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pippa-wetzell-fair-goPippa Wetzell will co-host Seven Sharp while Toni Street is on maternity leave.

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7:30pm Monday, January 21 on TV One

TV ONE fan favourites Piha Rescue and Rapid Response return with brand new seasons!

The action steps up in Piha Rescue, as the brave lifeguards head to a brand new location – Hot Water Beach in the Coromandel Peninsula.

Hot Water Beach hides dangerous currents and rips that make it the country’s most treacherous beach. Last year alone, lifeguards performed over 100 rescues there.

Then, don’t miss an inside glimpse into the daily challenges St John ambulance staff face.

Rapid Response explores diverse and moving real-life medical emergency stories straight from our homes, workplaces and streets.

8:30pm Monday, January 21 on TV One

The nail-biting Criminal Minds season premiere welcomes a new face – Emmy Award-nominated actor Jeanne Tripplehorn (Big Love).

Last year, the team were forced to take drastic action when Garcia was taken hostage, and Emily Prentiss said an emotional goodbye.

This season, an intriguing new profiler, Alex Blake (Tripplehorn), is introduced, but how will this seasoned agent handle the challenges of the BAU team?

Alex hits the ground running when a Texan inmate known as ‘The Silencer’ escapes, only to leave a trail of victims all found with their mouths sewn shut.

The Criminal Minds team must work faster and harder than ever to bring this case to a close. But how can the search get underway if the team are at odds?

6:00am Monday, January 21 on TV One

It’s time to rejoice early birds! TV ONE’s Breakfast returns for 2013.

Joining Rawdon Christie on the couch this year is Toni Street, both are up at the crack of dawn to bring you the day’s big news, interviews, weather and information.

Find out if rain’s on the way with Sam Wallace, and get the latest business news and in-depth analysis from Nadine Chalmers-Ross.

Whether you’re an early riser or a ‘snoozer’, Breakfast is worth getting out of bed for.

8:30pm Wednesday, January 23 on TV One

Ever felt like a loser at school? Ever wished you could win the lottery and change your life forever? Well that’s exactly what happened to these self-perceived losers in Winners And Losers.

This season, Bec (Zoe Tuckwell-Smith), Sophie (Melanie Vallejo), Frances (Virginia Gay) and Jenny (Melissa Bergland) will discover their lives are moving in directions none of them could have imagined.

Jenny finds herself in financial turmoil; Frances is faced with some serious soul-searching; Bec is married to the love of her life and expecting her first baby, even though it’s not with her husband; and Sophie’s life is on track for once – but will it last?

These best friends have hit the jackpot, but does money really bring happiness?



8:30pm Tuesday, January 22 on TV One

Beautiful, surprising, dramatic and gripping, Sir David Attenborough reveals Africa as you’ve never seen it before in TV ONE’s brand new series.

From the beauty and serenity of the soaring Atlas Mountains to the Cape of Good Hope, get eye-to-eye with unknown species and be reintroduced to some of the planet’s best loved animals – behaving in ways that very few have ever seen.

Watch in awe as prehistoric-looking shoebills fight for position, plucky lizards playfully hunt for food on the backs of lions and giraffes engage in ferocious battles.

Taking you seamlessly from the wild terrain of extraordinary landscapes to intimate encounters with its mesmerising creatures, Africa is a unique expedition to the most extreme parts of a vast continent.

10:00pm Thursday, January 17 on TV One

TV ONE’s hit comedy series, A Night At The Classic mixes live stand-up comedy with a glimpse at life behind the scenes at Auckland’s only dedicated comedy venue, The Classic. It’s raw, uncensored comedy at its best.

Tonight, the comedians unite for a celebration at the ‘Party Like A Pirate’ costume party.

At the event, Brendhan Lovegrove is down in the dumps, so it’s up to his colleagues to make him feel better.

8:30pm Thursday, January 17 on TV One

This remarkable documentary chronicles Sam Hall’s brave storm-chasing adventure as she battles a debilitating medical condition and confronts America’s worst ever tornado season.

Sam was born with the life-threatening skin disorder, Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). She refuses to be bowed by the crippling disease, and instead follows her passion – chasing raging and deadly storms.

Extraordinary Storm Chaser looks at the destructive power of nature and its impact on millions of people, and also tells a unique story of a woman with a positive, upbeat approach to living with EB.

7:30pm Thursday, January 17 on TV One

Tonight, Chesney discovers John’s secret. While visiting the Hoyles, Chesney learns that ‘Colin’ was engaged to Charlotte and was key in the decision to turn off her life support. Will Chesney give John up?

Steve and Tracy’s fears for Amy are compounded when Dr Carter reveals that her tests have come back abnormal.

Tommy puts Jason in a tough spot when he confesses that his pass at Sian was due to a bet with Jason.

David can’t understand why Kylie won’t fight for Max.

Elsewhere, Rita and Dennis catch up on old times as she takes him into the Rovers.

8:30pm Tuesday, January 15 on TV One

Prepare to be amazed, entertained and even outwitted by some of the world’s greatest animal minds!

In tonight’s season finale, meet a chimpanzee who can converse with humans, explore how Seattle’s crows can hold grudges for years, discover that the cleverest dogs can learn over 1,000 words and find out why Asian elephants spend hours looking at themselves in giant mirrors.

Then, prepare to be impressed by a Meerkat school, eye-poking capuchin armies and even a new version of Einstein’s infamous equation, written by a sheepdog.