclay, Smashproof, Dominic Bowden….

The music video “Gimme what you got” is awesome!!!!

Seriously, when was the last time there was a hot young girl in a POP video in NZ???? I can’t think of one!!!

I’m trying to find the music video online, this is the promo video for the show.

Woman’s Day’s Top 20 TV moments

Who is the Top Local Male and Female?

Dancing with the Stars

Tamati Coffey talks to NZWW and reveals that hours before the grand finale, he learnt his aunt passed away from lung disease.  Tamati’s boyfriend of two years was in the audience.  Tamati has a political science degree and says ever since he was a kid he’s wanted to be Prime Minister.  On the win:  “It all feels a bit crazy.  Everywhere I go, I’m being congratulated.  The whole country seems to have watched the show.

Mitre 10 Dream home families talk to WD now that the competition is over.

Yellow team Michael and Te Ana Bromley: “We knew we couldn’t afford to buy the house.  Winning was our only option.  It felt like the longest day of our lives.  When they announced the Yellow Team as the winners, it was a big sigh of relief.  This weight was just lifted.  It was amazing, truly amazing.” The couples say that now the competition is over, the couples are getting on a lot better.

Blue team Rachael Bowes and Dave Delore:   “We were stoked with what we paid.  We would never get a hosue like that with all that sort of furniture for that sort of price!”  The couple haven’t set a wedding date yet but possibly next summer.

Antonia Prebble (Outrageous Fortune) talks to NZWW about her new play – She Stoops to Conquer where she plays a high-society heiress searching for Mr Right.  Antonia (24) reveals she’s single and talks about what she’s looking for in someone:

“So many of my friends are engaged, getting married or having babies.  It kind of freaks me out.  I guess we’re just in different phases of life.  I’m not often attracted to cookie-cutter, conventional good looks.  I can appreciate a fine human form without being drawn to it.  Someone might be aesthetically perfect, but I may not necessarily find them engaging.  I like it when there’s more to someone than meets the eye and I definitely rate intelligence.  But, for me, it’s actually talent.  If someone’s good at something, that translates into charisma.  That’s the common thread in people I’m attracted to.”

Bronwyn Turei (Cody, Go Girls) shows off her new figure to NI.  She’s gone from 92kg and is now down 15kg thanks to daily gym workouts and advice from nutritionsit Nikki Hart.  Bronwyn credits her partner of five years, Ora, for helping her.

Sunrise presenter Josh Heslop (27) talks to NI about his job, his mum and living at home:

“This job involves live crosses which can be quite stressful.  I’d always ring Mum afterwards to see how it went, for a good chunk of the first year.  She tells it how it is, and doesn’t pander to me at all.  If it’s a bad cross she’s very honest and supportive.  Mum watches the whole show ever day and she’s there to give me honest feedback. I got a lot of hassles for [living at home], especially at work, but it makes the most sense for me with my early starts and all the travelling.  I quite enjoy it.”

Jay Laga’aia (Legend of the Seeker) talks to NZWW about being a dad to six (!) kids aged 2-17.

Asher Keddie (Liz in Underbelly) talks to NI about how she was affected by the recent bushfires.

Next Top Model judge Chris Sisarich shows Woman’s Day around his home he shares with his wife and two little girls.

There’s plenty more Susan Boyle coverage in all the mags.

If you’re into curious what TV stars’ handwriting and signatures look like, Woman’s Day has a two page spread of birthday messages from the stars.

TV Developments

Kate Hudson may appear on 90210
Mary Louise Parker may be leaving Weeds.


Ellen Pompeo (Grey’s Anatomy) is pregnant with her first child. 
Samia Smith is pregnant with her first child – her character Maria on Coronation Street is also pregnant. 
Heidi Klum is pregnant with her fourth baby. 
Rachel Griffiths (Brothers and Sisters) is pregnant with her third child.


Pamela Anderson is marrying for the fifth time.  This time it’s to Jamie Padgett.


Prince Harry is spotted out and about with Caroline Flack (UK Gladiators host).
America Ferrera celebrated her 25th birthday.
Tori Spelling’s low weight is criticised.

It’s Woman’s Day’s 20th year anniversary and they are taking a Top 20 poll.  Vote on lots of categories including:

Top Local Male:

Options are:

Paul Henry
Ritchie McCaw
Marc Ellis
Chris Sisarich
Mike Hosking

Top Local Female:

Options are:

Hayley Holt
Candy Lane
Sara Tetro
Toni Marsh
Amanda Billing

Fill in their form and send in by May 8, 2009.

In Brief

  • The Samoan Government will sue TVNZ over a ONE News item about gun running and drugs in Samoa.
  • There’s plenty more Tony Veitch saga analysis and letters to the editor, if you’re still interested.
  • Sunday Star Times interviews Brendan Telfer, now home from hospital, a month after collapsing with a brain haemorrhage.  He’s hopeful he’ll make a full recovery.
  • Petition to get Samantha Hayes to dye her hair red again.
  • Shane Cortese (Outrageous Fortune) is starring in Cats, the musical, which starts in June in Auckland.
  • Sale St bar in Auckland has created a Susan Boyle cocktail.  It costs $16 and contains vodka, wild strawberry and sour rhubarb liqueurs, blossom water, cranberry juice and mixed berries.

Dancing with the Stars

Tamati Coffey talks to Sunday News about his grandparents, ANZAC day and being gay:

“I’ve been out to my family and friends and everybody that knows me.  It’s never been a secret.  I came out when I was about 15 and I have never, ever hid that.”

Spy says: “Rumours from behind the scenes at Dancing with the Stars… suggest not all was as hunky dory as suggested.  In fact, I could have sliced the air with a knife when I spoke with one precious lovely about an alleged encounter with the spouse of someone on the show.  Rumour has it said spouse plucked up the courage to articulate certain anguishes at the celebratory after-party on Tuesday night, and this did not go down well with the lovely. Allegations in public of hanky panky are no good for the image.  Her response to me: ‘It was all a storm in a tea-cup, really.'”

TV Highlights this week

Stars in their Eyes is back for a second season.  This time the public can vote!  The 45 contestants include a caravan-park resident, a paramedic, a man who calls himself “the Billy Elliot of Rangiora”.  Producers promise a lot more talent in this second season and more modern artists.

Trading Houses mixes reality shows “Wife Swap” and “Changing Rooms” and asks “would you swap your spouse for a better house?”.  Two wives trade husbands and houses for four days while they do up two rooms in the other’s house with a $10,000 budget.  In the first episode well-known record producer Tracy Magan swaps with Manurewa mum Carmel Williams.

Sonny with a Chance starts tomorrow on Disney Channel.  Star Demi Lovato (16) is said to be the next Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana.  She plays an ordinary girl whose home-made internet videos win her TV fame on a kids’ comedy show.  She has her own album out, “Don’t Forget”.

TV Developments

  • Coronation Street may be sold to an independent production company to cut costs.
  • Flight of the Conchords may be made into a movie.
  • Chuck may be cancelled.
  • Sonia Grey is returning to work at Wheel of Fortune earlier than expected, only a month after giving birth.
  • On May 24, Juice TV will try and beat the world record for the number of people strumming a song.  They’ve chosen “Why Does Love Do This to Me?”.  The record to beat is 1951 Polish guitarists playing “Hey Joe” (Jimi Hendrix).

Blind items

“Which newsreader has been described on a website by an Old Friend as “like Hitler”?”


There’s an interview with Ricky Gervais in the Herald on Sunday talking about immortality, his work with Steve Merchant and his latest project, directing for “This Side of the Truth”.  Gervais says: “I do this for the fun, for the creative process, not to see my fat face on the telly.  It’s about bringing something into the world.  All my DNA is in the work that I’ve done.”

Dominic Monaghan talks to Sunday News about playing Wolverine in the new X-Men movie, Lost and his time in New Zealand for Lord of the Rings.

Sacha McNeil (3 News) shares a photo of her as a kid with Sunday.


  • Spy reports that a male Shortland Street star was reportedly seen kissing a well-known married past Shortland Street actress.
  • Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey, Grey’s Anatomy) is pregnant with her first child.
  • One of the Kardashians is having radical plastic surgery – but it’s not Kim.
  • Jennifer Aniston is now dating Gerard Butler.
  • ONE News correspondent Tim Wilson‘s love life (or lack thereof) is discussed in Spy.  He’s said to be being groomed for the Close Up role, or another current affairs show of his own.